Transcription Services: Why So Many Companies Turn Towards IL Consultancy

Transcription Services: Why So Many Companies Turn Towards IL Consultancy

Have you been on the lookout for a company that is able to provide you with high-quality proofreading, translation, and transcription services, amongst many others, at prices that are easily affordable while still ensuring that you receive your work in a timely manner? This may all seem like a fairly tall order for even the most established of companies, but can be achieved with absolute ease and efficiency from the widely recognized and esteemed service provider known as IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy). Within almost no time at all after reading this blog post, you too can start to understand why IL Consultancy has become the first choice for countless writers and content creators throughout South Africa and its surrounding countries.

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Looking for a Company that Provides the Best Transcription Services?

Finding a company that can provide a transcription service that is reliable in its delivery, both in terms of the writing itself as well as the time it takes to have your work returned to you, can be an incredibly frustrating task if the work that you are outsourcing is of the highest importance. You should not need to risk spending sometimes excessive sums of your hard-earned cash on a transcription service that seems to make you wait for your work to be returned, despite you having mentioned strict deadlines, only for the quality thereof to be lacklustre, to put it lightly.

While this is a risk that always needs to be thought of when hiring practically any company that provides a transcription service, it is not something that you need to worry about when hiring IL Consultancy. This is because IL Consultancy is home to many of the most skilled and experienced transcribers from around the country, adding up to seemingly thousands of combined hours of work experience in the field of language and writing, each of whom holds their technological expertise and professionalism to heart.

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What allows IL Consultancy to stand apart from other companies that provide a transcription service, aside from their reduced prices, faster delivery times, and highly qualified transcribers, would be the ability to have your work be transcribed into all 11 of South Africa’s official languages, 6 African Languages as well as 14 major international languages, with plenty more still to come.

Not listing South Africa’s official languages, IL Consultancy’s services still includes the following translations:

• Igbo

• Shona

• Chichewa

• ‘African’ French and Portuguese

• Swahili

• Russian

• French

• Portuguese

• Urdu

• Spanish

• Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin variations)

• Dutch

• Arabic

• Japanese

• German

• Italian

• Hebrew

• Gujarati

• Hindi

With such a wide range of language and services on offer, you may be expecting claims such as this to reduce the overall accuracy rate that IL Consultancy may be trying to attain, but rest assured that this service provider is still able to sustain an unmatched accuracy rate of 99%, spanning across all other services that are on offer to any and all of their clients.

While building up such an unbeatable accuracy rate, IL Consultancy has been adding to and improving upon certain aspects of the transcription services that they provide. Since the company’s creation, its transcription services have grown to include the following:

• Dictations

• Marketing that involves podcasts and videos

• Police and Forensic Investigation transcripts

• Transcribing the recordings of labour-related discussions for court and CCMA purposes

• Educational content that involves podcasts and video

• Transcribing meeting recordings

• Transcribing recordings from disciplinary hearings

• Transcriptions of focus groups and interviews

• Etc.

As a result of IL Consultancy’s transcription services being able to cover and accommodate so many situations and settings, it is no wonder why so many of the country’s most coveted and recognized law firms, NGO’s and banks seek out and applaud their services. This includes, but is not limited to, the following major companies:

• Nedbank Limited

• First National Bank

• Vegas Gaming Group

• South African Police Service (SAPS)

• Etc.

With such high name companies and organizations actively seeking out and applauding the transcription services that IL Consultancy has been improving upon and providing to their clients, you can rest easy knowing that your work is left in the safest and most experienced of hands when you find yourself in need.

What Goes into Providing Reliable Transcriptions to Clients in Need?

There are many different aspects and approaches that the highly skilled team of writers and transcribers use while working at IL Consultancy that specifically allows them to stand apart from other companies that provide the same or similar transcription services. As each writer may have their own focused skillset and approach that is more appropriately used for certain projects over others, each of our clients receive a service that is tailored made to suit and compliment the specific needs of their particular project, all in order to attain the very best outcome possible.

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Even on the most basic level, however, there is a lot that goes into making sure that your transcription is of the highest quality while presenting little to no mistakes whatsoever. One thing that IL Consultancy’s writers all have in common, something that allows them to provide their remarkable results in a consistent and timely manner, is knowing how much easier the job in question can become when being fully prepared beforehand.

As can be expected with practically anything, preparation is the key to success. IL Consultancy’s writers all start their projects off by seeking out what the client wants out of their transcript. While a lawyer may need their client’s interview to be transcribed word for word with complete accuracy and detail in order to be referenced back to continuously for later interviews and court hearings, a marketing team may only need their meetings to be summarized to a few basic points. Knowing what the client wants out of your transcripts and how they will be using the work you provide them with before starting with their transcription services is partly the reason behind why IL Consultancy’s writers are able to stand apart from the competition.

Generally, however, all transcription services start out with the transcriber first listening to the provided audio or visual recording in its entirety. While there is nothing wrong with starting with a transcription on the first listen, going over the recording once or more before getting started can help familiarize the writer with the work and also help them pre-emptively adjust and prepare for any obstacles that may have otherwise caused them to take far longer. During these first few listens, the transcriber is able to make notes on any technical jargon being used, identify each speaker as well as decide which form of transcription would best suit the material in question.

These transcription forms include Full Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim, and Detailed Verbatim. Full Verbatim refers to the recording being transcribed in its most raw form, including everything from false starts and verbal nuances to pauses and “uuhms” too. Intelligent Verbatim, on the other hand, is a more polished version of Full Verbatim, where extra details are removed in order for a smoother and more concise reading experience. Lastly, we have Detailed Verbatim, which is when the recording is reduced to the most important notes, allowing the reader to gain all the necessary information without having to go over lengthy paragraphs of writing.

Once either of these formats are deliberated upon and then chosen, the first draft of the transcription is able to commence. This is where each transcriber’s method may immediately begin to differ from the next. However, it is common for the first draft to be written as the transcriber listens to the recording alongside their own notes. As accuracy is of no concern during this phase, many abbreviations and shortcuts are used in order to facilitate faster and consistent typing speeds.

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After completing the first draft, many transcribers choose to read through their work and edit as they go along. This includes fixing any grammatical and spelling errors, replacing abbreviations with their full wording as well as making sure that the flow of the writing is smooth and readable throughout the project. Many writers find it helpful to then listen to the recording once more while reading through their work simultaneously. This allows them to address any words or phrases that were misheard during the initial phases.

After this phase has been completed, the writers are then able to move on to formatting their work. The formatting phase of the project sees the writer adjusting various aspects of their writing in order to completely suit the needs of the client. This involves the editing of fonts choices and sizes, the addition of sub-headings, page numbers as well as paragraph breaks and placements. From this point, a final read-through is often performed by a different writer, as a fresh and unbiased perspective allows various mistakes and the potential need for adjustment to be seen more clearly.

It is only at this point that the transcription is given back to the client, which in IL Consultancy’s history, is always met with praise and complete customer satisfaction in the work being given. After this lengthy and time-consuming process, it becomes clear that transcription services are not to be performed by the faint of heart, as patience and absolute attention to detail are needed in order for the best results to come to light.

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What Other Services Are Provided by IL Consultancy?

Due to the amount of care and work that goes into performing transcription services to such a high degree of quality, many people are left shocked after finding out that IL Consultancy has far more experience under their belt to help provide you with a wide range of other services. IL Consultancy’s writers are all trained and skilled in a number of different ways, with their experience in writing spanning plenty of different jobs that provide their own obstacles and requirements. This means that you can rely on IL Consultancy to provide you with a job well done, no matter what your job would entail from our writers.

Aside from transcription services, IL Consultancy is well prepared to provide and impress you with the following services:

• Translation services

• Editing and Proofreading services

• Interpreting services

• eLearning services

• TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) services

If you feel like you could make great use out of any of these services, then you should waste no time in making contact with IL Consultancy for yourself. Thankfully, this is a quick and easy endeavour that can be accomplished in a number of different ways.

To hire IL Consultancy for their transcription services, among other available options, you can choose between a phone call, sending an email, or clicking on the blue “Get a Quote” button that can be found on the top right side of IL Consultancy’s website’s homepage. It is from this point that you have to wait practically no time at all before receiving a quality product that allows your work to shine better than it may have otherwise been able to, so hire IL Consultancy for the benefit of your work and audience today!