Future prospects: the language services industry in South Africa

Two factors have been working in tandem to boost the language services industry in South Africa: democratisation and globalisation.

Equal rights for all citizens in our democratic South Africa also meant equal language rights for all. The SA Constitution of 1996 granted official language status to SA’s nine indigenous languages alongside English and Afrikaans. Several pieces of legislation have strived to give impetus to this ideal. Foremost among these is the Use of Official Languages Act, 2012 – . The Act makes it compulsory for all national departments, as well as public enterprises and entities, to make use of at least three official languages for public communication purposes. The spirit of linguistic democratisation has affected the private business sector too, especially in areas where communication in as many languages as possible translates into both short-term and long-term monetary gains.

On the global front, increased networking among suppliers and clients of language services have enabled clients to shop around the globe for value-for-money services. Exchange rates have made South Africa a popular destination for language services.
Bangula Lingo Centre has positioned itself to make optimal use of the growing demand for local and international language services.

We have increased our language services offering to include the following:

  • Writing: development, copy writing, rewriting, plain language writing
  • Branding services: copy and SEO writing, logo and design services, website copy and design
  • Educational content services: development, eLearning/ePublication, editing, typesetting, proofreading
  • Translation from and into all South African languages and as many African and international languages as viable, with the emphasis on localisation (localization)
  • Interpreting: simultaneous/conference, consecutive, liaison interpreting
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Typesetting: layout and document design
  • Transcription services in one language and across languages
  • Subtitling
  • Project management

Bangula has moreover adopted a strict quality-control process so as to offer our clients in the private and public spheres the best quality language services possible.
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