Top 9 Signs Of Reliable Translation Services


With the ever-increasing number of translation services out there, choosing the right one may seem like a daunting task. But, with a bit of guidance, it doesn’t need to be. However, it remains a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly in any sense of the term. When you know what to look out for, what to consider, and what distinguishes one service from another, the entire process can be a whole lot simpler.


Not all services regarding translation were created equal. And at the same time, not all translation service providers are adept at all projects. There are numerous nuances in service delivery between one agency and the next, which could ultimately mean the difference between your project being a thriving success or a possible failure. Join us in this article as we guide you through everything you need to know about finding the right, reliable translation service for you.


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Core attributes of reliable translation services:


When choosing a service, you want someone that you can be confident in to complete your project on time, accurately, and in line with your unique requirements. The increasing recognition of the importance of localisation in recent years has played a big factor in the need for translation assistance being more in demand than ever before. And as a result, there has been a surplus in establishments offering translation services – naturally, some better than others. Here are some of the things to consider before going along with just any agency.




“There is no substitute for experience” goes the saying. It applies in life and it applies when looking for a translation services agency too. Make sure that you look into the company’s experience by finding out how long they have been in existence, the work that they’ve done in the past, client reviews, and whether the specific services line up with what you require. Any good agency would be happy to share previous work that they’ve done if confidentiality doesn’t restrict it.


Ongoing support


Knowing that the agency will be readily available whenever you may need to reach out is a valuable feature for an agency to have and showcases a level of professionalism. Translation projects can get extremely stressful at the best of times, so being able to reach out to your agency for updates, changes, or advice goes a long way. A good way to gauge this is to simply send an email beforehand, and gauge whether the response time and the quality of the response is satisfactory.


Industry and subject matter experts


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It will be highly beneficial for you if the translation services agency you’re considering has translators that are proven experts on the subject of the translation niche you require. This is a vital element above being an expert in general translating, first and foremost. Industries such as finance, medicine, and marketing, amongst many others, often have technical terminology that an average translator simply wouldn’t be familiar with without experience in the specific field.




Like with any delicate industry, rules and regulations are set in place to ensure that an all-around quality is maintained, and it’s no different in the world of translation services. Translation agencies must be certified by their respective governing bodies. In South Africa, translation agencies and their translators should be certified by the South African Translators Institute (SATI).


If an agency that you’re considering can’t provide such certification, it may be a red flag. To ensure that your project will be of the highest quality, with faultless accuracy, be sure to insist on accreditations beforehand.


Linguistics is the core of the agency’s business


A good sign of an adequate translation services company is if the company offers specialised services all within the same niche. For example; linguistics. If the company offers other useful services such as transcription, proofreading, and interpreting you can rest assured that the company is adequate in those services. Working with an agency or business that offers a multitude of services, of which translation is a part of, is a sign that your translated documents are in good hands.


Is the agency time conscious?


In many cases, translation services are required on strict deadlines. Most translation projects are time-sensitive and a good translation company should be cognizant of this fact. Enquire beforehand about what their deadline strike rates are.


Some agencies offer expedited delivery if needed and that, too, is a sign of a company that is competent and confident in its services. You’re also well within your rights to ask the agency for a proven track record of adhering to deadlines before you engage in business with them.


Quality assurance guarantee


Good translation agencies will have stable processes in place. Quality assurance is the final stage in the overall translation process and it’s arguably the most important. It is here where any errors get picked up as these can indirectly make or break a project. Make sure that the agency you intend on working with has an adequate quality assurance department with competent editors to boot.


Global footprint


Considering the subject and industry at hand, look out for a translation services company with global offices in some form. While it’s not a make-or-break factor, at least in our opinion, it does create a good impression when the company has an international footprint of some kind, especially when localisation may be the goal. If possible, make sure the offices actually exist and they are not just there for good impressions.




With any business, reputation is everything. It’s worth it to have a dig around for reviews and sincere references to see what others\’ experiences with the company were. In doing so, you can determine whether the agency would be a good fit for your project.


Testimonials are also helpful when you can be sure of their legitimacy. Alternatively, you can tell more about a company based on its bad reviews as opposed to only its good ones, and more importantly, see if the company has professionally dealt with them.


Why choose IL Consultancy translation services?


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We adhere to all of the aforementioned attributes, and then some. At the IL Consultancy, we value you as a client and we understand the importance of effective and professional translation. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider working with us:


We have the experience


IL Consultancy has been operating in the translation services industry long enough to have seen and done it all. We have been operating for over a decade and have the expertise to assist you with any translation project you send our way. We’ve provided our services to hundreds of organisations over the years – big and small, and we value our client trust immensely.


Our translation experts are passionate about what they do and, as a company, we’re able to offer our translation services in a range of official South African languages, international languages, as well as other African language combinations.


First-class quality assurance


We pride ourselves in the high-quality services that we can provide. We ensure that our translators hold a minimum of a post-grad qualification, master’s degree, or PhD to provide services for IL Consultancy.


To ensure the highest quality work, all of your translated documents go through the same processes, where an expert service provider completes the work, followed by a full independent evaluating process by a second service provider, followed by another round of revision to ensure accuracy. The translation process works as follows:


  • Work is initially translated by one of our expertly curated translators.
  • It is subsequently checked by a second, independent translator.
  • In the final step of the process, the work is revised for a third time before the work is delivered to the client, accurately and on time.



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We’re trusted


Trust is everything in any partnership. We’ve worked with everything from big corporations to small businesses and individual clients to the same satisfaction. And there is no better trust indicator than referrals from previous clients. We’re proud to boast an esteemed list of client testimonials for your reassurance.


We make sure to use experts on specific subject matters


Translations are often required for extensively delicate subject matters. Certain industries such as legal, medical, governmental, and finance, just to name a few, could have severe and dire consequences should there be any discrepancies between one document and its translation. At IL Consultancy we’re extremely cognisant of this and is the reason we make sure to use expert translators, who are active in the relevant field for greater peace of mind.


We have a global presence


Aside from our Joburg offices, we also have offices situated in New York, USA. Having an international presence sets us apart from many other agencies that only operate locally, opening up our resources to top talent internationally, should we require it.


We’re time-conscious


We understand and value the importance of time when it comes to translation projects. We will therefore always ensure that we comprehend deadlines and their significance, which is why we guarantee quick turnaround times (relative to the project) as well as excellent quality and service while we’re at it.


We offer flexible packages


Translation services are not a one size fits all kind of thing. At IL Consultancy we understand that no two projects will ever be the same. It’s for this reason that we’ve constructed our pricing in such a way as to accommodate any project, no matter the unique challenges it may bring along with it. We can structure packages per word, per page, or per hour all depending on what would be best suited for you, all at the most competitive rates too. Have a look at our pricing estimates and see what option works for your project.


We’re always here for you


We know how demanding a translation project can get for our clients. It’s stressful and taxing, even at the best of times. We at IL Consultancy know the value of providing an ongoing support system which is why our clients can rest assured that we will be available to tend to their every query.


A little more about IL Consultancy:


In conclusion, IL Consultancy offers the translation services that you require by dedicated language experts with a wealth of experience. We ensure that your messages get across in the translated language as accurately as it is written in the original.


Make your next translation project a success with IL Consultancy and get in touch today. We have a team of language experts ready to provide our services for your next project, while ensuring that your message is accurately delivered, with success! Simply contact us through our form for a quick reply.