Expert Proofreading Services And Why You Need Them


In a connected world where written content is just about everywhere, proofreading services have become more important than ever. The content you put out as a brand, business, or individual sets a precedent for the quality people can expect from your products or services. If your written copy is riddled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, customers and clients will often be hesitant to trust your brand. This is just one of the many reasons why proofreading your content is crucial to your success.


In this quick read we will be covering the ins and outs of proofreading and where you can apply it, as well as what you can expect from our reliable proofreading services. If you have found yourself struggling to manage your proofreading alone, International Language Consultancy (ILC) is here to help. We offer a variety of language services, from translation and transcription to proofreading, editing, and general writing assistance. Back your business with the best of the best and let us take your written content to the next level.




The Content Production Pipeline


Any professionally written content needs to go through some sort of editing process before it can be released to the public. This encompasses everything from emails and newsletters to blog posts, advertisements, and reports. The level of proofreading necessary to secure quality content will depend on a few different factors; namely the length of the documents as well as the actual contents of said documents. With that being said, proofreading in any form is a crucial step in the content production pipeline.


So, where exactly does proofreading fit in this process? After your content has been written, editing, proofreading, and general revision is the obvious next step. Releasing written content without these elements could lead to grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and subpar work that could reflect badly on you or your business.


Proofreading, in the production pipeline, is a multi-step process. Thorough proofreading involves an initial read-through of all written content – this gives the reader a clear understanding of the information being conveyed and allows them to tweak certain areas in order to make the message clearer. From there, the documents are reviewed a few more times to catch spelling and grammatical errors. Proofreaders will also take note of structure and pacing, and can correct formatting when necessary.


This is one reason as to why so many companies and individuals alike turn to proofreading services rather than handling the process themselves – re-reading documents is a time-consuming endeavour and requires your full attention. If you don’t have the time to proofread thoroughly, your written content could suffer because of it (not to mention your own creative process potentially taking strain because of the added workload).


With reliable and accurate proofreading services at your disposal, you have one less thing to worry about. Moreover, having a fresh set of eyes reviewing your written work can greatly improve your content. A proofreader will be able to view your content from the perspective of a potential client, and will be able to flag errors that may have been overlooked by the original writer.


Here at the International Language Consultancy, our team is ready and waiting to proofread your work and handle the heavy lifting on your behalf. The process of reviewing, re-reviewing, and editing where applicable can make the world of a difference to the final product. Not only will your message be conveyed clearly to your audience, but you will be doing your brand image a big favour by releasing error-free content too.


What Kind Of Content Requires Proofreading?


Proofreading can be applied to just about any written content. Accurately proofreading your documents is a surefire way to secure high-quality, comprehensive content that you can be proud of – something that your target audience is sure to appreciate.


Here are just a few examples of written content that can benefit from our proofreading services:


Articles, Blog Posts, and Marketing Content: Marketing content like guides, articles and blog posts are a great way to draw in prospecting customers to your business. Oftentimes, these posts are the first thing people will see when browsing your website so it is incredibly important that they are engaging, comprehensive, and error-free. In order to continuously capture a reader’s interest and establish credibility, blog posts and marketing content like newsletters need to be released frequently. This high volume of content is made much easier to manage with the use of reliable proofreading services.


Textbooks and Manuals: Textbooks and manuals need to be as clear and concise as possible. Afterall, people will be using this written content to learn so it’s important that all information is presented in an easily-digestible way. Textbooks can be found in schools, universities, libraries, and pretty much anywhere else where learning is the name of the game.


Manuals, on the other hand, are used all over the world by various organisations – they serve as guidebooks for those learning a new skill or understanding how to operate specific machinery. Essentially, a manual can offer everything someone needs to do their job right. Investing in proofreading services for your manuals and textbooks can save you a lot of trouble down the line; afterall, any errors in the text will not only reflect badly on your brand image, but can cause significant problems for the people reading and learning from your content.


Print Books and Ebooks: Ebooks and print books differ slightly – Ebooks are novels and novellas available online, whereas print books are printed on paper and are often slightly more expensive to produce. Regardless of which format you are working with, both versions require proofreading services in order to catch errors before release. Books can be as short or as long as the writer deems necessary, and proofreading a long-format book can take up a significant amount of time.


Moreover, while errors in an Ebook can sometimes be rectified after release, there is no going back when it comes to print books. Once your book is printed, you won’t be able to fix any overlooked errors, and this can prove quite costly in the long run. This problem can be solved with reliable and accurate proofreading services. A proofreader will be able to comb through your manuscript and point out inconsistencies, spelling and grammar mistakes, and offer tips to improve the content before it is released to the public.


White Papers: White papers are in-depth, technical reports that can benefit greatly from a round of proofreading. A white paper is intended to report on a specific topic, covering both problems surrounding the subject and potential solutions. They are designed to present visual data in an informative and engaging way. A lot of businesses showcase their specific expertise through the use of white papers – needless to say, spelling or grammatical errors will not bode well for this type of content.


Product Labels: Product labels present information to prospective buyers about what exactly they are purchasing. A product label is used to communicate the value of the product itself as well as provide information on the contents of the product like specific ingredients, instructions, and other useful details. Your product label represents your business so it’s important that the written content is of a high standard and accurate to the product being marketed. Proofreading services can assist you with creating engaging, informative, and accurate product labels that will not leave your audience disappointed.


Magazines and Newspapers: Much like print books and Ebooks, magazines and newspapers need to undergo plenty of proofreading in order to get the content polished enough to present to the public. Readers are very quick to notice spelling errors in their favourite magazine or newspaper, and in today’s world – more often than not – they will be inclined to post about it on the internet. This does not present your business or brand in the best light, which is why proofreading in this area is so crucial.




Professional Proofreading Services VS. Internal Proofreading


As mentioned earlier, there are significant benefits to choosing proofreading services rather than proofreading your documents alone. If you run a company or manage a business you may be tempted to have one of your employees handle the proofreading – keeping the process internal rather than outsourcing your proofreading to someone else. While this can certainly work for some people, it isn’t always recommended.


Here are just a few reasons why investing in proofreading services are preferable over doing it yourself:


Right off the bat, you will have to consider the time it takes to proofread content effectively. By handing the proofreading to one of your employees, or doing it yourself, you are sacrificing significant time that could be spent on other work within your company. There is also the risk of rushing through the process in an attempt to stay up to date with your workload.


On the other hand, outsourcing your proofreading to service providers like ILC will remove this burden from your shoulders, and alleviate the pressure of putting aside time to proofread in the first place. With our proofreading services, you and your employees will be free to focus on your own areas of responsibility without having to worry about the quality of your written content – we will handle that for you.


Another benefit of proofreading services is the simple fact that you will have professionals overseeing your content. Even the most experienced writers make mistakes, and it can be difficult to spot minor errors in your own work – after all, the longer you spend reading your own content, the harder it is to spot inconsistencies (courtesy of your brain filling in the blanks). A trained proofreader will be able to read over your content, offer a fresh perspective, and can point out potential mistakes that may have been overlooked.


Building on the above point, some writers may be tempted to rely on AI editors to handle the “proofreading” instead. The general consensus is that it saves time and money to let the machines handle it. However, while AI is fast becoming an integral part of plenty of production pipelines, it is still not nearly as effective as professional proofreading services carried out by good old human beings.


AI editors can only do so much, and while most of them certainly help to spot spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, they fall short when it comes to more complicated terminology, localisation, writing styles, and readability. Here at ILC, we integrate renowned technology into our proofreading process, while still heavily implementing that much-needed human touch.


Proofreading Services: About International Language Consultancy


International Language Consultancy (ILC) is an agency dedicated to improving the written content of our clients. We offer a variety of language services to help you elevate your business or brand to new heights. Alongside our esteemed proofreading services, we offer translation services, localisation, transcription, editing and much more.


You can think of us as your one-stop shop for linguistic services, and rest assured knowing that all of your content is in good hands. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and back your business with the best proofreading services South Africa has to offer.