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IL Consultancy: Fast Marketing Translation Services


Whether a company decides to use fast marketing translation services or not will play a large role in how the company’s legal documents will be translated and perceived. Using a professional translation company such as IL Consultancy will ensure that your company’s marketing documents are translated properly and these documents are seen as professional.


If you use our fast marketing translation services, your company and clients will see a great improvement in the quality of documents you distribute. Enlist IL Consultancy to ensure that your business will be taken seriously.




What Are Fast Marketing Translation Services?


Marketing translators are hired to translate marketing materials in order to capture the attention of a target market. Catching the attention of a specific target market could be managed via your company website, social media account, weekly emails, or hard-copy documents.


Providing information to clients is an important part of marketing. However, when translating a document, companies need to do more than make sure that the document is understandable in another language.


Companies need to ensure that the true meaning of their content is translated correctly. This is why it is essential to hire a professional translator or translating company. There are three important factors to consider when it comes to translating. This includes standard translation, localisation and transcreation.


Standard translation is often used for product descriptions, instruction and training documents. With these types of translations, clients often only require straightforward translations. This type of service is cost-effective and translators will not necessarily need to take cultural differences into account to get the point across.


If the copy you need to have translated is fairly simple, standard translation services will be a viable option for you. However, this option is not recommended for more complicated copy. Only using standard translation for complex content eliminates the context, and cultural differences and this may increase language mishaps.


Localisation takes cultural differences into account. This means that translators need to understand other nations’ cultural differences and traditions. This will ensure that your company’s content is localised.


Taking other nations’ cultural differences into account will help your company build trust with them and build your success in international markets. Keeping in mind your multicultural reach is important.


Another thing to keep in mind is transcreation. This is the process of adapting messages from one language to another while keeping its meaning, tone, style and context intact. It is important to preserve your brand’s message in new environments.




Product names, advertising material and slogans need to go through the process of transcreation. Unfortunately, for companies to be successful in the international market standard, translation is not enough.


When preparing your material for international markets, keep these things in mind. To ensure your company’s success, make sure that your content is appropriate for different cultural contexts. Transcreation and localisation are vital for achieving this.


Why Should Companies Use Fast Marketing Translation Services?


It is imperative for companies to use translation services to ensure that the true meaning of their documents is translated correctly. It is not uncommon for messages to get lost in translation. This may not always be a drastic issue, but in some cases it may be reflected badly on the company image as a whole.


A prime example of this is when a well-known chicken franchise wanted to translate their slogan from English to Chinese. The slogan explained that the company’s food was “finger-licking good”. When the company translated this slogan, the results reflected badly on the company.


The translated slogan ended up insinuating that people purchasing the food should eat their own fingers. As one would imagine, this did not sit well with people reading the translated slogan


This is just one example of why it is important for companies to use fast marketing translation services. Companies need to be cautious when it comes to keeping the meaning of the documents that need to be translated intact.


When it comes to translation, the individual translator also has to be aware of cultural contexts to prevent any mishaps. Professional translation eliminates the possibility of using embarrassing phrases. Hire Better Language company for all your fast marketing translation service needs. We will ensure that your documents are professionally translated and that the intended meaning is kept intact.




Fast Marketing Translation Services: How to Translate Marketing Documents?


When moving into the international market there are many things to consider to ensure that your company will be successful. The first thing to consider is how to professionally and successfully translate marketing documents.


There are a few steps your company can follow to ensure the best translation outcomes. The first step would be to get the best translator for your specific material. Your material should be clear and finalised before sending it to your chosen translation company.


The content copy you hand over to the translation company should use proper English and not contain any ambiguity in the wording or meaning of your intended message. In English, you can get away with using phrases that have double meanings, but this may not work in other languages.


Avoid using slang, humour or idioms. The things that individuals of a specific culture may find funny may not be seen in the same way by people of another culture. For example, the word “wicked” in English is understood in different ways across continents.


It is often used to refer to something that is ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’, but in other languages, this word is only used to refer to something as “evil” or “bad”. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that the translated copy may be longer than the original.


This is important to take note of when designing brochures as the longer translated copy may not coincide with the design element. Keep this in mind when designing brochures to avoid layout issues as well as potentially having to redesign entirely.


Lastly, before sending your document to your translation company, make sure that everything is finalised. Making edits while your translator is working on the document will result in unnecessary errors or delays. This will complicate the translation process.


This can be avoided by ensuring that you are completely happy with the document before you send it to your translator. At IL Consultancy we will ensure that your documents are professionally translated while taking cultural differences into consideration.




Fast Marketing Translation Services: Know the Correct Translation Terminology


Knowing the correct translation terminology will ensure that you choose the right translation services for your company. This will also help prevent any confusion or disappointment when receiving your translated documents.


As mentioned earlier, standard translation does not include localisation or transcreation.


  • There are a few translation terms that you should know before deciding on the translation services you would like to use. Besides the terms already mentioned, these terms include transliteration, globalisation, transcription, crowdsourced translation and interpretation.
  • Translation refers to words or letters from one specific language being converted to another. This is often done without taking sound or meaning into consideration.
  • Globalisation refers to materials being translated into a language for the purpose of being used globally for all the speakers of that specific language.
  • Transcription refers to spoken words being converted into written content. This is commonly used for video or audio documents to be used in different markets. The audio is first transcribed in the original language and then translated into another language.
  • Crowdsourced translation refers to publishing content on the internet, and then asking for translation services from different readers around the world. This is not always viable as there is a lack of control, there may be no experienced translators translating the content and the information might not be kept confidential.
  • Interpretation refers to the spoken words of one language being converted into another language which will also be spoken. This is used interchangeably with translation, however, these are not the same thing.




How Much Do Companies Charge for Fast Marketing Translation Services in South Africa?


Many translation companies have different pricing models that are used to provide their clients with quotes for their translation projects. These models include charging clients per word, per page, or a minimum price.


Most companies charge their clients per word. This pricing model is often more convenient and fair. In South Africa, companies often charge between R0,9 and R1,50 per word. This may vary depending on specific requirements of the client.


Some factors that may affect the pricing include turnaround time, the language the content needs to be translated to, subject matter and volume. Per-word pricing models generally depend on the number of words in the document, but make sure to clarify this with your translation company.


Furthermore, the per-page pricing model depends on the number of pages you would like to have translated. This is a preferred method for scanned documents when the wordcount is not always available.


Translation companies in South Africa that use the per-page pricing model often charge between R350 and R500 per page. With regards to minimum price models, they are ideal for smaller projects or straightforward content. Small projects are usually documents of 250 words or less.


These projects are calculated according to quantity or volume. Smaller projects often need input from project management, additional services or research. The minimum price for small projects will vary from company to company.




Hire IL Consultancy for our exceptional fast marketing translation services. You can take a look at our website to receive a quote for your translation project. We will help you with both large and small translation projects.


Fast Marketing Translation Services: About IL Consultancy


IL Consultancy is a large competitor among translation, language and transcription companies. We produce the best professional work for our clients. We offer our clients reasonable prices for all of our translation services.


Our translation services are offered in many commonly spoken international languages, South African and African language combinations. The translators that are a part of our team are highly qualified and skilled experts in the translation field.


We will provide our clients with translators that are suited best for their specific projects. The Better Language company has more than 10 years of experience in the translation, editing and transcription industry.


Our team consists of experienced managers, educationalists and practitioners. These team members have been chosen for their exceptional skills, passion for this industry and years of experience.


We provide many different services so that our clients can have all their translation needs met in one place. The services we offer include graphic design, writing, typesetting, translation, editing and proofreading, transcription and localisation.


Hire IL Consultancy to receive the best fast marketing translation services. Your company will receive the best quality translation work that will help your company become successful in the international market.