How do you know your document has been properly translated?

In our diverse, multicultural business society we are faced with unique challenges. Doing business in 11 official languages requires documents to be professionally translated across language barriers.

Mistranslations are easy, African inflections can be challenging to the untrained translator and literal translation errors are all too common in the industry.


This creates a quality control issue in an environment where skilled translators and agencies have to compete against unqualified and inexperienced people. Those with little experience or lacking qualifications are often awarded contracts based on below margin pricing.

Skilled translators are faced with the challenge of bidding against individuals and companies who pitch for the job at greatly reduced rates and end up delivering poor quality work. Lack of training and experience leads to many errors involving the lack of terminology in the African languages in the majority of specialist subject fields.

According to a Department of African Languages, University of Pretoria, and Department of African Languages and Cultures, Ghent University, Belgium paper – ‘The relevance of terminology theory and practice for translators therefore becomes clear when the translator is faced with a situation where he/she can no longer rely on existing knowledge and/or dictionaries, and has to conduct research beyond the dictionary.’

Here at Bangula a strict quality control process is the foundation of our professional translation service for businesses and government entities. Translators with proven expertise in your industry or subject matter work alongside proofreaders and editors associated with the Professional Editors\’ Group (PEG).All our translators are also members of the South African Translators\’ Institute (SATI). They deliver material equal to its original form, but adapted to your cultural and intellectual environment. Regulatory and legislative nuances are also incorporated to provide legitimacy and contextual relevance. You receive a translated version specifically adapted to your needs and your current business environment.

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