Translation Services: All Your Questions About Translating Your Book Answered

Firstly, congratulations to you! You have researched, written, edited, proofread, and gone through the publication process until your book is sitting on a shelf with your name in glossy print. You may now be considering taking your published book to new heights by getting it professionally translated. Translating your book can be daunting and raise a whole bunch of questions for you. We have you covered with our answers to all the questions around translating your book. When looking for professional translation services, IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) is your expert partnership for this exciting new chapter.


Why Should I Translate My Book?

You may be wondering why you should go through the time and effort to source a professional translator to translate your book. Translating your book can be highly beneficial for you from an economic and reputation point of view. We highlight all the benefits of translating your book to showcase why this is an excellent next step to take.

1) Reach a Wider Audience:

Whether you have written a horror novel that would have had Stephen King keeping the night-light on or the latest how-to book on living a plant-based lifestyle, you will have a specific audience. The major benefit to translating your novel into a genre-relevant language is that you get to spread your word to a wider audience. Now more people can stay up late into the night as they plough through your book.


When you reach a wider audience, you can also then develop an international fan base. Many authors have experienced an average response to their original publication in their home country, but then experienced enormous success on an international scale when they translated their novel. Your loyal international audience may be based in Russia or Kenya, so take the step to translate your book to ensure your book is on the bedside table of your devoted readers.

2) Increase Sales:

The most obvious (and exciting) benefit to translating your book is the potential for increased sales. If your book is originally published in English, you are only reaching around 20% of the population. By translating your book into another language, you are able to tap into millions of potential readers, and thus broaden your earning potential.

Translating your novel into another language has another benefit for your income. Many readers often choose to read the translated version in their home language and then also read the original. This is done to ensure that meaning has been correctly transferred from the original into the translated book. What this means for you is that you are generating more income.

You may also enjoy the benefits of increased sales from having less competition in your selected region. The country where you initially published your book may be inundated with books in your specific genre, creating stiff competition between you and other authors. By selecting to publish your translated book in a viable country with less competition, your book will stand out in the bookshops.


3) Add More Meaning:

Translating your book can add more valuable meaning to your narrative. In Spanish, for example, there are three different words for “love”, one for friendship love, one for romantic love, and one for family love. There are a plethora of words and phrases in other languages that can express your complex ideas more aptly than you can in English. The translation of your book into your selected language can therefore capture emotion and meaning in more significant or eloquent ways.

6) Wider Recognition:

Every author ultimately wants to be recognised for the concerted effort that they have put into crafting a published book. A wider readership means more chances of being recognised and commemorated for your book. When you establish wider recognition, you elevate your reputability as an author.

What Language/s Should I Translate My Book Into?

Selecting the language to translate your book into is dependent on many factors, with your genre and content type being the two most important aspects to consider. As a general rule of thumb, German, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Hindi are the most popularly selected languages for book translation. We highlight specific aspects to consider when selecting the best language/s to translate your book into.

Study Your Selected Region: You may feel an affinity to the passion inherent in Spanish or feel that the sophistication of French will bring an élégance to your novel. Selecting your language for your book translation based on your admiration or connection to a language is not the best way to ensure that your translated book will be viable. Do some research on various regions and the suitability of your genre in the region. By keeping your audience in mind always, your translated book is sure to be a success.

Assess Existing International Sales: You may have already had some international success with the current language of your published book. This is an excellent resource to determine what countries or regions would be suitable for a translated book. If many of your international sales for your thriller are coming from Germany or your arts-and-crafts book is a hit in France, then consider these languages for your book translation.

Check Out Online Marketplaces: You can directly examine your genre competition by viewing the sales of similar books on online marketplaces. If you see a huge stream of Romance novels being bought by people located in Italy or religious books being sold out to people based in Mexico, then you can use this as a guide to research these regions and the viability of translating your book into these languages. Also bear in mind areas where there is a beginning trend for your genre to avoid high competition.


When Should I Translate My Book?

Publishing a book is no small feat. After all the effort you have put in, you may just want to leave your book as it is for a while and focus on getting back on with your life. When it comes to translating your book, the best time to do so is as soon as possible. After you have adequately researched your regions and selected a suitable language for your book translation, as well as set aside a budget for your book translation, we recommend beginning the translation process immediately.

How Do I Translate My Book?

You may be tempted to copy-and-paste your book into Google Translate. Not only would the negative reviews be catastrophic for your reputation as an author, but you will also have wasted a lot of money on printing, publishing, and marketing your novel in your selected country or region. You need the translation of your book to have the same meticulous approach you took with deciding each adjective and character hair colour, and this can only be done with a professional translator.

A professional translation company will provide you with a translation service that is experienced, qualified in your selected language, and is au fait with your genre. You will have a translated book that mirrors the quality, voice, and style of your published book. Selecting a credible translation company for your book translation will allow you to keep riding the success wave from your first book publication.


IL Consultancy Translation Services:

IL Consultancy is one of the greatest translation companies worldwide. We offer translation services for a wide range of documents, including books. Our collection of qualified and experienced translators will translate your book into your selected language efficiently and accurately, providing you with total confidence in your translated book.

Our translation services cover an extensive range of languages. We are able to translate from English into any of our range of languages or from any one of these selected languages into English. Read through our comprehensive list of languages to find out if IL Consultancy translation services are suitable for the translation of your book.

South African Languages:

  • Afrikaans.
  • SiSwati.
  • Xitsonga.
  • Ndebele / IsiNdebele.
  • Sepedi / Northern Sotho / Sesotho Sa Leboa.
  • Setswana.
  • English.
  • Sotho / Sesotho / Southern Sotho.
  • Zulu / IsiZulu.
  • Xhosa / IsiXhosa.
  • Tshivenda

African Languages:

  • ‘African’ Portuguese
  • Igbo.
  • Chichewa.
  • Swahili.
  • ‘African’ French.
  • Shona.

International Languages:

  • German.
  • Russian.
  • Hebrew.
  • Dutch.
  • Arabic.
  • Japanese.
  • Italian.
  • Spanish.
  • Gujarati.
  • Portuguese.

Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

  • French.
  • Hindi.
  • Urdu.

We offer high-quality translation services as a result of our thorough translation process. Firstly, your book will be translated by a suitable translator that is fluent in your selected language. Secondly, your translated book will be sent to an independent translator, who is also fluent in your selected language, to ensure the correct translations have been made and will also perform any necessary editing or proofreading requirements. Lastly, the in-house IL Consultancy team will perform a final revision on your translated book to ensure optimal quality in the translation. Our extensive translation services process is to provide you with a professionally translated novel.


You may be concerned that our extensive translation services process will be expensive or time-consuming. We offer translation services at an affordable rate with a quick turnaround. You get to enjoy the benefits of an expertly translated book without impacting your budget or timeline when you partner with IL Consultancy translation services for your book translation.

Why Use IL Consultancy Translation Services For Your Book:

Finding a translation company that you can trust to adequately convey the meaning and style of your book can be difficult or stressful. IL Consultancy is your expert and affordable translation service that will offer you peace of mind when your book is accurately and identically translated. These are the benefits you will enjoy when you choose IL Consultancy translation services for your book translation.

Perfectly Paired Translators: We understand that there are important specifics relating to each genre that needs to be accurately captured in the translation. This is why we will pair your book with the perfect translator that is experienced and qualified to translate your specific book into your genre.

Localisation: Not only will we translate your book, but we also offer a localisation service. Localisation ensures that your book will be translated and adapted, if necessary, to your target region and language. Aspects such as culture, geographic locations, currencies, and national holidays will be accurately adapted if your book translation requires.

Accredited: Our translation services are credible and reputable due to our accreditation with The South African Translators Institute (SATI). The strict requirements for membership with SATI provide you with total confidence that you can trust our translation services.

Available All Over the World: No matter where you are in the world, you have access to our professional and affordable translation services! Through the use of state-of-the-art digital technology, we are able to receive, translate, and return your book to you online.

Get your book translated into your desired language/s with the professional and affordable translation services of IL Consultancy.