Online Proofreading Software VS. Professional Proofreading Services


Whether you have written a blog, a book, or a legal document for a business deal, proofreading is always an essential part of ensuring the highest quality in any work. If you are sitting on the fence about hiring a professional proofreader or using an online proofreading software for the proofreading of your work, we have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of both these proofreading services to help you decide. While there are some benefits to an online proofreading service, it is hard to beat the accuracy, professionalism, and effort-savings of professional proofreading services. IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) offers proofreading services that are affordable, speedy, and the best way to ensure total accuracy in your work.




What is Proofreading?


Before we dive into the comparison between an online proofreading software and professional proofreading services, it is important to understand exactly what proofreading entails. Proofreading is performed after editing, which is the process of ensuring adequate word choice and content for your target readers, clarity in the structure of your document, and overall readability. Proofreading takes your document to the next level with an even finer examination of spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and consistency.


It is always difficult to pick up on all the mistakes you may have made in the work that you have written. Proofreading is that second pair of eyes, or that programmed algorithm, that will be able to identify the errors that you have missed. Proofreading is essential as it offers you peace of mind by ensuring complete accuracy in the work that you present or publish.


Online Proofreading Software:


An online proofreading software uses programmed artificial intelligence to proofread your uploaded written work. The online proofreading software will search your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors and provide you with the tools and recommendations to fix these errors. The most popular online proofreading software is Grammarly, but there is a plethora to choose from, including WhiteSmoke, ProWritingAid, Ginger Software, and more.




The use of online proofreading software has become widely popular. From proofreading a business email to improving your school essay, people from across ages and industries are benefiting from the easy accessibility of online proofreading software. We have highlighted the three advantages of online proofreading software.


1) Quick:


Using online proofreading software is very quick. Depending on the length of your written document and the number of errors in your work, you can have your document completely proofread in a couple of minutes. This speed is highly advantageous if you are under time pressure to produce your work or you are constantly needing to meet deadlines in a small time frame.


2) Minimal Effort:


You will not need to search the internet for a reliable and credible proofreading service with online proofreading software. All you will need to do is upload your written work to your selected online proofreading software. The only effort on your part is to manually go through each highlighted spelling, grammar, or punctuation error and make the recommended amends to your work.


3) Free:




The major bonus to an online proofreading software is that they are free to use. This can be exceptionally beneficial if you have a limited budget for your written work. It is important to note that not every online proofreading software is free, and that the ones that are free offer a better and more accurate service when you subscribe and pay a monthly fee.




While there are advantages to an online proofreading software, there are two serious disadvantages to using this as your proofreading process. We have briefly highlighted these two disadvantages below.


1) High Risk of Inaccuracies:


The problem with the free online proofreading service is that it is generally a basic proofreading service. This means that the program is only designed to detect common errors, such as misspellings or incorrect word choices. They can become unreliable when more complex errors are present in your written work, such as structural problems or inconsistencies in word use.


The other problem with online proofreading software is that even common errors can be missed. In addition, the online proofreading software may make alteration recommendations that are not suitable to the content or your industry, resulting in further inaccuracies in your work. The lack of overall accuracy in an online proofreading software means that your work will not be of the highest quality or professionalism.


2) Limited:


An online proofreading software is generally limited to a written document. Proofreading transcriptions on a video or translations cannot be done on an online proofreading software, especially the free and basic ones available online. This limiting factor can impact whether or not you have proofreading performed on all your work, impacting the overall quality of the work you produce.


Professional Proofreading Services:


Professional proofreading services include hiring a proofreader to proofread your work. The proofreader will manually read through your work and carefully examine it for any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. You can acquire proofreading services from a freelance proofreader or by using a specialised proofreading company.




Proofreading is an extremely important step that you should always take in any work that your produce. As proofreading is so critical, it will only benefit you by acquiring the best standard of proofreading services for your work. We have highlighted all the different ways that you and your work will benefit from using professional proofreading services.


1) Experienced Proofreaders Ensure Total Accuracy:




Using a professional proofreading service means that you will be dealing with a qualified and experienced proofreader. The proofreader will have a firm grasp of your specific content or industry and can accurately proofread your work in accordance with the relevant style and structure. A professional proofreading service will not miss any common or complex errors in your work, providing you with total peace of mind concerning the accuracy of your work.


2) Enhanced Professionalism:


An online proofreading software can often struggle with jargon dense documents, financial documents, or scientific papers. A professional proofreading service will ensure that your work matches the professionalism required in your specific industry or niche content. You will be able to feel proud to present or publish your work that has been proofread to the exact professional standard your work requires.


3) Saves You Effort:


Proofreading services will save you any effort that you would have spent on proofreading your document yourself or manually fixing any proofreading errors on an online proofreading software. All you need to do is submit your project to the professional proofreader. After the professional proofreading services are complete, you will receive your perfectly proofread document back without having had to do any work.


4) Greater Variety for Your Proofreading Needs:


A professional proofreading service can extend beyond just proofreading a document in English. Certain professional proofreaders will offer proofreading services for translated documents and video and audio transcriptions. This offers you a greater variety in the work that you can have proofread with professional proofreading services.


5) Trusted Privacy:


If you are needing confidential work proofread, you can trust that a professional proofreading service will uphold your need for privacy and confidentiality. As a professional service, proofreaders will not share or comment on any of the work that they proofread. This way you can ensure that your work is accurate and professional without worrying about the contents being spread or stolen.






As with all professional services, there are some drawbacks to professional proofreading services. We have highlighted the two potential disadvantages of using a professional proofreading service.


1) An Additional Cost:


The downside to a professional proofreading service is that professionalism comes with a price tag. The cost of your proofreading service will depend on the length and complexity of your work. This additional expense can impact whether or not you can afford the beneficial services of a proofreader. Luckily, with numerous affordable proofreading companies available, you should be able to find a cost-effective professional proofreading service.


2) Waiting Period:


Unfortunately, a professional proofreading service can be slightly time-consuming. You will need to spend time sourcing a reliable proofreading company and liaising with a representative to explain your project and your proofreading needs. Your project will then need to be matched to a professional proofreader, with this time frame being dependent on the specific proofreading company you have selected.


Once your work is with the professional proofreader, there will be a waiting period whilst they perform the proofreading service on your document. This waiting period will also be dependent on the length and complexity of your work. Although there will be a certain time delay, professional proofreaders are experts and should have your work completed to a high standard within a short time frame.


IL Consultancy Proofreading Services:


IL Consultancy is a proofreading company that offers professional proofreading services. We are dedicated to publishing excellence, which is why we offer the highest standard of proofreading services. No matter how long or complex your document is, with our proofreading service you can feel assured that your work will be accurate and professional.


We understand that cost and time can be deterring factors for using a professional proofreading service. With IL Consultancy, you can enjoy all the benefits of a professional proofreading service at an affordable and speedy rate. We offer globally competitive pricing for our proofreading service and will always get your work done timeously so that you can meet your deadlines while still producing perfectly proofread work. Affordable quality is what we offer with our proofreading services.


The IL Consultancy proofreaders are qualified and accredited to perform proofreading of the highest quality. Our proofreaders will immediately spot any grammar, spelling, structural, punctuation, consistency, and other language mistakes in your work. You will additionally receive feedback on any of your errors so that you can avoid these in your future documents. We will match your project to a proofreader that is an expert in your industry to ensure that you receive the best proofreading service with IL Consultancy.


Our proofreading expertise expands across industries. We have provided our proofreading services to authors, businesses, publishers, academic institutions, and government departments. Thanks to our experience in general, legal, financial, and educational content, we are readily equipped to handle any proofreading project that you need professional assistance with.


In addition to our proofreading services for written documents, we also offer proofreading for a variety of additional work. We offer our proofreading service for transcriptions, translations, and interpretations. We are your total solution to your proofreading needs.


About IL Consultancy:


IL Consultancy is a global language company that offers proofreading and editing services, transcription services, translation services, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to match the perfect language professional to your project. No matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy the affordable and high-quality language services of IL Consultancy.


IL Consultancy offers a professional proofreading service that will enhance your work to the highest standard of accuracy.