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Translation Services In South Africa

With roughly 7000 languages spoken across the globe, it’s no surprise that translation services are in such high demand. Needless to say, not everybody speaks the same language, and this communication barrier would seem impassable if not for reliable companies like ILC (International Language Company).

Our translation services play a major role in a variety of different industries, from advertisement campaigns to vital documents. When translating a piece of work of practically any kind, it is not nearly as simple as running your document through an online translator. While doing so may be able to convey a general idea of your written content, these online translators often butcher the technical and professional nuances present in different languages.

On the other hand, when you invest in professional translation services from companies like ILC, your document will undergo a far more robust workflow that results in a finished product that keeps all vital information intact, understandable, and easy to read. For more information on translation services available in South Africa, this brief guide is here for you.


How Much Should I Pay For Translation Services?

As with many things, how much you can expect to pay varies depending on the quality you are looking for. Going with the ‘cheapest’ option you find can be cost-effective but you may find that there is an undesirable amount of errors. However, going for a top-shelf translation service package will ensure a fully succinct translation of whatever you wish.

How Much Does A Translator Cost In South Africa?

How much a translation service costs in South Africa varies depending on who you decide to work with as well as the specific document you want to translate. Do you need to translate an entire book? Do you simply wish to craft a succinct and accurately translated email? In short, the type of service dictates the price.

What Does Translation Services Do?

Translation services essentially translate written information from one language into another language. A translator will look at the inputted information, understand what is being said, and then piece together the most accurate translation possible into another language. Professional translation services pick apart the specific nuances of a language, digests, and then reproduces it in the best possible translation.

What Is The Description Of Translation Services?

Translation services allow you to submit text written in a specific language, and accurately reproduce that information into the desired language and format of your choosing.

What Is A Normal Translation Fee?

As previously stated, it is difficult to quantify an exact price for translation services. Prices vary depending on region, the volume of content to be translated, and the expertise of the translator. Sometimes translation services have a greater number of languages translatable through their services; this too may bump up the price of the service significantly. In some cases, costs may vary depending on the specific number of words translated.


How Much Does A Translator Cost In 2023?

With a peak in internet connectivity in recent years, people and companies from vastly different cultures are in continuous communication. As such, translation services are crucial now more than ever. With this increased demand we can see an increase in the number of translation services available to consumers worldwide. With this widening of the translation services market, it can be difficult to get an exact price range for translation services.

Translation Services Near Me: International Language Consultancy

South Africa is a country with eleven official languages, outside of which are even more specific and local dialects. That’s a lot of room to get lost in translation. Be it for business or social, more often than not, we need to be prepared to speak to someone in a language we may not be familiar with.

Not everyone has the time to learn a plethora of languages, however, being able to understand the language of another is an immense sign of respect and, at times, simply necessary. Translation services act as a means to bridge language barriers, and allow us to communicate in ways that were previously impossible. Translation services are also crucial in a language landscape like South Africa’s, where so many cultures share space and will inevitably communicate.

Any form of copy or written content, regardless of the industry, is held to a high standard in the eyes of the public. This means that it is in every businesses best interests to invest in reliable linguistic services that can ensure high-quality content. This fact is even more apparent when you throw translations into the mix.

Having your written copy converted to a foreign language takes more effort than simply running it through Google Translate. Effective translation requires an in-depth understanding of both the original language of your content and the language it is to be translated into. With the abundance of translation services offered by International Language Consultancy, you can rest assured that we will be able to tackle your translation needs with ease.

We host a variety of proficient interpreters boasting a broad range of expertise. Alongside this professional experience, our translators work with a slew of proofreaders and editors to make sure your translated material is of the highest-quality.

Translation Services List

We offer translation services that are personalised according to your precise needs. If you don’t see your specific document mentioned in the list below, there’s no need to worry – simply send us an email and let us know what kind of translation service you are looking for. We will do our level best to meet your needs – ensuring high-quality, concise content at affordable prices.

Here is a quick list of the many different types of documents and languages we are able to apply our services to:

⦁ Technical documents
⦁ Educational books and terminology
⦁ Reports
⦁ Literature
⦁ Proposals
⦁ Internal company documentation
⦁ Advertising and marketing material
⦁ Legal documentation
⦁ Financial material

South African Languages African Languages International Languages
English Igbo Russian
Sotho / Sesotho / Southern Sotho ‘African’ French  Arabic
Zulu / IsiZulu  Shona  French
Afrikaans Swahili Japanese
Ndebele / IsiNdebele Chichewa Portuguese
Sepedi / Northern Sotho / Sesotho Sa Leboa  ‘African’ Portuguese German
Setswana Urdu
Xitsonga Italian
SiSwati Spanish

Document Translation Services: South Africa

While there are plenty of freelance translators in the industry, there are certain issues that can arise with working with the first person you find. To begin with, you cannot be sure of their qualifications and some may charge exorbitant prices for sub-par work – not to mention the additional expense of having your documents proofread and edited after translation. On the other hand, working with a linguistics company and investing in professional translation services will help you dodge these pitfalls, and score you some additional benefits too.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of investing in ILC translation services:

Transcription Services Near Me: International Language Consultancy

Here are some of the different transcription services available to you when you work with IL Consultancy:

Guaranteed Accurate Translations

The first and most obvious goal of translating documents is to convey information accurately. Certain documents and texts relating to specific fields can get very technical, and it takes a trained translator to accurately translate these specialised terms into another language. Our translators are qualified to handle these delicate subjects – whether your copy is in the realm of law, finances, medicine and more, you can be sure that everything is translated accurately.

Enjoy An Efficient Workflow

Another major benefit of choosing our translation services is the simple fact that we provide polished final products, on time. If you find yourself under time constraints, or need to get your copy translated as soon as possible, ILC is here to help. With our translation services, you are guaranteed a timeous and efficient workflow as well as continuous communication throughout. Our dedicated team will stick to the designated schedule, with a production pipeline that prioritises efficiency without sacrificing on quality.

Take Your Translations Further With Localisation

In some instances – especially in the field of marketing and creative writing – simply translating content is not enough. Every language is unique, with specific terms and phrases that may not carry over correctly when translated. In order to align your translated content with local culture, your documents will need to undergo localisation as well.

This means adjusting your translated content to adhere to the culture of the target market; and this can cover anything from currency and calendars to popular jargon. Our translation services will ensure that your content is not only translated correctly, we will also make sure that the overall message of your copy is conveyed in a way that appeals to your target market.

Address The Specifics In Your Industry

When you choose our translation services, you can be sure that your content is taken care of by someone with expertise in your specific industry. Contrary to the results you would get when working with a general freelancer, our services will pair you up with the perfect person for the job – someone who is able to understand and adapt the unique terminology of your document.
After a quick consultation with us, we will be able to pair you up with the right translator according to the demands of the content itself.

Quality Content And Premium Technology

Finally, our translation services offer peace of mind; you can rest assured that the translated content you receive will be of the highest quality. We make sure to translate, localise, proofread, and edit all copy with the highest level of care. We also use premium technology to ensure consistent, error-free text – catching any final human mistakes before presenting you with the finished product.

About International Language Consultancy

When it comes to all things copy-related, International Language Consultancy has your back. We have serviced dozens of both local and international clients, covering everything from translation and localisation to transcription services and more.

Our dedicated team has been involved in the industry for over a decade, working on projects for major names and in many departments. You need only ask our many satisfied customers to get an inkling of our excellent track record. With a broad selection of trusted professional language experts, your copy is in safe hands. Alongside our language services, we also boast an in-house branding team to back businesses with high-quality copywriting, SEO, web development and design.

So, why not give your business the backing it deserves and put your trust in ILC? If you would like to learn more about our language services or are ready to book your first consultation, don’t hesitate to drop us an email and get in touch.