Our Transcription Process

As a professional transcription company, we pride ourselves on our accuracy and client satisfaction.

We have a large transcription team who are able to assist with legal meetimgs/disciplinaries/director’s meetings/interviews as well as technical transcription work.

A little bit about how we work:

  1. We would receive the audio from the client that needs to be transcribed. This/these audios are reviewed by our transcription manager to confirm the quality of the audio as well as the total duration of the files.
  2. Upon completion of the review of the audio quality as well as the complete duration of the audio files a relevant estimation is sent to the client.
  3. Once the client has confirmed that we are allowed to proceed we do ask the client for any specifications that would be needed for the transcriptions such as speaker names, industry jargon and formatting. This assists us in our accuracy rates – the more information the better!
  4. After all audio files have been transcribed they are individually proofread by the transcriber and once audios have been sent to the transcription manager, our manager proceeds to proofread the document a second time in order to ensure all the client’s specifications and expectations.
  5. Thereafter all the transcripts are sent to the client for their approval.

We have a large team of transcribers who use all the latest/best equipment to assist in the accuracy of our transcripts. These include the following:

  1. ExpressScribe
  2. Footpedals – these are essential for any transcription work
  3. Noise cancelling headphones
  4. Mediahuman
  5. Grammarly
  6. Word/Track changed – this is for proofreading
  7. WeTransfer

Our specialist transcription team work for many major companies on a regular basis such as:

  1. HSRC – Human Sciences Research Council
  2. SAPS – South African Police Service
  3. Lindsay Keller
  4. Nedbank Limited
  5. First National Bank
  6. Ikapa Data
  7. Stapelberg and Associates
  8. South African Civil Aviation Authority
  9. org
  10. Vegas Gaming Group
  11. Cliff Dekker Hofmeyer
  12. Errol Goss