Translation Services: Everything You Need to Know About Academic Translation


Academic translation is a highly vital translation service for spreading awareness and understanding of academic findings across the world. If you have recently produced an academic paper that you would like to share with an international audience or publish in a foreign publication, academic translation services are the way to go. From what academic translation is to how you will benefit from using the translation services of a professional translation company to selecting the best translation company for you, we have covered everything you need to know about academic translation in this quick guide. IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) offers professional translation services that are accredited, experienced, and qualified to handle any academic translations.


What is Academic Translation?


Academic translation is a translation service directly targeted at translating academic papers. From medicine to science to the humanities, academic translation can span across the fields. Academic translations are performed by skilled translators who are adept at the selected academic field and the target language. From English to German to Xhosa, you can find academic translations for any desired language to allow your academic paper to reach your desired audience.


Why Have Your Academic Papers Translated?


As the world becomes an increasingly connected space, there is a growing need to share academic research and findings. Having your academic papers translated can be both beneficial for you and your field. We have highlighted the three main reasons to have your academic papers translated.


1) Reach a Wider Audience:


At the root of all academic papers is a desire to expand the body of knowledge in a selected field. Academic papers build on one another and allow for more research and understanding to follow. By translating your academic papers, you are extending your work’s reach to a wider audience which can then translate into an increased understanding of your field or allow people to use your findings to further grow understanding.


2) International Recognition:


A wider audience additionally means that more people will be aware of your academic work, research, and findings. This allows you to gain a reputation as an academic on an international scale. This can directly benefit you from wider collaborations between international academic institutions, specialists in your field, or funders for furthering your academic research.


3) Increase Publications:


Most academics strive to increase the number of publications they have under their belt. As most academic papers are funded by grants, increased publications are a clear demonstration to the grant providers that the grant money has gone towards furthering the body of knowledge in the selected field. Increased publications also open you up to increased access to additional grants, allowing you to further extend your research and findings. Academic papers that have been translated and more widely published therefore ultimately increase your likelihood of funding and academic institution or lab expansion.




Can I Use a Translation Software for Academic Translations?


Online translation services are quick and convenient ways to have your work translated and the majority of the time you can use this software for free. This can make it extremely tempting to simply plug your academic paper into an online translation software to have your work translated. While there are some small benefits to online translation software, it is strongly advised that you do not use this translation service for your academic paper translation.


The problem with online translation software is that you are at a high risk of inaccuracies and problems in the translation. It would be highly disheartening to have your paper rejected by a foreign publication due to an error in your work that resulted from a mistranslation or equally embarrassing to present your findings to a foreign institution to have them confused or insulted by your translations.




When it comes to your academic paper, you should match the months or years of time and training it took for you to produce the paper by selecting an equally equipped translation service. You can find a translation service that will match the quality of your work by choosing a professional translation company for your academic translations.


How Will I Benefit from a Translation Company for My Academic Translations?


Selecting a translation company for your academic translations is the best way to ensure that your translated academic paper is a true reflection of your original work, but there are certain downsides to this translation option. A translation company will take time to produce your academic translation and there will be a cost involved for the expert translation service. These downsides are quickly mitigated by these three essential ways that you will benefit from having your academic paper professionally translated.


1) Accuracy:


A translation company can offer you unmatched accuracy in your academic translation. Your academic paper will be in the hands of a translator who is both fluent in your target language and highly experienced in your subject matter. The translator at your selected translation company will be comfortable with the technicalities and terminology of your academic paper and will be able to reproduce your work to the highest standard in your desired language.


2) Professionalism:


Professionalism is essential in any academic paper. The correct terminology needs to be used, the appropriate style followed, and the outlined format strictly adhered to. With an expert translation company, your translated academic paper will be a perfect replica of your original work. The professionalism of your work will be reflected in your academic papers no matter the language, and thus allow you to present yourself, your findings, and your hard work expertly.


3) Quality Control:


One of the major benefits of using a translation company for your academic translations is the quality control process. Your academic paper will not only be translated, but those translations will be proofread by an equally fluent and qualified translator to ensure no errors slipped into your work. This extra step adds the finishing touch to your academic paper to provide you with an academic translation that is of the highest quality.


How Should I Choose an Academic Translation Company?


When you are ready to have your academic paper translated, you are going to need to spend some time finding a translation company. You need to ensure that the translation company you choose can be trusted to produce academic translations of the highest quality. To assist you in your search for a reputable translation company, we have outlined the four essential aspects to look for when selecting.


1) Accreditation:


You firstly need to ensure that the translation company you choose is accredited to perform translation services. An accreditation offers you peace of mind that the translation company is certified and verified to produce translations of a recognised standard. In South Africa, you can trust translation companies that are accredited by The South African Translators Institute (SATI). SATI has stringent protocols on allocating their accreditation to translation companies and their accreditation is aligned with international translation standards.


2) Offered Languages:


Once you have a few accredited translation company options, you then need to check if they offer your desired target language. Accredited translation companies will only offer translations in languages that their translators are fluent in and qualified to offer as translation services. Once you have found translation companies that offer your required language, you can trust that they are capable and equipped to perform your desired translation.




3) Experienced Translators:


Academic translations need to be performed by adept academic translators. To assess the quality of the academic translations of a specific translation company, you can examine the qualifications and experience of the academic translators. Academic translators should always hold a post-graduate degree in your selected field, should have completed various academic translations of a similar nature to your academic paper, and ideally should be currently active in your academic field. These three factors combined will ensure that your selected translation company will provide you with an accurate academic translation.


4) Client Service:


After whittling down your list of translation companies to the top few that are accredited, offer your target language, and have experienced academic translators, it is time to then decide which one you will use for your academic translation. This decision can be assisted by the client service that the translation company offers. Client service can be the speed of their responses to your enquiries, their offered time frame for their translations, the affordability of their translation services, and their ability to accommodate any of your personalised needs for your academic translation.


IL Consultancy Academic Translation Services:


IL Consultancy is a SATI accredited translation company that offers professional academic translation services. Our translators are mother-tongue speakers of their specific language/s, have vast experience with academic translations, hold post-graduate qualifications, and are currently active in their selected field. We will pair your academic translation with the best-suited translator to offer you complete accuracy, professionalism, and quality.


We produce only the highest quality translations. This is achieved by using the best translators and with our stringent quality control process. Once your academic paper has been translated, it will then be proofread by an independent translator who is adept at your target language and the subject matter of your academic paper. Once proofread, it will go through a final quality control check by our in-house team. You will only receive an academic translation that has our utmost confidence in the accuracy and quality of the translation.


We offer academic translation services in a wide array of languages. You can easily choose between any of the eleven official South African languages, the major African languages, or the major international languages for your academic translation. From English to French to ‘African’ Portuguese, you can reach your desired audience or foreign publication with our academic translation services.


We offer client-orientated translation services. We will always strive to work within your required deadlines to ensure that you receive your high-quality academic translations timeously. We offer globally competitive rates for our translation services so that you can always afford to have your academic translations completed at a high standard. If you have specialised needs for your academic translation, we are always happy to assist with a personalised translation service.




About IL Consultancy Translation Services:


IL Consultancy is a professional translation company that offers a diverse array of translation services. Our expert translators are equipped to provide translations for literature, legal documentation, financial material, internal company documentation, proposals, reports, educational materials, technical documents, and advertising and marketing materials. No matter the work, we will always strive to meet your translation services needs.


As a global language company, we can offer our high-quality translation services to you no matter where you are in the world. We use the latest digital technology to receive, translate, and return your translated work. No matter the distance or time zone, you can trust IL Consultancy for your translation requirements.


Have your academic papers professionally and accurately translated with IL Consultancy translation services.