Why Hiring A Sworn Translator Is So Beneficial


When it comes to faithfully translating your official legal documents, seeking out the services of a sworn translator is undoubtedly the way to go. A sworn translator not only helps to maintain the accuracy of your original documents but can also offer a certified, legally sound translation. Whether you need to translate your will, birth certificate, or forensic report, sworn translators are officially certified and trained to provide you with the legal translations you require.


In this quick read, we’ll be highlighting the many benefits that come with hiring a sworn translator as well as covering exactly why sworn translation services are so critical in our country. If this information sounds interesting or useful, we encourage you to read along with us and find out more.




A Brief Breakdown Of Sworn Translation Services


Sworn translation, also referred to as official translation, involves translating a legal document into other languages while retaining official legitimacy. A document that has been translated by a sworn translator will be signed and stamped on every page, which confirms that all contents of the document have been accurately translated without adaptation. The stamp used by a sworn translator is incredibly important for official documents, as it ensures credibility and reflects the value of the original document.


While the concept of translation has been around as long as people have been communicating across cultures and languages, sworn translation only came about later, during the Middle Ages. This is because there was an increase in commerce between countries due to the formalisation of the legal systems of the time. As diplomacy between nations strengthened, a need for translating official documents arose. Unlike a communicative translator, a sworn translator offers the validity of legal documents when translated into other languages.


Today, globalisation brought about by the digital age has led to a heightened demand for sworn translation services around the globe. Following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and immigration have been on the rise, establishing a strong need for individuals to be able to translate official documents like marriage certificates and proof of residence. As time goes by, with more and more individuals travelling and immigrating to other countries, sworn translation helps to break down both official and legal language barriers for all citizens.




The Role Of The Sworn Translator In South Africa


Given our extensive range of official languages across cultures, it’s no surprise that translation services play a pivotal role in our country. Not only does sworn translation foster a culture of effective communication, but it also ensures the legal credibility of official documents. Having access to these kinds of services is essential, especially in a nation as culturally diverse as South Africa.


The South African Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has certain criteria for validating official and legal documents, especially when it comes to translated text. Immigration-related documents in foreign languages, for example, need to be accompanied by a copy of the certified translation. Without meeting these requirements, documents will not be recognised by official authorities, rendering them ineligible.


With an overwhelming majority of the country speaking multiple native languages like Zulu, Xhosa, and Sesotho, the need for sworn translation services in South African communities cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to legitimising official and legal documents, the role of a sworn translator is incredibly important.


A sworn translator, unlike a communicative translator, is officially recognised with certification from the South African High Court as well as accreditation from the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI). Additionally, a sworn translator is required to have a thorough understanding of the South African legal system and needs to be fluent in the language(s) they focus on. The work of a sworn translator involves rigorous attention to detail to ensure accuracy, which is why you can trust that a legally trained professional will provide you with expert-quality translation services.


At International Language Consultancy (ILC), we understand the role that sworn translation plays in our country, which is why we offer professional translation services in all 11 of our official languages. Each of our legal translators is accredited by SATI and provides 100% accuracy and validity for a range of official documents. Whether you’re in need of a sworn translator for your educational certificates, divorce orders, or affidavits, ILC ensures superior accuracy and service delivery in your requested language while maintaining official legitimacy.


The Many Benefits Of A Sworn Translator


Hiring a sworn translator involves more than a simple one-to-one translation of your official documents. Sworn translation bridges language barriers while prioritising the credibility of your documents. With sworn translation, you’ll be able to receive accurately translated information and legal accreditation, all rolled into one. There are several benefits that come with hiring a sworn translator, such as:


Reliable Services


One of the key differences between a communicative translator and a sworn translator is the accuracy of the documents they produce. Documents translated by regular translators often have adaptations made to them, which is done to ensure accessibility for the target audiences. A sworn translator, however, cannot make alterations to an official document to maintain accuracy and avoid mistakes. In the rare case that a sworn translation does contain inaccuracies, the sworn translator will be held responsible. As they are required to be certified by the South African High Court, you are guaranteed that the sworn translation services you’re enlisting will be meticulously administered, ensuring 100% accuracy.


Expertly Translated Documents


Official documents hold considerable value and play a significant role in the legal world, which is why they should only be translated by professional, accredited sworn translators. To gain eligibility in such a profession and be officially recognised, official translators need to have extensive knowledge of the legal systems of countries where both the original and target languages are spoken. To add to this, a sworn translator is required to be fluent in the languages they are translating and gain official recognition as a translator, both of which further ensure the quality of the services provided.


Fast Turnaround Time


Need to have your official documents translated quickly? Look no further than our sworn translation services at ILC. Gathering and managing legal documents can be time-consuming, especially if they need to be translated into other languages. Many official documents are time-sensitive and have strict deadlines, which is why we prioritise accurate, timely translation services.


In most cases, you’ll find that sourcing the original document will take far longer than the actual translation process. Once you’ve set a deadline for your assigned sworn translator, you’ll receive your translated documents within the given time constraints and free of inaccuracies. With sworn translation services from ILC, you can trust that your official documents will be delivered on schedule and in alignment with your needs.


Security & Confidentiality


Official and legal documents need to be handled carefully, as your personal information can be dangerously misused if adequate security measures are not put in place. Confidentiality is critical when it comes to official documents, as it protects you and safeguards sensitive information. A sworn translator is legally bound by the oath they take before the South African High Court, which not only ensures the accuracy and eligibility of your documents but also utmost confidentiality. This guarantees that the official documents you provide for your sworn translator are in safe hands and will be managed exclusively by trained professionals who are directly involved in the legal translation process.




Documents That Require Sworn Translation


There are a variety of official documents that need sworn translation to be considered legally valid in South Africa. While this may not apply to all documents, several of them are crucial for participating in various sectors. Here are some examples of common documents that legally require sworn translation:


Academic Certificates & Transcripts


Hoping to apply for foundational schooling, tertiary institutions, or employment abroad? You’ll need to get your academic transcripts translated and certified by a sworn translator before hopping on the plane. Immigration is known to be a laborious and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to preparing the proper documentation. Thankfully, sworn translation services from ILC make the job of translating and legally certifying your official documents a breeze.


It is worth noting that sworn translators can only perform their role with citizens or residents of the country they operate in. For example, if a client is relocating to South Africa from their country of origin, they will need to engage the services of a sworn translator who is based in said country, and the same is true in reverse. This is simply to ensure legal continuity and accuracy while adhering to international standards.


Marriage & Birth Certificates


If you would like your marriage to be recognised by authorities abroad, sworn translation is likely a necessity. Similarly, if you wish to get married in another country other than the one you grew up in, you might need to hire a sworn translator to translate and certify your birth certificate. As daunting as compiling all your legal documents for marriage abroad may seem, sworn translation service providers can do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.


Legal Agreements & Contracts


Some of the most important official documents that require validation, if translated into other languages, include contracts and agreements. Industries like finance and law regularly use legal contracts, making them an important staple of several practices. Sworn translation is especially valuable when it comes to processing legal agreements and contracts, as it is recognised as a credible source of validation.


A Few More Noteworthy Documents


While the above details are some of the most common official documents that require sworn translation, there are many other forms of documentation that require similar attention to ensure credibility, including affidavits, medical reports, court rulings, wills, death certificates, patents, notary deeds, and forensic reports.


About ILC: Find The Sworn Translator To Suit Your Needs


With our team of legally verified, skilled sworn translators, ILC provides expert-level sworn translation across the board. Boasting accreditation from SATI, fluent language skills, and official certification from the South African High Court, our official translators are guaranteed to process your official documents and deliver them back to you, free of inaccuracies and within the agreed upon deadline. Our database of sworn translators covers numerous South African and international languages, ensuring that you’ll be paired with the best sworn translator for your needs.


Our sworn translators prioritise legitimacy and accuracy according to the source material, meaning you’ll receive your official documents with precise translation while including the original layout, signatures, and stamps. If you’re in need of a trusted legal translator to process all of your official documents, look no further than ILC. We guarantee valuable service, illegibility, and quick turnaround times.