Translation Services In The Digital Age


The digital world we live in is inherently interconnected, and there are numerous benefits to using tools like translation services to foster connection with your potential wider global audience. The modern-day consumer and reader have grown accustomed to being met where they’re at, and translating your product or content to be accessible to your new audiences is a fundamental way to do just that. The digital landscape is vast, but sincerely speaking to diverse audiences is possible through a professional translation service provider like International Language Consultancy (ILC).


With so much of the world being online, there are hundreds of translation services easily available to you – but we, at ILC, set ourselves apart from the rest by providing a native-speaker level translation that enables you to authentically speak to your audience. Online translation services may be prolific and quick to use, but will not yield the same level of nuance, or execute the ‘sense check’ that our dedicated translators employ with each piece of translation we complete.


ILC is a cut above the rest in that we have a rigorous review process and systems in place to catch any and all errors that arise during translation – beyond this, we’re qualified and experienced in the field of language services and in the specialised fields necessary for translating technical documents. Keep reading for more about our translation services at ILC, and how we can serve you in the current digital age.




Translation Services: Opportunities Online


In a time where digital services are more readily available than ever, it can be difficult for companies and businesses to know where to put their trust – and likewise, with digital services being as accessible as they are, it’s important for companies to ensure their own online presence and content stands out from the rest. ILC addresses both of these concerns by providing reliable and accurate translation to ensure your content is of an outstanding quality.


To stay competitive in the online world, we make sure that we’re constantly evolving and streamlining our processes to be most convenient for you. We ensure that our trained translators are well-versed in specialised fields, so that every piece of translated work is accurate, no matter how technical. Our translators are pros at carrying technical terminology over to a new language seamlessly, regardless of the industry. Our translators also adhere to an efficient timeline to make sure your project is completed timeously, even with our rigorous multi-step review process.


The majority of successful businesses are taking advantage of the wider reach that can be achieved online in foreign markets, and central to this is securing a professional translation service to translate your content. By not tapping into the foreign markets across the internet, you may be missing out on a significant amount of business and PR that multilingual companies are able to achieve. So, why not get your business or company on the digital map and really resonate with new audiences by making your content accessible to people in their own language?


Our translators are trained to offer a wide variety of language services, including the translation of:


  • Technical documents
  • Legal documentation
  • Financial material
  • Educational books and terminology
  • Reports
  • Literature
  • Proposals
  • Internal company documentation
  • Advertising and marketing material


However, we’re not limited to only the above. If you have a project that you require high-quality translation services for, get in touch with us via email and let us know what you need. We will do our best to ensure the requirements for your project are met and exceeded. ILC’s professional translators are qualified, experienced, and mother-tongue fluent in all of the languages we cater to.


Not only can we provide language services for an array of South African and African languages, we are also proficient in a range of international languages, meaning that hundreds of new communities of people will be able to access your work through translation; see below for a list of the languages we cater to:


South African Languages  African Languages  International Languages 
English  Igbo  Russian 
Sotho / Sesotho / Southern Sotho  ‘African’ French   Arabic 
Zulu / IsiZulu   Shona   French 
Afrikaans  Swahili  Japanese 
Ndebele / IsiNdebele  Chichewa  Portuguese 
Sepedi / Northern Sotho / Sesotho Sa Leboa   ‘African’ Portuguese  German 
Setswana    Urdu 
Xitsonga    Italian 
SiSwati    Spanish 




Translation Services And Localisation


Social media and the internet’s role in our daily lives means that content from all over the world is always at our fingertips. Whether you’re a business owner looking to authentically tap into new markets, an advertiser looking to speak to new consumers, or a content writer looking to translate your copy for new reader bases, our reliable translation services will allow you to reach new people with a localised advantage.


The online world is full of localised slang, which can be difficult to reflect in translation. This is particularly true in marketing or advertising products, where a local flair would add immeasurable value and relatability to your copy. That’s why localisation is a service we offer at ILC, to take your translation to the next level and make sure you hit the target with a new audience.


Being able to localise your product to meet the standard of a native speaker will set you apart and ensure your message is captured as closely as possible, without forgoing the nuance that can be lost in translation. It’s immediately obvious to any reader when a translation is subpar, and may negatively affect their perception of your product or company. Brand sentiments are formed quickly in online spaces, so it’s important to ensure that all of your bases are covered and that your copy is strong in the languages of all of your markets.


With a peak in internet connectivity in recent years, people from thousands of different cultures are able to be in constant communication, and reliable translation services are more beneficial than ever in this advent of communication. Given that we’re able to connect with any corner of the globe with the press of a button, it’s in your company’s best interest to make the most of your digital community in a way that reads excellently, even to fluent speakers.


Let the technical work be handled by an esteemed, professional language service provider that you can trust to complete accurate translations. Not only that, our team of proofreaders and editors will ensure that your final translated piece reads perfectly. Beyond our experience and expertise, we are also a member of the South African Translators Institute – an accredited association for linguistic practice professionals in South Africa.


To achieve this accreditation, translators must have a higher education qualification, they must have at least two years of experience, and they must pass the SATI accreditation examination. Our membership with SATI and more than a decade of experience are evidence of our commitment to providing an exceptional standard of work through our translation services, and to fostering trust that we are the best-suited language service for any project.




Translation Services: Taking It Even Further


There is a stark difference in output quality that comes with using a reliable translation service, and this difference will be felt by your audience. In the online age, it’s common to find translation done by simple online translation services, but speakers of the language will pick up on the grammar, syntax, and style errors that free translation websites, unfortunately, cannot reliably prevent. Think back to the last poorly translated ad that you saw – most likely, you weren’t compelled to investigate the company any further after seeing an ad with a weakly translated copy.


For this reason, we at ILC utilise professional translators that have a localised understanding and high level command over the language to ensure that our clients can speak genuinely and sincerely to their target market.


Our rigorous quality control process means that your document will first be translated by a specialised, fluent translator who is proficient in your specific industry. Thereafter, your document’s translation will be reviewed by a second translator. This second translator would be an independent translation specialist, so as to ensure a thorough and unbiased review. Then, your document will be reviewed a third time by our in-house team before being delivered to you, proofread and edited to be the strongest translated version of itself.


For businesses or companies that engage in the multilingual, cross-cultural conversations that we often see arise online or on social media, entities that employ translation services have a leg up. Beyond this, accumulating a diverse customer base or audience fortifies a business and promotes user loyalty, making it in any company’s best interest to have a translation service in their back pocket.


Opening channels to new audiences can help you improve your offering, too, as you can receive insights from markets you would otherwise not have been able to receive feedback from. The two-way communication made possible by the digital marketplace is only as strong as your translation capabilities, so you can rest assured that partnering with us would open new doors and strengthen your customer relationships.


About International Language Consultancy


ILC is a professional and reputable translation service provider that caters to a plethora of translation projects. We have vast and diverse experience from over a decade of work with individuals on personal projects, and businesses and companies on larger-scale translation work. Alongside our linguistic services, we also offer an in-house branding team to assist businesses with high standard and results-driven copywriting, SEO, web development, and design.


We are dynamic and continually improving to stay ahead of trends in the digital landscape, and to ensure that any technical and specialised content is translated with clarity. With the fast-paced timeline that often comes part and parcel with digital work, we prioritise maintaining a robust workflow and efficient timeline that we adhere to. For professional, high-quality translation services completed on time, ILC is the optimal choice.


Take advantage of the digital world and diversify your content to be able to be enjoyed by all of your potential markets – and to have the peace of mind that your work is in good hands, enquire with us about how we can make your next translation project a success.