Make Use of IL Consultancy’s Top Tier Transcription and Editing Services

Make Use of IL Consultancy’s Top Tier Transcription and Editing Services

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re just simply being bombarded with work in the form of writing articles, contracts, books, etc. only to be left unable to ensure that the quality thereof is kept up to your own standards? This is a position that far too many writers of all kinds tend to experience on an almost daily basis. By reading this short but insightful article over the next few minutes, you can easily prevent yourself from experiencing this form of stress first hand by placing your trust in IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy), a company that aims to provide the best transcription and general editing services currently available throughout South Africa!

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Why You Should Consider Turning to IL Consultancy for Editing Services

One of the worst things that can happen to any writer is finding out that their work is being misinterpreted, or is simply not being understood by the desired audience in the slightest. This can be seen across a variety of different pieces of written work, such as cookbooks, contracts that need to be signed by clients or business partners, advertorial pamphlets, etc.

In these forms of written works, amongst countless more, any form of inaccuracy or miswording can lead to a variety of different outcomes, all of which can negatively affect the reader by wasting their time, leaving them confused, frustrated, and even impatient. This is something that we have all experienced to a certain degree in the past, making it all the more important that you ensure that the readability of your writing, as well as the quality thereof, is kept on high priority, even if you just simply do not have the time to do so.

To achieve such flexibility in terms of the output of your work, even when put on crunch time where deadlines are looming over your head throughout every waking second, thousands of independent writers and large corporations alike have instinctively begun to turn towards IL Consultancy for the editing services that they are ready and prepared to provide at a moment’s notice.

IL Consultancy, as well as the variety of editing services that they are able to provide, has become renowned throughout South Africa for the impressive and vastly unmatched quality that they uphold across each and every single job they are given. In fact, their editing services have been utilized by the likes of Sony South Africa, Zebra Publishing, Learning Channel, Moshate Communications, and the South African Department of Social Development, which is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the larger contracts that IL Consultancy has been able to gain and fulfil without any hassles in the slightest.

These returning clients do not only make use of IL Consultancy’s impressive range of services, however, but this company also has far more up its sleeve than you may have initially thought. For instance, IL Consultancy has been able to make a recognizable and respected name for itself by providing its editing service alongside transcriptions, translations, interpretations, and proofreading too. IL Consultancy has even begun to implement eLearning capabilities within schools across the country by covering absolutely everything in terms of content development, audio recordings of studying content, project management, finding qualified teachers online, preparing content to be converted to e-publications as well as editing, translating and proofreading all learning materials in all South African languages too.

While IL Consultancy’s eLearning services may not necessarily be utilized by all their clients, their ability to provide South African students with high-quality learning material to stellar amounts of success should surely provide you and other writers ample reason enough to turn towards their editing services instead. When turning to IL Consultancy for their editing services, in particular, clients are left with absolute peace of mind as a direct result of the quality of our editing as well as how quickly they can expect to have their work be given back to them.

With such fast turnover times across all our contracts and clients, it is no wonder why IL Consultancy and its editing services are continuously chosen over other companies that provide the same services.

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The Basics Behind IL Consultancy’s Editing Services

The team behind IL Consultancy’s editing services is filled with a number of skilled and qualified writers that have held positions at some of South Africa’s most prominent publishing houses and publications. By coming together as a unit, they are all able to provide their respective clients with an absolutely flawless service when writing for practically any industry, which has included legal, educational, financial, and general editing services in the past.

By choosing the editing services that are provided by IL Consultancy, is it ensured that the content that you have originally written as well as the choice of words are changed and adapted to help suit your target audience while also promoting clarity throughout the document. This is all done alongside the information within your document remaining intact and without the opportunity to be misinterpreted. For clients that are in possession of lengthier texts or require a certain level of consistency throughout their internal and client-facing works, IL Consultancy even extends their editing services to creating style guides too.

The Difference Between Proofreading and Editing Services

When it comes to the editing services that are made readily available by IL Consultancy’s talented team of writers, it is entailed that stylistic, as well as grammatical improvements, are made within your writing, which is often referred to as language editing. Copy editing, on the other hand, is when general improvements are made to the content of your writing itself. When hiring IL Consultancy, you can expect a general language edit to be made alongside a number of comments that are left in the margin, which would often refer to any issues that may have been picked up on in the content, which would then give you the ability to keep track of all the changes that have been made, allowing you the chance to either change or accept them as you see fit.

Proofreading, however, is able to commence only after the editing process of IL Consultancy’s service has been completed. This portion of the workload sees IL Consultancy’s writers place their focus on any technical errors that may not have been picked up on during the initial edit. This can usually be seen in the form of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors while also keeping an eye out for any issues in consistency that can be seen throughout the content. This would refer to being certain that the same terms, spelling, and visual styles are being used cohesively throughout the content.

While this may seem like it would require multiple quotes to be sent to IL Consultancy due to the immensity of the workload being doubled between editing and proofreading services, but luckily, IL Consultancy is prepared to provide both services within the same quote, ensuring that you are able to get more quality of service than your money’s worth absolutely every single time.

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The Process of Having Your Work be Edited by IL Consultancy’s Acclaimed Writers

If this article has piqued your interest in choosing IL Consultancy over other editing and proofreading services, then you may want to become more acquainted with the process of having your work be edited to perfection before hiring these services first-hand. Luckily, this process requires nothing from you other than the written work in question, which can range from anything such as a fictional book to even a legal contract, as well as you making contact via their website.

To first get into contact, all you need to do is click on the light blue “Get a quote” button, which can be found on the top right corner of IL Consultancy’s homepage. From here, you need to enter all the relevant information as well as the specific details and ideas that you would like to communicate to your audience through your written work. Once you have requested a quote that has then been accepted, IL Consultancy’s writers waste no time in getting started on your content.

The start of the editing process, when it comes to any form of content, sees the writer in question becoming completely familiarized with the content as well as the specific details and information that is presented within. By providing themselves with a much richer understanding of the information that you are trying to convey to your audience, these writers are able to ensure that said information is able to be conveyed with quality, clarity, and care being placed firmly in mind.

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Once the initial reading is finished, the writer commences with an additional reading. This is done not only to cement the writer’s knowledge of the content they are working on but also to start making notes and comments on anything that needs to be changed, worked on, or even added in particular. It is only when these comments have been added that the writer is able to commence with the main bulk of the editing process, which is when spelling and grammatical errors, the pacing of the content as well as the formatting and structure thereof are all attended to.

As soon as this portion of the editing process has reached its end, the proofreading stage will start. This is when the writer reads through the entirety of the content in question multiple times as they go over errors of any kind that may have been missed during the initial editing process. This not only ensures that these errors reach their demise throughout your article but also gives the writer one last chance to make sure that the information of your work is conveyed clearly and without any chance for confusion or misinterpretation to take place, while also ensuring that the quality of the information itself remains intact or even surpasses that of the original, unedited piece of work.

While you may be left thinking that this is all a fairly large amount of work and trust that is being placed in the hands of just a single writer, rest assured that this is not the case. While all our writers are proficient in all sides of the editing process, each quote that is received is cycled through a number of different writers once reaching the end of any portion of the process. By having an extra set of eyes be placed on your work during this process, fewer and fewer instances of slip-ups are made possible.

This ensures that the work that is given back to you is able to remain of the highest quality possible while allowing virtually no errors to make their way to the surface. So, start editing your written works with ease and without any hassle by turning your sights on to the skilled and nationally applauded writers over at IL Consultancy today. Enjoy a high level of quality at low prices within almost no time at all with help from IL Consultancy!