Memes and Blogs – A wannabe geek guide


Many of us blog, more of us read blogs and most of us have noticed that they are becoming more and more prevalent all over the web.

Amateur bloggers use them as social portals and big businesses have increasingly found their value invaluable as a business, marketing and SEO tool.

In fact there is a whole science behind writing blogs to attract customers for your business. If you’re interested take a look at Blogging for SEO and a previous article we wrote, Why a blog is vital to your social media strategy.

With blogs becoming such a major part of media culture, it was only a matter of time before they developed their own unique set of terms, or blog nomenclatures, as they are known.

Today we are looking at two of the latest blog developments and the nomenclatures used to describe them.




The meme

According to a meme is a story, idea, or concept that gets picked up by a community and passed along and added to along the way. It has taken on a new resonance in the online age, particularly over the last few years within the social media world and the blogosphere. If you find yourself wondering what in the social media world a blogosphere is, dont worry, it’s our next topic for the day!

Quick to put together, easy to understand, based on pop culture and laugh-inducing – the meme spreads across social media like wildfire! Memes are often used as humorous, yet insightful, social, and political commentaries.

Have a look at some famous examples of the best memes of 2013.

Anyone with a few hours of Facebook time at their fingertips will be familiar with at least a few of these. How many do you recognise?


The blogosphere

Technorati describes the blogosphere as a set of all weblogs on the Internet connecting a virtual community of social networks and bloggers, with information shared across the world by tens of millions of people. As you read about the blogosphere on the Bangula blog you are also an active participant in it. Our blog, with its links to other blogs, is part of the intricate network of millions of interconnected blogs on the Internet. The term blogosphere was first used in late 1999 as a joke, and continued to be used sporadically as a humorous term for the next few years. The blogosphere is a way of describing the social creature that grows from a critical mass of blogs. – WiseGeek