Our first Newsletter (Newsletter archives 1)

3 months ago we put together the first Bangula Newsletter.

Filled with intriguing blog articles on language, branding and media straight to your mailbox.

We also threw in language facts, branding news, opinions on some of our favourite articles and some funnies – to great reception!

After all our positives reviews we\’re releasing our newsletter as archives on our blog. You can subscribe to our latest editions at info@new.ilconsultancy.com Make the subject line \’Newsletter\’ and hit send
This Month\’s Bangula Blog Articles:
Monthly Funnies:
Translation needed
no pun
Our favourite links for the month:
This is definitely going on our Christmas wish list!
We were going through some great language links on Stumbleupon and came across these little gems.

We just discovered an amazing new blog called Hyperbole and a Half.

Here\’s the article that got us hooked:
Google Glass, the future of communication or another techno gimmick.
Have a look at the release video and let us know what you think?