The benefits of outsourcing language services to agencies

If a business needs language services (copywriting, overwriting, editing, translation and proofreading) and document design services (graphic design and typesetting), it can follow one of three routes.

Route 1: Take care of its requirements in house

Route 2: Outsource its requirements to individual freelance service providers

Route 3: Outsource its requirements to an expert language services agency





The decision about which route to take should be based on cost effectiveness and value for money. Every businessperson knows this, but few businesses analyse these factors before embarking on a plan of action.

Route 1 – taking care of language services in house – is a viable option if the business needs the language services on a daily basis. Even so, the business should do a comparative cost analysis, factoring in remuneration packages and employer obligations in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Route 2 – outsourcing language services to individual freelancers – is a viable option if the business needs only one type of language service, such as German-English translation.

If a range of language services needs to be outsourced, Route 3 is by far the best option. Let’s illustrate this by way of a typical example.

A business needs to produce an in-house manual on internal supply-chain procedures in five languages. The business gets articles together from the relevant departments. The people in the relevant departments have the necessary subject knowledge but they are not trained in writing skills. The business needs the following:

  • An editor/overwriter
  • Translators from English into isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho and Afrikaans
  • A graphic designer and typesetter
  • Proofreaders in the five languages
  • Printing services

Instead of appointing full-time employees or outsourcing to individual freelancers, the business can outsource the entire supply chain to an expert agency. The benefits are tremendous:

  • One-stop, turn-key services – contracting with one agency instead of a number of individual freelancers
  • Expert project management – higher quality of work
  • Scalability – paying only for specific tasks
  • Less admin – reduced traffic (sending and receiving) and invoicing
  • Reduced costs – no compulsory employee benefits and elimination of in-house training requirements and obligations

Bangula has been running big and small projects for our clients successfully for 10 years. We\’ve built up an excellent database of tried and tested freelancers over the years. This experience has enabled us to develop an outsourcing model that truly benefits our clients.

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