Professional Translation Services: How to Avoid Hiring Unprofessional Translation Services


With the ever-rising need for document translation across the world, there has also been an increasing number of unprofessional translators offering low-quality translation services. A document that has been translated unprofessionally is not only a waste of your time and money, but can also lead to more serious repercussions for your business. To assist you in making the best translation company choice, we have created a quick guide on how to avoid hiring unprofessional translation services for your document translation. When you need professional translation services that you can trust, IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) is the translation company for you.




How to Avoid Hiring an Unprofessional Translation Service:


Have you been tasked with sourcing a translation service for your business documents to be translated? Before you select a translation company, it is important to assess the translation services to ensure that they will be professional, accurate, and reliable. To assist, we have highlighted the 6 ways that you can avoid hiring an unprofessional translation service so that you can have your documents expertly translated.


1) Assess Accreditation:


The main way to quickly remove any unprofessional translation services from your potential options is to check whether or not the translation company is accredited. You should always opt for an accredited company as this demonstrates that their translation services are reliable and credible. In South Africa, you should select a translation service that is accredited by The South African Translators Institute (SATI).


2) Read Reviews:


An easy and quick way to uncover an unprofessional translation company is to read the reviews left by previous clients. Reviews are a goldmine of information on the quality of a translation service. When reading the reviews, look out for these two warning signs that demonstrate you should avoid using these translation services.


Terminology Mistakes: If you find that there are numerous mentions of terminology mistakes in the reviews, it is time to continue your search for a professional translation company. Terminology mistakes quickly signify a translator who is not an expert in your field or selected language, meaning that their translation service will be unprofessional.


Poor Customer Service: The quality of the translation is important, but so is the quality of the translation company’s customer service. If the reviews mention delayed response rates, missed translation deadlines, or unprofessionalism in communication, then you should consider taking your document translations elsewhere.




3) Ensure Eligibility for your Project:


You should always check that the translation company offers a translation service for your exact type of document and in your desired language. It should be clearly stated by the translation company that they are equipped and experienced in translating financial material, legal documents, fictional novels, or any other type of specific document. They should also outline the exact language combinations that they offer. If you are offered a generalised service of translation for documents without specific languages outlined, it can be hard to gauge whether the translation company is adept at your specific translation requirements, and should thus be avoided.


4) Check the Cost:


Evaluating the cost of translation services can be difficult. When you find an extremely cheap translation service, it can feel like a win because you are saving money. This can be a major downfall as with cheap translation services often comes lower quality translations as they may not be as qualified or accredited to charge higher rates. With regards to the cost, you should strive for slightly higher costing translation services to avoid unprofessional translation services.




5) Qualifications of Translators:


Weed out the unprofessional translation services from the expert translation companies by assessing the qualifications of the translators. At a minimum, the translators should be qualified translators and fluent in your selected language. You should always strive to use a translation company with translators of the highest qualification to avoid hiring unprofessional translation services. If you cannot find the qualifications of the translators, then you should not trust the services of the translation company.


6) Localisation:


Professional translation services are signified by the offer of a localisation service. Localisation is the process of incorporating the culture into the translation by ensuring that local sensitivities, political correctness, gender roles, idiomatic language, and more are included in the translation. This can be especially important if you are having a website, packaging, advertising, and reports translated for your business. If there is no localisation offered, you are wading into dangerous waters for the quality of your document translation.


Risks of Unprofessional Translation Services:


Finding a reputable and professional translation company can feel overwhelming, which may result in you just hoping for the best with the first translation company that you come across. To highlight why you should always be stringent in your translation company selection process, we have outlined the three major risks that you face when you use an unprofessional translation service for your document translations.


1) Confused or Offended Target Audience:


The major risk with unprofessional translation services is that your translated documents will be saturated with errors. While you will be unable to read the translated document, your target audience will immediately pick up on any spelling errors, translation inaccuracies, or cultural insensitivities. Your audience may become confused or offended by your document translations, therefore reducing the entire point of having your documents translated in the first place.




2) Affected Reputation:


Poorly translated documents can do more than just confuse or offend your audience. They can change your audience’s entire perception of your business. In one language your business may appear to be a reliable expert in your field, but in another may become distrusted and disliked by your desired target audience, resulting in the loss of this audience or potential business opportunity.


3) Expensive Mistranslations:


Hiring the services of an unprofessional translation company can cost you more than just what you spent on the translation service. Your inaccurately translated document may result in lost investments in your business or rejected international business partnerships. Mistranslations in marketing and advertising have cost businesses millions of dollars around the world, further highlighting the expensive risk involved with unprofessional translation services.


IL Consultancy Professional Translation Services:


IL Consultancy offers professional translation services that are accurate, efficient, and affordable. When it comes to finding a professional translation company, you do not need to look any further than IL Consultancy. To demonstrate why we are your first choice translation company, we have highlighted all the factors that enable our professional translation services.


We are Accredited: IL Consultancy translation company is accredited with SATI. This accreditation is a credible promise that the translation services we offer are professional and of an internationally recognised standard.


Your Document Translation Needs Covered: We have all your document translation needs with our professional translation services. We offer translations for technical documents, reports, financial material, internal company documentation, advertising and marketing material, proposals, literature, reports, and legal documentation. If you do not see your exact document listed, we will happily create a personalised translation service for your requirements.


Qualified Translators: IL Consultancy ensures professional translation services by partnering your document translation needs with the best-suited expert translator. All of our translators are fluent in their selected language/s, are qualified to be translators, hold post-graduate degrees in their selected field, and are currently active in their selected field to ensure up-to-date translations. By selecting the highest quality translators, we can offer you exceptional translation services.


Affordable Translation Services: We offer internationally competitive rates for our professional translation services. We strive to be affordable for any budget, while still pricing our translation services according to the high quality that you will receive.


Numerous Language Combinations: With IL Consultancy professional translation services, you can have your documents translated into a wide range of language combinations. We offer translation services in all eleven official South African languages, all major African languages, and numerous international languages, including Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, French, Arabic, and many more. This wide range of language combinations is to ensure that we can be of service to your document translation needs.


Happy Clients: You do not need to just take our word for it that we offer professional translation services. We have a long list of happy clients who have used our translation services for their business-related or personal needs. Our reviews are readily available so that you can feel confident in your decision to use IL Consultancy professional translation services for your next document translation project.


In combination with our accreditation, qualified translators, affordability, and wide range of documents and language combinations, we can also promise the highest standard of professional translation services with our quality control process. Once your document has been translated, it will then be checked by an independent translator. Your translated document will then be checked again by our in-house team to provide you with total accuracy and reliability in your document translations.


About IL Consultancy:


IL Consultancy is a global company that provides a wide variety of clients with exceptional and personalised services. Not only are we a reputable translation company, but we also offer numerous other essential language services. To demonstrate how IL Consultancy is your total solution to any of your language requirements, we have outlined our language services.


Editing Services: Whether your content is fiction or non-fiction, printed or digital, our editing services are perfect for you. IL Consultancy is comprised of expert editors with proven experience in reputable publishing houses. We will have your general, translated, legal, or financial documents timeously edited and returned to you at the highest standard.


Proofreading Services: Take your documents to the next level with our attentive and accurate proofreading services. Any concerns about errors in your spelling, grammar, syntax, structure, and layout are a thing of the past when you hire our professional proofreaders. Alongside written documents, we also offer our proofreading services for transcriptions, translations, and interpretations.


Transcription Services: Our language experience and technological expertise merge into our transcription services. Have your audios or videos expertly transcribed by speedy and professional IL Consultancy transcribers. We offer verbatim transcription, clean verbatim transcription, and non-verbatim transcription services so that you can have your audio or video transcribed exactly how you need it to be.


Interpreting Services: Do not let language differences hold you back with our professional interpreting services. Whether you are hosting an event or a Zoom call, our interpreters will be the fluent bridge between your message and your audience with our conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and remote interpreting services.


TEFL Services: Language is our passion, and we are eager to share it with you in our TEFL language training. No matter your language level or age, our expert language teachers will provide you with the confidence to speak your selected language. We offer TEFL services for all official South African languages, business English, conversational English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin.


When you need documents translated, you can rely on IL Consultancy’s professional translation services.