Translation Services : Top Benefits for Educators


The importance of translation services in education is much more intricate than you may realise. If you are a teacher, parent, student or facilitator, the goal is to communicate and understand each other as efficiently as possible in order for learning to take place. IL Consultancy translation services effectively help you translate educational material into multiple languages. This article covers the top benefits of using IL Consultancy services to enhance your educational material and reach a wider audience.




Significance of Translation Services for Educational Material.


When translating educational material it is important to understand you are not just translating words or sentences, but rather concepts and ideas which are often more nuanced than most written pieces. This includes subtle distinctions in slang phrases, colloquialisms and figurative language. Ensuring that you use accurate translation, you are ensuring that your material is being understood across cultural differences and benefiting students in the best way possible.


Any good teacher pours their heart out into their students, and IL Consultancy translation services capture the essence of this too. By ensuring that ideas and concepts are translated, rather than just words, students are able to understand their teachers and educators on a deeper and more intricate level. This way of accurate translation can make a big difference in helping students reach their learning goals.


Why Choose IL Consultancy Translation Services?


IL Consultancy has proven its expertise many times over, especially when it comes to translating educational material. We are experienced in translating material for educators, and have helped many schools and educational institutions in the process. Our translators are able to cover a range of topics and curriculums no matter the age group. They are experienced in translating material for primary school curriculums, as well as secondary and tertiary education curriculums.


All of our translators hold a graduate degree, and are qualified to work with educators in an accurate and professional manner. They work alongside a team of editors and proofreaders which ensure your material is always delivered in a way which is easy and comfortable for students to understand. This allows students to become as successful as possible while reaching their learning goals. Let teachers focus on creating great content, and leave the translating up to us.




Top reasons to choose translation services in Education.


Ensuring the success of your students


For students who are learning a curriculum in a second language, it can often seem as if there is a barrier between them and the material they are learning. The importance of using accurate and clear translation is quickly evident, as it allows students to easily understand new concepts and ideas. If they can understand what they are learning, their chances of success rise exponentially!


The lessons that students learn in a classroom, or from their study material at home and online, is something which they carry with them throughout their lives. Education is the fundamental tool to better our lives, and the lives of generations to come. In order for students to hone in on their skill set and reach their full potential, they need to interact with their material with an engaging and comprehensive understanding.


This is only made possible if that language barrier is broken down and made more transparent. The goal of translating education material is to help students reach the success they dream of by ensuring that communication between teachers and students is made as effective as possible. If students are able to properly understand concepts in their education, they can apply it to their futures.


Translation services help parents engage in their child\’s education.


A healthy and strong relationship between student and parent is extremely important in any child\’s education and ability to learn. Students need to feel supported and motivated at home, and often need to seek help from a parent or guardian. This is not possible if there is a language barrier between parents and their child\’s education material.


Many parents who aren’t English speaking struggle to overcome this barrier and engage confidently in their child\’s education. Parents want to be involved in this very important aspect of their child\’s future, but this can be frustrating if they are unable to understand the language which their child is being taught in. Choosing professional translation services for education material will not only benefit students, but also benefit parents\’ ability to play an important role in their children\’s lives.


Using translation services as a means to help parents and children engage can help in many practical areas of their education. One of the most important being that parents can communicate with teachers at parent-teacher meetings. They will already have a better idea of their child\’s education, and be able to raise questions and concerns when these meetings take place.


Teachers and schools are able to better communicate schedules for upcoming events such as sports days, exam timetables, and arts and culture shows which perhaps students and parents can attend. Parents will also be able to receive information regarding their child\’s curriculum and ensure that they are meeting all the requirements and needs of the institution. Translating materials within your educational institutions allows parents to keep up to date with newsletters, closing days, or any other important information the institution needs to share.


Research has shown that parents who are involved in their child\’s education are also able to better understand their emotional needs. Through involvement in their school education, parents in turn become involved in their emotional and social growth, helping them develop their individuality and sensitivity to the world. Once schools, parents and students can communicate effectively, it leads to a greater respect between all parties with the most positive outcomes.




Using IL Consultancy translation services for your institution or educational materials, allows parents to be as involved as possible in this monumental stage of their sons and daughters lives.


Translation services make your material more accessible.


We are living in the year 2022, and this means e-learning and working online has become increasingly popular. Taking your curriculum or educational material online definitely allows it to be more accessible to anybody in the world, but what if they can’t understand it? You can ensure your educational content becomes more accessible by using our translation services.


This means your educational material is not only visible to people across the world, but also understood by them. This kind of inclusivity is of utmost importance for any educational institution trying to reach a wider range of students. When learning online, or in-person, breaking any cross cultural divide caused by language barriers allows students to feel included, respected, and comfortable within their learning environments.


We live in a society where a diverse range of cultures need to be accepted in any learning environment, and this means including different languages into the content students are presented with. By allowing students to choose their own language, or have the option of bilingual education, you are allowing students to be accepted and succeed in an accessible learning environment.


Giving students the opportunity to access material in their own language can help them feel better connected to their culture and their own identity. This will in turn benefit learners and help them blossom to reach their full potential in society. Our translation services can benefit your students when it comes to reaching their learning goals, but also when it comes to their ability to fit in, and feel comfortable in who they are, and the language they speak.


Translation services create a better relationship between student and teacher.


We spoke about the importance of teacher-parent relationships, as well as student-parent relationships, but we can take a closer look at the importance of translation when it comes to communication between teachers and their students. Teachers need to be able to fully communicate with their students in order to check their understanding, and ensure the most vital parts of any class are communicated. In turn, students need to be able to ask questions, and feel confident in their ability to reach out to teachers whenever it is needed.


If learning material is translated into different languages for both students and teachers, it allows the relationship between them to strengthen. Once teachers and students are able to communicate without discrimination between race, culture, and language, they can grow their relationship into something extremely productive. Communication between teachers and students needs to flow as fluidly as possible, and using the best translation company for your educational material will allow this to happen organically.




Using IL Consultancy translation services can increase the productivity of your organisation or institution.


One of the biggest challenges educators can face is time management. Students are often susceptible to losing their attention span, and there are only a few hours in a day for both students and teachers to complete tasks. Using IL Consultancy services will help you overcome some of these limitations by quickly allowing students and teachers to communicate effectively and complete tasks.


Having your curriculums or educational materials translated by us in advance, can save a lot of time in the classroom when it comes to communicating with a range of multilingual students. Students can understand their learning material right from the start, and teachers don’t have to waste time translating material to each individual student. It is therefore essential to take as many steps as possible to keep your lessons running steadily.


By using IL Consultancy translators for your resources and courses, you immediately rule out a whole range of miscommunication before it even happens. This ensures that students are able to put more of their attention and focus into the coursework material, rather than attempting to understand it. In turn, teachers are also able to focus on doing what they do best…teaching! This means your organisation can spend time on developing coursework and educational materials without worrying about translating it.


Which Educational Documents are commonly translated?


The following documents are just a few examples of materials that commonly require translation in the education sector.


  • Students curriculum requirements
  • Student textbooks
  • Degree certificates
  • Handbooks and Study Guides
  • Students exam materials
  • Student testing materials
  • Calendars and event plans
  • Parent handbooks
  • Student report cards
  • Parent-teacher discussions and information
  • School schedules such as transport and class schedules
  • Contracts and legal documents


Tertiary education application processes


Educational institutions or programs which fail to provide such documents in a language that their students/teachers/and parents fully understand can cause negative implications to their learning growth. By failing to translate documents, they may harm the success of their students.


All these documents listed above play an important role in educational development. The importance of accurate translation for these types of documents is crucial. IL Consultancy services offer accurate, high quality translations by people familiar in this field, to give you the best tools to grow your educational courses and educational material.