The Process Behind World-Class Transcripton

Image showing accurate transcriptions

The Process Behind World-Class Transcription

IL Consultancy has a highly trained team of transcribers ready to deliver quality transcriptions in the format of your choice.

IL Consultancy’s world-class transcription services combine our years of expertise in the language industry with technological expertise and professionalism.

We have the capacity to complete 8 hours of audio per day.

Turnaround times

We can provide a 24 hour delivery period from receipt of audio files.

Equipment and ability to upload and organize content

We have a large team of transcribers who use all the latest/best equipment to assist in the accuracy of our transcripts. These include the following:

  1. ExpressScribe
  2. Footpedals – these are essential for any transcription work
  3. Noise cancelling headphones
  4. Mediahuman for audio conversion
  5. Grammarly Pro to assist with accuracy checks on completed transcripts
  6. Word/Track changed – this is for proofreading
  7. Google Drive
  8. Dropbox Pro
  9. Paymo Project Management App to ensure deadlines are met and work is allocated correctly

Our specialist transcription team works for many major companies on a regular basis such as:

  1. HSRC – Human Sciences Research Council
  2. SAPS – South African Police Service
  3. Lindsay Keller
  4. Nedbank Limited
  5. First National Bank
  6. Ikapa Data
  7. Stapelberg and Associates
  8. South African Civil Aviation Authority
  10. Vegas Gaming Group
  11. Cliff Dekker Hofmeyer
  12. Errol Goss

Our team is all well equipped. We are able to organize folders, upload transcripts and receive audio through Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox and any other platforms you may have in mind.

Completed transcripts can be delivered via email or uploaded into organized folder on any of the platforms mentioned above. (Dropbox, Google Drive etc)

We will have many dedicated transcribers available to make sure we have the capacity to both meet and exceed deadlines supplied.

Planned workflow

  1. Designate the required number of transcribers to ensure timely completion of transcriptions as they are received
  2. Confirm receipt of audio recordings when sent and confirm ensure timely delivery.
  3. Title transcriptions in a consistent and identical manner to that of the audio
  4. Contact the client with questions, concerns or issues surrounding the transcriptions including but not limited to technical terminology, acronyms, names, and timeliness of receipt and/or


All work is strictly confidential and we will have signed NDA’s from anybody on our team who works on the audio.

Quality Control and Accuracy

  1. After all audio files have been transcribed they are individually proofread by the transcriber and once audios have been sent to the transcription manager, our manager proceeds to proofread the document a second time in order to ensure all the client’s specifications and expectations.
  2. Thereafter all the transcripts are sent to the client for their approval.
  3. Our transcribers are all highly experienced.
  4. As we often work with court transcriptions and legal interviews, we have an extremely high accuracy rating for our transcripts as not one word can be missed when dealing with such matters.
  5. Our transcribers have all been tested extensively before becoming preferred providers.
  6. Our transcribers and project manager maintain regular contact to ensure the brief is delivered timeously and accurately.


Regular transcription and translation of large amounts of interviews.

Boxing South Africa

We were contacted to assist with 25 hours of urgent court transcription that had to meet certain criteria from the client. We were able to complete this project in 6 working days.

HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council)

We many done many transcription projects with the HSRC over the years, the most recent one was over 70 hours of English audio to be completed in a month, we met this deadline with time to spare.

Errol Goss/Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

We often assist these law firms with overnight transcription, which means the day of a hearing or proceeding, at the end of said hearing the audio gets delivered to us and we then transcribe up to 6 hours a night for delivery first thing the next morning.

Nedbank Limited

We have assisted Nedbank with multiple transcriptions projects with the Language Department at Nedbank:

Civil Aviation Authority

Transcription of 30 hours of audio recordings of hearings.