Proofreading Services

We satisfy audience demands for high-quality reading material with proofreading services dedicated to publishing excellence.

IL Consultancy\’s proofreading services are driven by dedicated industry veterans who\’ve worked with some of the most prestigious South African print and digital media names. Therefore, we\’re proud to act as a liaison between businesses, authors, and editors.

We offer excellent and accurate proofreading services at competitive rates for South African and major international companies and publishers. We are known for our friendly and professional service and have developed a great reputation in the industry for quality work. Just take a look at our client feedback.


What is Proofreading, and How is this Service Tackled?

In the world of writing, there are, at times, many moving parts besides proofreading that can go into making practically any document perfect, both in terms of readability as well as the content it contains. While it is true that a single person is capable of creating such documents just on their own while on the job, allowing for a more cohesive and fluid having come from one mind, it may require heaps of time that they may not have, which can slow down future projects drastically and cause further consequences in the process.

Because of this reason, amongst countless others, many people such as authors, journalists, content creators, advertising companies, etc., now tend to turn their sights onto those providing proofreading andproofreading as well as other content editing services. The problem is that many people are still not aware that these proofreading services exist, let alone are aware of what proofreading is in the first place. If these editing and proofreading services seem unfamiliar to you, rest assured that you can become both acquainted with the concept of proofreading and become aware of who you should turn to when you are in need.

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Focused on Detail

Our expertise covers both fiction and non-fiction, with experience in various industries, including general, legal, financial and educational. Whether you need us to read against copy or proofread blind, we\’ll cast an expert eye on your material to eliminate inconsistencies, enhance aesthetics, and cross-check titles, chapters and references. We aim to deliver work of the highest calibre to help you reach your goals.

Some of our proofreading services clients include:

  • Authors
  • Publishers
  • Corporate entities
  • Small & medium businesses
  • Academic institutions
  • Government departments

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