The fascinating world of RSI, and other resources such as transcription services offered by IL Consultancy

The fascinating world of RSI, and other resources such as transcription services offered by IL Consultancy

It’s important to keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital language services. In our journey to do so, we at the IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy), offer a top-tier Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) service, which is an innovative digital interpreting system that can take place from anywhere around the world – at any time. RSI can be effectively used in a number of situations, such as conferences, training seminars and board meetings – to name just a few. Should you be interested in this resource, read on to find out more about our RSI and transcription services that could save your business both time and money.


A look into the world of Remote Simultaneous Interpreting and transcription services

RSI is a relatively new emergence in the industry of digital language services, having brought with it a plethora of benefits that companies across the world who rely on communication have found irresistible. RSI interpreters operate remotely – from any part of the world as long as they have an appropriate internet connection and the correct tools. We at the IL Consultancy only trust the most experienced and qualified interpreters with our RSI services in order to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.

Further, each and every RSI session is managed by a committed project manager to ensure that the process runs smoothly. As a company, making use of RSI and other offerings like transcription services during meetings and virtual panels is a great way of rising to meet the future. It is widely believed that traditional interpreting is fast becoming a thing of the past, and is unsuited to the growing digital economy of today.

The arrival of the novel coronavirus pandemic only served to hasten the movement towards a more digital world – and during the course of the pandemic, many companies and individuals were forced to work from home and change the day-to-day operations of their companies. Many found that working online is much more efficient as well as cost-effective. For this reason, it is likely that the working world will never be the same as it was before. Translators and those offering transcription services in-person at physical meetings and conferences were made to transition to the online world of work..

What exactly is Remote Simultaneous Interpreting in transcription services?

Before launching into the benefits of RSI, it is important to address the basics behind the effective service. Without bringing the “remote” aspect into the mix, simultaneous interpreting is the act of listening to, comprehending and at the same time translating the speaker’s words and phrases into another language. There is not much of a delay between the statements of the speaker and the interpretation transmitted in real-time to the audience via a remote channel.


The following is a breakdown of the components involved in RSI services:

The speaker: the speaker/s, or presenter/s, communicates in one language. Their image and voice are usually streamed live to the remote interpreter – usually through an online browser on a laptop or computer.

The interpreter: the interpreter sees the video and hears the speaker on their device. They utilise the highest quality microphone and headset and proceed to translate, in real-time, the speaker’s language into another language.

The Remote Simultaneous Platform: the interpreter’s speech is transmitted through a cloud-based RSI platform through their device. This leg of the process requires an excellent internet connection to ensure that there is no delay. Some platforms that integrate and accommodate RSI services include Zoom, WebEx and Skype.

The audience: attendees of a meeting or delegates are able to connect to the RSI platform through their mobile or computer devices – which allows them to see the speaker, as well as hear them in their selected language of choice.

When can Remote Simultaneous Interpreting be used

There are a number of situations in which Remote Simultaneous Interpreting can be effectively used, such as the following:

Online conferences and webinars

In the recent past, RSI has been most frequently used during large, online conferences with participants speaking multiple languages and requiring real-time translation and interpretation services. In doing so, there is better intimacy and understanding fostered between speakers and the audience. These conferences must take place on RSI-appropriate platforms such as Skype, WebEx and Zoom.

Online panel discussions

There is a lot of talking that goes on during panel discussions, and more often than not, participants do not all speak the same language. Even if they do, it is likely that they would prefer interpretation in their native tongue so as to better understand difficult concepts. This is even more relevant when it comes to technical discussions that address very specific topics and ideas that may be difficult for some to understand in their second language.

Small board meetings

It may come as a surprise that Remote Simultaneous Interpreting is frequently used for smaller work meetings. However, one must consider the importance of removing language barriers and the role it plays in ensuring that everyone feels comfortable, heard and understood. It allows those who speak more than one language to express themselves properly in their mother tongue while knowing that an interpreter is expressing their statements for everyone to understand.

The service, in this case, is likely to reduce the time taken to hold such meetings because concepts can naturally be explained better in participants’ mother tongues.

Online lectures

Studying, alone, is difficult enough. That’s before you even consider how tough it must be for students whose courses are for the most part, not in their native tongue. Many universities and institutions around the world are jumping on the bandwagon of Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services for lectures and other educational purposes.

This is, to a large extent, due to the enormous shift to the online world as a result of Covid-19. Online learning poses its own challenges, but not being able to understand the language of instruction certainly should not be one of them.

All of the above situations, should they take place on an appropriate platform, can be seamlessly accompanied by RSI professionals. For larger events, having RSI services can truly enhance the affair as well as maximise its global reach.


The benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

There are a wide variety of benefits that come hand in hand with Remote Simultaneous Interpreting. Some of them include:

Reduction of costs

Several RSI platforms have reported compelling data indicating that RSI has reduced the cost of physical or in-person interpreting by over 50%. This has been done without a compromise in quality.

Increase in flexibility

Meetings, press conferences and sometimes even webinars must often be arranged at very short notice. Due to RSI services such as those offered by us at IL Consultancy, organisers can offer multiple languages to audience members or meeting participants anywhere, at any time.

Hassle-free technology

For those of us who have ever dealt with on-site interpretation services, it is well-known that equipment is expensive as well as relatively difficult to set up. With Remote Simultaneous Interpreting, this is no longer an issue. Participants are in charge of bringing their own device and choosing their preferred language.


Less admin and fuss

Organising flights, accommodation and meals for professional interpreters for events was no easy feat – and more often than not, at least one thing was prone to go wrong. Now, event managers can focus on the event itself and need only to devote a small amount of time to book qualified RSI interpreters from companies such as IL Consultancy.

Environmentally friendly

There can only be benefits for the environment when it comes to cutting down the carbon footprint of multilingual events and meetings. This carbon footprint often comes in the form of travel via planes and cars. When an event moves online, not only do the interpreters forgo travel, so do audience members or meeting participants.

Greater access

With the help of RSI, meetings and events at more remote locations such as mountains, resorts and islands can still be served by professional remote interpreters.

Top-notch sound quality

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation has the ability to deliver full bandwidth sound at incredibly low latency as well as great quality video and lip-sync. This makes for fantastic sound services and a happy audience who do not have to strain to hear anything.

Easy experience for all

Choosing their own language and using their own devices, audience members or meeting participants need not queue for a headset or make provisions to hear interpretations. When using platforms that support RSI such as Zoom or Skype, the process could not be easier.

Another top service offered by IL Consultancy

Our services certainly do not stop at Remote Simultaneous Interpreting. We offer a wide range of traditional and digital language services that may come in handy for a variety of situations. One of our most popular services is as follows:

Transcription services

The transcription services offered by us at IL Consultancy are a combination of years of experience and expertise in the language industry. With an accuracy rate of 99%, our trusted transcriptions service providers are ready to deliver top-notch transcribed documents. Our clients consist of top law firms and NGO’s as well as highly-rated global banks who all benefit from our excellent transcription services.


We offer 2 types of transcription services:

Verbatim transcription services

This type of transcription calls for the capturing of each and every word from a video or audio file in the form of text. Should you be interested in verbatim transcription services, you ought to expect an unedited text version of the file in question which includes grammatical errors, false starts and any other speech marks. This type of transcription is best for when a source must be directly quoted, when interviews need to be interpreted as well as in the case of legal statements that call for complete accuracy.

Clean verbatim transcription services

Should you be interested in a more edited version of a file that has been cleaned up for better readability, this is the perfect option for you. While still offering accurate representation of the video or audio file, any unnecessary errors or false starts will be removed for better clarity. All coughing, distortions or throat clearing that may have been recorded unintentionally will also be excluded for a more seamless read.

Included in our transcriptions services are timestamps, which allow you to clearly see at what point in time (in the video or audio) sentences were spoken so that you can refer back to them in the original file with ease. This is extremely helpful when it comes to compiling multimedia articles wherein one wishes to include a segment of video or audio to elaborate on a certain point. Timestamping enables the writer or researcher to quickly find when the words in question were spoken without having to scrub through the entire file.