The value of an in-depth quality control process

What was my next step? Is there still a need for what I am offering? How will I find out? How do I keep track of this? A quality control process essentially guarantees that the expectations of a project are met or better yet exceeded and the requirements are duly achieved. An in-depth quality control process, which should be established before initiating a project (that applies to you too OUTA) covers all facets of a project with the aim of improving quality, productivity and reducing costs. This is done through an investigative process of detecting short-comings, through the analysis of each facet involved in the design and development of a project, and establishing an valuable resolution for each short-coming.


Identifying possible limitations and risks in the planning phase of a project are extremely crucial since there are serious cost implications in fixing a defect (often sheepishly overlooked) in later phases. As my mother would say ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ the same applies here.

Not only is the identification of weaknesses and possible risks important but also the continuous assessment, in the form of sporadic reviews, of the development process, which entails many intricacies, some of which ought to be dealt with and others allowed to flourish freely. These periodic reviews monitor and evaluate the progress and possible inconsistencies of a project and assist in determining further short-comings and risks.

Naturally, quality control processes will vary depending on the industry, company, scope and purpose of the project. However, this type of meticulous preparation and in-depth analysis in any field maximizes performance and allows for execution of tasks of various magnitudes and also avoids unexpected surprises mid or post production (such as vandalism, go-slows and court cases

Quality is ultimately determined by the success of the final product and to what degree it satisfies the consumers’ absolute need. The consistency of such success will result in the good repute and growth of a business, success being the core objective of all commerce and all business’ highest aspiration.

At Bangula Lingo Centre, planning, project management and quality control are of utmost importance. In order to deliver quality work, we use only top-quality suppliers. Most of our suppliers hold a post-graduate qualification, some with masters and PhD degrees, and they are active in their chosen subject field. Contact us today to find out more.