Meet the Team – IL Consultancy Project Managers

At IL Consultancy we have a strong, enthusiastic and dedicated team of language, translation and transcription project managers. Come along in and meet the team.

Nadia Olivier

With a 7 year background as the Editor for 4 Pica nominated niche market B2B publications, expertise in customer service and a ‘never say die’ attitude, it was only a matter of time before I became a member of the dynamic IL Consultancy team. My passion for project management and love for the written word is only fuelled by the clients we work with on a daily basis.

I am a die-hard fan of hardcopy books, however I also have quite an interesting selection of books on my kindle library.

As enthusiastic as I am about customer service and ensuring projects are driven, I balance this with regular trips to the beach for some fresh air and mental yoga. I believe an active mind is best complemented by an active body. As a result, health and fitness has always been a big part of my everyday routine.  I look forward to ensuring our clients receive exceptional customer service with outstanding quality in every project we complete.


Zwivhuya Matidza

Zwivhuya Matidza is IL Consultancy’s Transcription Services Manager and Admin Assistant. Zwi joined IL Consultancy in 2014 as an intern and landed a permanent position after six months, thanks to her hard work and dedication.

In 2013, she obtained a National Diploma in Language Practice from Tshwane University of Technology.

Zwi has also obtained a Communication Sciences degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA). She believes it’s an investment to her long-term career goals as she strives to master whatever aspects are involved in integrated communications. She likes digital media and believes every professional should have a working knowledge of the digital age and technologies driving it, particularly in the fields of translation and transcription.

Gabriella-Micaela Turi

With a Financial Management degree and years of experience in the compliance and finance industry through Discovery and Momentum, Gaby prides herself on her abilities and intellect to manage anything thrown her way.

Starting as a Portfolio Manager at a Discovery franchise, I worked my way to junior compliance officer as well as head of admin. After the completion of my degree I became senior internal compliance officer as well as head of compliance training for all new brokers. I decided to spread my wings and decided to become a broker myself. The years of being a broker taught me many life lessons that I will never forget.

An opportunity arose at IL Consultancy and I jumped at the chance. I joined IL Consultancy in 2018 and since then I have been the Financial Officer for the company. After a few months I branched into the transcription department of the company and since then I have been the manager of all of IL Consultancy’s transcription projects. We transcribe for many major corporations and governmental departments such as Nedbank, NBCRFLI,, Human Sciences Research Council, South African Civil Aviation Authority, Oxford University Press and multiple national and international law firms.