IL Consultancy’s Transcription Services: Introducing Your Work to the Deaf Community

Living without the sense of sound must seem like an incredibly foreign concept to a large majority of people in our current day, with many of us getting only a glimpse of the experience after getting water clogged in our ear or when getting out from the front line of an excessively loud concert. It is because of this majority, that many of those within the deaf community can often feel isolated or excluded from different forms of media, products, services, events, and even various parts of their own town. If your company is looking improve its inclusivity towards minority groups, and to reach out to the deaf community in order to provide them with products and services as seamlessly as possible, then continue reading through this brief article to find out more about IL Consultancy’s (IL Consultancy) widely coveted transcription services and more.


How Transcription Services Improve the Inclusivity of the Deaf Community

As much as how fast our society has been able to grow and improve within as few as just 50 to 100 years, both socially and technologically speaking, there are still countless people from around the globe that do not get to enjoy the same lifestyle and individual experiences in the same way that we are likely to take for granted. The deaf community have been sitting in pure and permanent silence from the moment that their afflictions set in, sometimes as the result of an accident or just simply through the process of childbirth, altering their lives drastically going forwards. Although in spite of this affliction having been commonly known for centuries leading to this point, some sectors of society and technology often tend to forget about this minority group, despite the countless accomplishments that members have made in the past.

All too often we tend to see a variety of adverts, movies, series, and countless other forms of visual and audible media be released to the public and reach critical and audience acclaim, only for there to be no way for those in the deaf community to experience any of this content through officially released methods. While video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo now come with the addition of subtitles, they are not always correctly implemented for the best viewing experience, or are not even implemented at all on the part of the original uploader. Alongside this, films and TV shows that experience traditional rollouts in the form of theatrical releases and live TV broadcasting often have no subtitles for their entire run.


With a disability such as this, where some feel audibly blocked off from their family and the rest of the world, the lack of something as relatively minor as subtitles can further add to the feeling of isolation, confusion, and frustration that is often instilled within those that are personally afflicted. It is because of these instilled feelings being truly justified within our society, that subtitles and transcription services have both become significantly easier to come by within recent years, as a means to negate and combat feelings of exclusivity wherever possible. Many different companies from around the world have been flooded with positive and constructive feedback once having taken the steps to increase and improve the general accessibility of their products or services, providing more people with the chance to live a life that is as unobstructed as possible without the need to increase fees or to reduce the quality of the product or service in other ways.

By supporting certain groups of minorities, in this case being the deaf community, through the addition of various accessibility options on your company’s own accord and without increasing the costs of your product or services, your company can potentially gain the respect and support of those you are trying to help. Alongside this, making your product or service be easier to navigate and understand through the use of subtitles and other options can also help to boost the business that your company can expect to experience too. This, however, should not be the focus of your intentions, but rather a happy accident that occurs along the way to inclusivity.

What Transcriptions Should Cover and How to Implement Them

Before you start looking to hire any transcription services in order to make your business more accessible to the deaf community, it is recommended that you first come to terms with what this service provides as well as how and when it is best implemented. Simply put, transcription is similar to the subtitles seen in films and TV, except the dialogue portion of any given piece of recording is instead transcribed onto a separate piece of paper. With this, deaf audiences are not only finally able to read their favourite TV shows and movies, but general audiences may even gain a clearer understanding thanks to misunderstood or misheard words and phrases being provided correctly too.

Companies that provide such transcriptions, such as IL Consultancy, have become widely respected and sought after by businesses of all shapes and sizes for our ability to provide high-quality and professionally presented transcripts with an accuracy rate of 99%. Our transcriptions cover audio and video files that can be transcribed into a wide variety of different formats, ensuring that your message is accurately delivered in practically any way you see fit. In fact, you can even choose between 3 different forms of transcriptions when hiring IL Consultancy’s transcription services for your business’s video or audio files too, each providing its own uses and benefits to help best suit your work.


These transcription services come in the form of:

Verbatim transcriptions – This form of transcription aims to capture and transcribe as much information from the audio or video files down into a text format, including all filler words, false starts, grammatical and pronunciation errors, audio cues, and more. By providing such a raw and unedited transcription, it allows the full context of the recording to be more easily understood by providing a more accurate record of the events being recorded. This is a side of transcription services that is often best suited for scripted movies and television shows, quoting and interpreting sources during interviews, podcasts, focus groups, and for legal cases when a statement needs to be given.

Clean verbatim transcriptions – Similar to verbatim transcriptions, this example has a stronger focus on readability through minor editing. Making sure to still provide the audience with a clear representation of the original recording, clean verbatim cleans up and removes anything that distracts from what is being said, such as false starts, stuttering, filler words, coughs, throat clearing, unintentional word repetition, and so on. These transcription services can be best utilized in documentaries, news and sports broadcastings, televised interviews, and so on.

Non-verbatim transcription – These transcriptions require the most planning and editing as it aims to remove everything that is deemed unnecessary to the overall context of the recording. This would include repeated or rephrased sentences, unnecessarily added words, the censoring of cuss words, and so on. This is done to make the text more readable while also keeping the meaning and structure of the recording intact. These transcription services are usually hired for advertisements as well as university or academic work too, which can be a great aid to general research when implemented as it can make the information easier to understand and save time when doing research too.

One of the qualities that allow our transcriptions to stand apart from many similarly-orientated companies is that we make our transcriptions significantly easier to navigate from the get-go, something we achieve through our expert use of timestamps. With the help of timestamps within transcriptions, your audience is provided with much greater ease when trying to read through the text in time with the recorded audio. This makes delays between words and sentences much easier to pick up on during specific parts of the audio. These timestamps can also be placed periodically, in between sentences, paragraphs, and individual speakers too depending on what you and your audience require.


Why IL Consultancy has the Best Transcription Services for You

When it comes to benefits that are provided within our transcription services, IL Consultancy remains unmatched in a number of different aspects. By striving for inclusivity in as many different sectors as possible, we offer our services in all 11 of South Africa’s official languages. Alongside this, your work can also be transcribed in additional international languages such as Russian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, French, German, Dutch, and Mandarin. To help you receive nothing short of the best and most accurate product possible, each of our finished transcripts are individually checked for quality control, which is then provided to the client alongside a certificate of accuracy in cases where transcripts are needed for litigation purposes.

While a lot of time and effort is put into each and every single one of our transcripts, this is not the only service that we provide our clients with. Given that IL Consultancy focuses on language and how it can be more easily understood within any context, you may be pleased to find out that transcription services also extend towards translation, editing, proofreading, and interpreting services too. Alongside these courses, we also provide our corporate and individual clients with the opportunity to enrol themselves into our TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses, coming in the form of individual lessons and monthly packages to help suit your time schedule.


With such a vast and impeccable level of knowledge, we at IL Consultancy have been able to provide an outstanding service to thousands of clients around the country, ensuring that language in all its forms is treated with the care and respect it deserves. After all, where would we be without it? With this in mind, we ensure that our services are conducted by only the best and brightest available, which we achieve by only hiring individuals that have ample experience within the industry, have gained an excellent skillset alongside the appropriate certificates and qualifications, and have a clear passion for language as a whole.

It is with our team of hard-working and committed employees and writers that we believe we are able to provide you with nothing short of the best results currently available within the industry. If you are at all interested in taking a further look at what we have to offer throughout each of our individual services, look no further than our website’s homepage. Here you will also find a “contact us” button on the top right side, where you will be given a variety of different contact methods, alongside a fill-in the form that allows you to reach out to us through our website itself. Alongside our sound understanding of language and the quality results that come of it, you can also expect to benefit from our competitive prices and quick turnaround times too.