Online copywriting – Lifeblood to marketing gurus, Greek to many business owners

Online copywriting – Lifeblood to marketing gurus, Greek to many business owners

To illustrate how well-written copy can influence the reach and effectiveness of your business online, let’s look an analogy.

Picking up a book, you glance at the first few lines. The language usage is striking and the characters come to life. In fact, the story takes on a life of its own. It’s as if the book is glued to your hands. There’s no way you’re putting it down until you see where the story goes. Your business is that book. Well-written and exciting online copywriting grabs the attention of your potential clients. It draws them into the brand story you want your business to tell.

Professional online copywriters work on content such as:

  • Web content
  • Online ad campaigns
  • Social media content





How much of an impact does my online content really have on my bottom line?

Consider the classic home disaster situation. You run an emergency plumbing company. It’s late on a Sunday night and Mr I.P Knightly has a flooded bathroom. He also has a very expensive carpet in the room next door. Mr Knightly grabs his phone. He Googles emergency plumbing on his local search, but how can you make sure he finds you?

Professionally written, engaging and keyword rich content plays a big part. Google ‘crawls’ websites for relevant content. Your content must have enough keywords that can be picked up as relevant. Throw in too many and your content can be penalised for keyword spamming. Websites with regular content updates also rank much higher. Having a blog on your website is a great way to include engaging and regularly updated content.

To make sure you and the Mr Knightly’s of the world can make a business connection we recommend having a professional online copywriter give your website, blog or social media page the edge. It’s a great way to connect you to potential clients in an expanding business environment.

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