How working through an agency benefits freelance language practitioners

If you are a freelancer in the language field (writer, plain-language writer, editor, translator or proofreader) or in the branding field (copywriter, graphic designer or web designer), you need to explore the benefits of working through a language and branding agency.


1. Marketing

Unlike most freelancers, agencies can afford to market their language and branding services. They therefore have a network of regular clients. As a freelancer, you can tap into this rewarding potential by working through an agency. In this way, you can rely on getting in regular work, without having to spend your money and time on marketing.

2. Supply-chain factors

Clients often prefer outsourcing their language and branding needs to agencies instead of to individual freelancers. This has to do with supply-chain practicalities. More often than not, a client needs the following services to produce an end product: writing, editing, translation into a number of languages, typesetting/document design, proofreading and printing. Obviously, the client will opt for outsourcing the entire package to one agency instead of to any number of individual freelancers. The only way in which you, as a freelancer, can get a slice of this cake is to work through an agency.

3. Expertise

Agencies are experts in their fields. Since they are aware of client needs they make optimal use of your freelance services, by giving you guidance and a set of instructions required for meeting client needs. For instance, when rendering a translation service, various quality-checking procedures need to be implemented to ensure the best translation quality possible. Translation agencies, at least the good ones, are experts at quality checking and will make sure your translation is of a high standard.

4. Payment protection

Getting the client to pay for the services rendered is no longer your responsibility when you work through an agency. At worst, you might have to put up with a delay in payment, but at least you are always ensured of receiving your payment.

In exchange for the benefits of working through an agency, freelancers often receive a lower rate than they would if they dealt directly with clients.  Given the benefits set out above, there is no doubt that this is a worthwhile payoff.

Bangula has been running big and small projects for our clients successfully for 10 years. We\’ve built up an excellent database of tried and tested freelancers over the years. This experience has enabled us to develop an outsourcing model that truly benefits our clients.

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