Minimise Language Mistakes with IL Consultancy\’s Editing Services

Minimise Language Mistakes with IL Consultancy\’s Editing Services

When it comes to copy, content, structure, word choice, grammar and vocabulary, there is a lot of room for mistakes. Language is a highly subjective area, and it is not unusual to find that your meaning has been lost in translation. Every person has a unique manner of speaking and writing – but when it comes to creating official documents in a professional capacity, it is unwise to skimp on the revision and editing process. Read this article to discern how the IL Consultancy can make your professional life easier.


Communicate clearly

You can have a wonderful business, exceptional customer services and a sound advertising strategy. But none of it will mean anything if you don’t know how to verbalize your ideas to your customers and colleagues in a succinct and consistent manner. This is precisely why you should ensure that all of your text documents have been edited and checked before finalization and publishing. The Better language Company can help you with this process.

Who are the IL Consultancy?

The IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) has been providing a variety of industries with the proofreading, translating, transcription and editing services they need for over a decade. Founded by two skilled linguists and entrepreneurs – the company was created in response to the high demand for quality control in communications. The IL Consultancy provides their linguistic services in most international languages as well as various South African languages.

Their team contains highly experienced project managers, language practitioners and educationalists. These staff members are capable of delivering quality services and products at a fast rate, according to the specificities of your project. IL Consultancy connect clients with professionals who will ensure that their needs are attended to.

With an extensive staff and a detail-oriented approach to language, IL Consultancy is a perfect option when it comes to outsourcing your professional communication needs. Alongside their editing services, they also provide branding services such as layout and format, typesetting, graphic design, web development, localisation services, copywriting and more. With the IL Consultancy, it is easy to manage expansive projects and the trickier details.


Common Mistakes that can be avoided with IL Consultancy’s editing services

Inconsistency: When there are multiple people working on a singular project that does not have a pre-determined style guide, there are generally minor inconsistencies that could go unnoticed. For example, many people use either British spelling or American spelling at random. If these inconsistencies are not resolved before final publication, they can come off as unprofessional and confusing to a reader. This can negatively impact your audience’s brand recognition or your reputation as a quality-orientated trader or professional.

Bad grammar: Many people fail to recognize simple grammar errors in their written texts. While automated programs can help with this, they aren’t as effective as rigorous human professionals. For example, most non-linguists will not acknowledge verb-tense errors, pronoun errors, double negatives, subject-verb agreements, and comma splices. These mistakes may seem insignificant, but the devil is in the details.

Jargon/ Inaccessible vocabulary: If you’re trying to reach a larger audience, then jargon or overtly academic language can be a serious deterrent to your readers. It is important to keep language accessible for those who do not have the same industry knowledge as you do. Similarly, amateurish language can be equally unconvincing. IL Consultancy finds a compromise by using vocabulary that will convey your point concisely according to your target audience and subject matter.

Inconsistent terms, abbreviations and acronyms: It is very important for the legibility of your text that you elaborate on the terms, abbreviations and acronyms that you use within your document beforehand. Readers who are unfamiliar with the terms, abbreviations and acronyms that you use will be frustrated with this unexplained language. IL Consultancy editors will help you compile a concise explanation of these terms.

Irregular structure: Even when all of the spelling and grammar is perfect, there is often a chance that the structure will make a piece illegible or boring. The structure of a document is meant to mimic the reading habits of humans. So it is important that all documents make use of paragraphs, subheadings, and titles. The IL Consultancy team will be able to reconfigure your document by regulating the structure in a way that compels readers and persuades colleagues.

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Common misspellings that can make your work seem illegitimate

Below is a list of commonly misspelt words. On the left is the correct spelling, and on the right is the incorrect version. As you’ll see, these mistakes are minor and will often be invisible to those who are not language practitioners. At IL Consultancy, the staff are trained to recognize these errors immediately.

  • rhythm – rythm
  • perceive – percieve
  • their – there, they\’re
  • reference – referance
  • maintenance – maintainance
  • necessary – neccessary, necessery
  • occurrence – occurrance
  • intelligence – inteligence
  • equipment – equiptment
  • committed – commited, comitted
  • difference – diffrence
  • accommodate – accomodate, acommodate
  • a lot – alot
  • independent – independant
  • supersede – supercede
  • omission – ommision, omision
  • parliament – parliment
  • conscious – concious, consious
  • disappoint – dissapoint
  • annually – anually, annualy
  • acknowledge – acknowlege, aknowledge
  • privilege – privelege
  • grateful – gratefull, greatful
  • library – libary
  • receipt – reciept

Get a Second Opinion without the Hassle


Often we do not have the space in our schedule to spend time overseeing the finer details in our reports, documents and contracts. Something like grammar, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure is always the first to be overlooked when deadlines are imminent. However, language is the most important feature of your business. Why? Because it is the only way that you can communicate with your clients and colleagues. No matter how well you have performed, if you cannot verbalize this then it will ultimately affect your client relationships and your bottom line.

So what’s the solution? Rather than spending more of your precious time fussing over the linguistic details, try outsourcing your responsibilities. Everyone has a skill, and if your skill isn’t in the language, then don’t put that additional pressure on yourself. Contact the IL Consultancy and ask us for a quote according to your needs.

How it works

The IL Consultancy will ask for all of your details and stylistic choices – including spelling preferences, tone, audience insights and deadlines. From here, they will pair you with an editor who is skilled and experienced in your industry. Then the managers will provide a quote based on your needs and the time involved in the project. If you’re unhappy with the quote, no problem!

These quotes are obligation-free, and if you would like to negotiate your terms and conditions then you can communicate this with IL Consultancy’s personable managers before you begin. Once you have agreed to the contract, you can be assured that you will receive an edited text that takes into account your word choices in relation to your target audience, the structure of your document, and the alignment to your predetermined style guide. These editing services will guarantee consistency in your internal and public literature.

The IL Consultancy provides high-quality services and quick turnarounds at very affordable, competitive rates. The IL Consultancy is diverse in their capabilities and can offer editing services for any industry. This may include reports from legal contexts, commercial contexts, literary contexts or even academic instances. In each of these scenarios, the staff member with the most qualification in your particular industry will be appointed to you.


What type of editing services does the IL Consultancy offer?

Language Editing

Language edits will entail your editor offering grammatical and stylistic suggestions to improve the fluidity and correctness of your language. This might include suggestions for the vocabulary, as well as punctuation corrections. These edits will fix the technical aspects of your writing.


Copy-edits are initiated if the editor feels as though the content of your report, document or text doesn’t make sense. If your subject matter seems irrelevant, or if certain aspects of your writing require further explanation, then the editor will suggest some revisions, additions or deletions. This service also includes the revision of facts and subject matter. These edits will fix the substantial aspects of your writing.

How do the IL Consultancy’s editing services work?

When copy-editing or language editing, the editor will make sure to incorporate their edits in a transparent manner so that you can keep track of the changes and decipher which edits you would or would not like to be implemented. All edits are added to the margins of the document and will be recorded in the comments section. If you’d like any technical edits made thereafter, then you will need to seek out additional proofreading services thereafter.

Additional services offered by the IL Consultancy

The IL Consultancy offers a range of services related to language. Below is a list of additional services that can help you:

  • Transcription Services
  • Translation Services
  • Editing Services
  • Proofreading Services
  • Interpreting Services
  • eLearning Services
  • TEFL Services
  • Content Creation Services

5 reasons you should make use of the IL Consultancy’s editing services


Below is a summarized list of reasons why you should seek out professional editing services from the IL Consultancy, a top-rated service provider in South Africa, for all of your linguistic needs:

Many authors have wonderful ideas. However, they might find it difficult to express themselves verbally and on paper. In these cases, the editor will help the client express their needs and the meaning they are trying to reflect.

By hiring a linguistic professional, the client will learn to recognize the general writing conventions, spelling, punctuation and grammar usage expected of them. This will help the client to identify their mistakes. Eventually, the client may learn to adapt their writing for the better.

Professionally written texts, manuscripts and reports are more likely to be shared, distributed and positively peer-reviewed if they are free of errors. Texts containing errors are likely going to be lost in the archives. If you’d like your work to be well-received by your colleagues and employers, then use IL Consultancy’s editing services to avoid bad publicity.

The revision process can be incredibly time-consuming if you are unfamiliar with editing strategies. An untrained editor will take far longer to check their work, and this will ultimately waste time and consequently money. Moreover, it is likely that the text will still contain errors despite your best efforts. With IL Consultancy, all texts are check and reviewed by multiple qualified editors and reviewers in an organized fashion.

Using professional editing services is an investment that will improve the overall quality of your writing, and allow you to reach new audience members. Your writing will become clearer, concise and more accessible. These improvements will ultimately advance your reputation and save you the effort of revising reports and documents yourself.

In conclusion, The IL Consultancy’s editing services will save you a lot of time, money and anxiety. You will no longer have to be concerned with the accuracy of your texts and reports. You can trust that the linguistic professionals will be handling the finer details while you continue with your day-to-day responsibilities.