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Transcription Company: Benefits of Transcribing Your Podcasts

With over 4.4 million podcasters worldwide, you need to offer your audience something more than just a great podcast series to stand out. One of the best ways to reap numerous benefits from your podcast series and offer your audience a better listening experience is through transcribing your podcasts. We highlight all the 6 ways that you and your listeners can benefit from transcribing your podcasts. When you need a professional transcription company to assist you with your podcast transcription, IL Consultancy offers accurate transcription services for podcasters.


Benefits of Audio Transcription for Podcasters:

Podcasts are constantly increasing in popularity. As podcasters dive deeper into niche markets, podcast listeners can find a podcast series on almost anything. From morning motivations to true crime thrillers to tips on how to stay on top of your finances, there will be a recently updated podcast on your exact interest. Listeners from around the world are loving the convenience, accessibility, and sense of community that podcasts offer, and podcasters are reaping numerous benefits from creating valuable and informative podcasts for their audience.

Podcast transcription is the best way to take your podcasts to the next level. Podcast transcription is the word-for-word writing of the verbal content into a text format that can be paired with the podcast on your selected platform. We have outlined the 6 ways that you and your audience will benefit from having your podcasts transcribed.

1) Create Accessibility for Hearing Impaired:

Over 430 million people worldwide suffer from mild to profound hearing loss, which is a huge number of people that are being excluded from the power and enjoyment of podcasts. One of the major benefits of transcribing your podcasts is that you create greater accessibility for the hearing impaired. People with hearing loss can read your podcast transcriptions and feel connected or engaged with your humorous or informative content. By incorporating transcriptions with your podcasts on your selected platform, you are demonstrating an awareness of inclusivity and can share your content with a wider audience.


2) SEO Benefits:

Podcast transcriptions are a worthwhile investment of time or money because they can help increase your awareness. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your content more widely accessible in organic Google searching. Google is unable to pick up SEO phrases used in audio, but Google spiders are superb at finding SEO phrases in written content. By creating podcasts with carefully chosen SEO keywords and then incorporating these into your transcription, your improved discoverability will quickly shoot you to the top of your competitor podcasters.


3) Enhance Listener Experience:

Offering a transcription alongside your audio for your podcast is an easy way to enhance the listener experience. Transcriptions make it easier for listeners to follow your podcast, find their place if they got distracted, or read your latest podcast when they are not allowed to use their earphones at work. No matter their reasoning or preference, you are giving your audience the option to either listen, read, or do both with your podcast. Audiences love options, and they will appreciate that you value their preferences.

You also make it easier for your listeners to share the information they heard in your podcast when they have it written in front of them. There may be statistics that you used or a quote that they found hilarious that they want to incorporate into a post on their social media platforms. By providing them with an accurate transcript of your podcast, they can easily copy, paste, and share your information while spreading the word about how entertaining or knowledgeable your podcast series is. Free marketing? Yes, please!

4) Halve Your Workload:

Every professional podcaster should have a social media presence, a website with a blog, or an email marketing campaign to increase awareness and conversion. It can be difficult to create content for these other platforms on top of the time and effort that goes into creating exciting and engaging podcasts. With a podcast transcription, your workload is halved.

When you have a written document of your podcast, you can easily refer back to this information when creating other content. You can simply edit aspects of your transcription and post them as a blog on your website or incorporate them into your emails. You can select key quotes to incorporate as a caption on your social media platforms or create fun infographics to post. Podcast transcriptions make managing all aspects of your podcasting easier and more efficient.

5) Assist Learning:

If your podcasts are centred on sharing valuable information or useful lifestyle tips, then you can use transcriptions to assist your listener’s learning. Listeners can use your podcast transcriptions as an easier way to follow the information in your podcast. Listeners can easily refer back to the information without having to waste time listening back-and-forth until they find the exact quote or reference they were looking for. Reading also allows for better absorption of information, and thus your transcriptions will assist your listener’s learning.

Podcast transcriptions can be especially helpful for assisting learners who are not fully fluent in your selected podcast language. Your accent or speed of the podcast may make it difficult for these learners to fully follow your information. By having a podcast transcription, you can assist non-fluent listeners to still be able to learn at their own pace.


6) Future Content:

You may have gotten to a point in your podcasting career where you have created numerous successful podcasts, have a large audience that constantly comments and shares how useful your podcasts are, and you may be wondering what your next step is. One option is to transform your podcasts into a book that compiles all the information you have shared over the years. Podcast transcriptions make this exciting project easier and quicker as you have accurate written records of each podcast that you can use as the base information for your book.

Ways to Transcribe Your Podcasts:

After reading through all the benefits of transcribing your podcasts, we hope that you are eager to begin the transcription process! You may be wondering how to turn your podcast audios into beneficial transcriptions. We outline your three options for transcribing your podcasts.

1) Transcribe Yourself:

Your first option for transcribing your podcasts will be to transcribe them yourself. While free, transcribing your podcast yourself will be extremely time-consuming. Depending on the length of your podcasts, it can take between minutes to over an hour to perfectly transcribe each spoken word of your podcast.

You will need to ensure that your transcription is written accurately and has no spelling or grammatical errors to avoid embarrassment and uphold professionalism. This means that not only will you need to transcribe your podcast, but you will also need to proofread your transcription. When you pair the time that it takes to transcribe the podcast and proofread your transcription with the time you have spent on researching, writing, recording, and editing your podcast, it can be easy to want to forgo this beneficial step.


2) Automatic Transcription Tools:

Automatic transcription tools are online transcribing platforms that are mostly easy and free to use, but there are many disadvantages to this transcription option for your podcasts. Depending on the automatic transcription tool you use, uploading and waiting for your podcast transcription can be time-consuming. Background noises, accents, and alterations in speech speed are factors that can easily affect the quality of the automatic transcription of your podcast. Quality and accuracy are not given with automatic transcription tools, which means you will need to spend time editing and proofreading your transcription.

3) Transcription Company:

A transcription company will offer a professional and accurate transcription service for your podcast. A transcription company is a time-saving option as they will have qualified transcriptionists that can quickly and precisely transcribe your podcast as well as present you with a faultless proofreading service. The one downside to a transcription company is that they can be expensive, but you can easily find a transcription company that offers you all the benefits of transcription that is friendly to your budget.

IL Consultancy Transcription Company:

IL Consultancy is a transcription company that offers expert transcription services for podcasters. We will be your efficient and accurate transcription company for using your podcast transcriptions to benefit both you and your audience. We offer a 99% accuracy rate so that you can feel confident and excited to use IL Consultancy transcription company for your podcast transcriptions.

Our expert transcribers in our transcription company are fully trained and highly experienced in handling any transcription requirements. Whether your podcast content covers academic information, business tips, or legal advice, we will pair your podcast with a relevantly skilled transcriber. Our transcribers are constantly ready to handle your transcription requests and can get large volumes of audio transcribed in a quick turnaround time through the use of professional transcription technologies.

Once your transcriptions have been completed, they will be sent to an independent proofreader to examine the quality of the transcription. We incorporate proofreading into our transcription company service to provide you with transcriptions of the highest standard. With IL Consultancy transcription company, we will only ever deliver work back to you that has been done professionally and gone through all the steps to ensure accuracy.

We understand that many podcasters opt to transcribe their podcasts themselves or use automatic transcription tools based on the high expenses of a transcription company. With IL Consultancy transcription company, you get the benefits of expert and high-quality transcriptions at an affordable rate. You do not need to let your budget hold you back from all the benefits of having your podcast professionally transcribed.


How the IL Consultancy Transcription Service Works:

IL Consultancy transcription company offers an effortless transcription service. If you have never had your podcast professionally transcribed before, you may be uncertain of how the process works. To offer you peace of mind, we have briefly outlined the steps that will occur when you select IL Consultancy transcription company for your podcast transcription.

  1. You will send through your podcast audio files to IL Consultancy and our transcription manager will listen to the audios to assess the quality and the duration of the podcasts.
  2. You will then receive an estimated quote on the cost and time it will take for our professional transcriber and proofreader to complete your podcast transcription.
  3. When you confirm the quote, we will enquire if there are any specifications for your podcast transcriptions. This can include if you would like time-frames included, whether you would like clean-verbatim or full-verbatim transcriptions, specific names, and any particular jargon or formatting requirements.
  4. Your podcast audio files and specifications will be sent to a perfectly paired transcriber who will then transcribe the verbal content.
  5. Your completed podcast transcriptions will be sent to an independent proofreader to assess the quality of the transcriptions.
  6. Our in-house transcription manager will perform quality control on the proofread transcription, and then return the transcriptions to you for your approval.

Transcribe your podcasts to reap all the benefits with the professional transcription services of IL Consultancy transcription company.