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Professional Translation Services for Translating Your Website


Websites are powerful tools for businesses. Potential clients view businesses with websites as trustworthy and enjoy the easy access to finding out more about your products or services. Your business website increases your reach to clients, allowing your business to grow and thrive. With all the advantages of having your business website in one language, consider the increased credibility and reach when you translate your website into another language. In this guide to website translation, we cover what website translation is, how your business and your website visitors will benefit, and how to have your website translated. IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) offers professional translation services for websites that will enable your business website to benefit from an international market.  




Website Translation:


Website translation is the translation of all the original content on your website into your target language. Website translation can include your written content, such as your website pages, product descriptions, product manuals, and user notifications, as well as any subtext in your images and videos. It can also include behind-the-scenes content such as your metadata text. Whether you are an online e-commerce business or a service provider who uses a website to demonstrate your skills, website translation can be done for any type of business website.


Website translation differs from other translations in a few key ways. Websites include different pages and platforms that are laden with content. A website can also have numerous contributors who will need to ensure that the content they upload has been translated. Due to the fast pace of the internet, you will need to ensure that your content is always updated and these updates are translated. This demonstrates that website translation requires specialised skills and that this type of translation should only be trusted to professional website translators.




Localisation is an important factor in website translation. Localisation is the process in translation that ensures the translated materials have the correct “look and feel” of the target language and associated culture. Localisation will focus on ensuring that the translation includes phrases or terms that are natural to mother-tongue speakers of the language, as well as ensuring that any currencies, time zones, political correctness, gender roles, geographic locations, and local sensitivities are correct to the language and culture. This is important for website translation as it ensures your users enjoy the experience of browsing your translated website.


Benefits of Translating Your Website:


Website translation takes the power of a business website to the next level. Whether you are running a small business where you assist with marketing or a large online company selling SaaS, website translation can be beneficial for any type of business, no matter the size. To help you decide whether translating your website is a good idea for your business, we have highlighted the 6 main benefits of website translation.


1) Reach a Wider Audience:


The major benefit of translating your website is that your business will reach a wider audience. Your business will start enjoying the benefits of international brand recognition, and any related profit that stems from increased customers or clients. Before you can have a website translated, you would need to spend time collecting data on what would be the best-suited language for translation to ensure that your business website is reaching the right audience.


2) Improve SEO:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be the goal for any business website. SEO is the practice of improving your website pages to increase the amount of organic traffic that arrives at your business’s website. While it sounds simple, SEO is continuously changing and it can be difficult to stay on top of a search engine results page (SERP). One way to improve your SEO is with website translation.


Website translation can increase the number of relevant keywords or keyword phrases on your website that are important to SEO. For international clients who type in the keywords for a product or service that they need, your website will pop up for both available languages. This will generate more traffic to your website, which over time will convert to increased sales or awareness for your business.


3) Increase International Sales:




Increasing sales, and therefore profit, is the name of the game for any e-commerce business. A translated website will elevate your business to a global market, allowing you to access previously untapped avenues for increasing your sales. Your product may suit a niche need for an international community. With a translated website, this market will be able to find out about your business and have access to browsing, purchasing, and spreading awareness of your business’s products, thus only benefiting your business.


4) Competitive Edge:


Your business and another similar business may be in high competition for a local market. One way to edge forward is to offer your website in the language that your target audience speaks. When international customers are clients are faced with two similar businesses that both meet their needs for a specific service or product, they will always opt for the business that has gone the extra mile to communicate their brand to them in their mother-tongue language. Make sure that your business is one step ahead of your competitors with website translation.


5) Show Website Visitors That They Matter:


If you have an international business, a website that is available in at least two different languages will demonstrate that your customers or clients matter to your business. People appreciate having content that is specifically directed at them and personalised to their needs. With so many business websites competing for attention, demonstrating keen attention to the needs of your website visitors will ensure that they stay clicking on your pages. Your website translation will therefore translate to an increase in loyalty and commitment of your clients to your business.


6) Cost-effective Marketing Tool:


Website translation will have an expense attached, but this can be a highly cost-effective marketing tool. You would have spent a substantial amount of time, effort, and money on perfecting the marketing on your original website. Rather than having to face added expenses and time to create a new website with additional marketing in a foreign language, you can simply just have your original website translated with all your tactical marketing effortlessly reflected in your new website.


How to Have Your Website Translated:


From websites to reports to financial documents, for any translation you have two options on how to have your material translated. One way to translate your material is to use an online translation software. Online translation software is highly affordable, quick, and easy, but can have numerous translation problems that can affect the accuracy, credibility, and reliability of your website for your international customers who browse your website.


If you are looking to enjoy all the benefits of website translation, your best choice is to have your website professionally translated by a translation company. An accredited and reputable translation company will ensure that the terminology, content, and style of your website are expertly reflected in your translated website. When your business’s reputation is on the line, you want to ensure that your website translation is performed by adept and experienced translators.




The translation company you choose for your website translation is an important decision. Your translation company needs to ensure that your business’s brand is consistently reflected in the translation of your website. As your website will continuously be changing with new content or improved usability for your customers, your translation company will need to offer a quick and adaptive translation service. Once you have selected an experienced and adept translation company, they will begin your website translation and you can then start benefiting from a translated website.


IL Consultancy Professional Translation Services for Websites:


IL Consultancy is a translation company that offers professional translation services for websites. We will take the original content of your website and translate it into your desired language with accuracy and clarity, thus ensuring that it is a reflection of your original website and business brand. When looking for affordable, timely, and precise website translation, IL Consultancy professional translation services are your best-suited match.


No matter the content of your website, our professional translation services are suited to you. IL Consultancy has a team of professional translators who can competently translate general, financial, legal, and educational materials. All of our translators are fluent in their selected language/s, hold post-graduate qualifications, and are currently active in their selected field to ensure total accuracy in your website translation.


IL Consultancy offers a localisation service for our professional website translations. Our localisation service is high-quality as it is offered by qualified translators who are experts in the local language and culture. Our localisation services are then additionally checked by a localisation expert to ensure that your translated website is a true reflection of both your business and the audience you are aiming to reach and engage with.


At IL Consultancy, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of website translations. We ensure quality by partnering your translation project with a perfectly suited translator. Once your website is translated, we will then have your website proofread by an independent translator and the quality will be checked by our in-house IL Consultancy team. We understand that your website is integral to the reputation of your business, which is why we ensure that the translations are exceptional to reflect the standard of your business.


About IL Consultancy Professional Translation Services:


IL Consultancy offers a wide range of professional translation services. In addition to our website translation services, we also translate technical documents, educational books and terminology, literature, proposals, internal company documentation, marketing and advertising materials, legal documentation, financial material, and reports. If you have additional requirements for our professional translation services, we will strive to pair your translation project with a professional translator adept at translating your subject matter.


IL Consultancy professional translation services are accredited by The South African Translators Institute (SATI). SATI is an internationally recognised accreditation and holds the quality of our translations to international standards. This ensures that you can trust the quality of our professional translation services.


We offer our professional translation services in a wide range of languages. We offer an extensive list of available languages to ensure that we are capable of meeting your translation needs for any project. We have listed our available languages for our professional translation services below.


South African Language Combinations:


  • English.
  • Afrikaans to English translation.
  • Zulu to English translation.
  • Xhosa / IsiXhosa.
  • Sotho / Sesotho / Southern Sotho.
  • Ndebele / IsiNdebele.
  • Sepedi / Northern Sotho / Sesotho Sa Leboa.
  • Setswana.
  • Xitsonga.
  • Tshivenda.
  • SiSwati.
  • African Languages:
  • Igbo.
  • Shona.
  • ‘African’ Portuguese.
  • Chichewa.
  • Swahili.
  • ‘African’ French.
  • International Languages:
  • Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).
  • French.
  • Japanese.
  • Portuguese.
  • Arabic.
  • Spanish.
  • Russian.
  • German.
  • Dutch.
  • Italian.
  • Urdu.
  • Hebrew.
  • Gujarati.
  • Hindi.


Have your website translated by IL Consultancy professional translation services and start enjoying the numerous benefits for your business.