Editing Services: Something to Consider Before Launching Your Website

In today’s world, it is currently estimated that over half of all small businesses have created their own website in order to operate online. The worldwide web offers both small and large companies alike the ability to reach a significantly wider audience, a chance to boost their business several times over in many cases. With so many eyes on your products or services, it is important that your website appears professional, sleek, and appropriate considering the line of work you are advertising. The wording of your website is incredibly important to your business\’s overall reputation, so it is important to hire companies such as IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) for their widely acclaimed editing services.


How an Online Presence Can Affect Your Company

By nature of the internet, placing your website into the online realm opens up the possibility of your website being seen by thousands or even millions of extra sets of eyes. When accompanied by an already impressive product or service, alongside additional forms of marketing, it becomes far easier for companies to experience a boost in their business once their own website has been created. This can be seen by the sheer number of studies that have recently been conducted within just the past few years alone.

The world of online business has grown at an unprecedented rate since the internet went public in 1991, with businesses beginning to emerge on the platform only 9 years later at the turn of the century. Within just under two decades later in 2019, it was recorded that roughly 1.79 billion people took their shopping online at least once throughout the year, whether to hire some form of service or to buy a physical product. This number is likely to have grown as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which saw global internet users grow to roughly 5.16 billion people in just 2021 alone.

As the internet is becoming readily available in all parts of the world, from impoverished to wealthy nations alike, it has become significantly more convenient for people to go online in order to get what it is that they are looking for. In countless instances, this approach can save both the business and the client a fair amount of time as well as money, which in itself can provide a higher chance of increased sales over extended periods of time. By looking at a study that was recently conducted by Mastercard that provides details concerning South African online shopping, it is revealed that the number of consumers that turn towards digital storefronts has increased to roughly 68% of all South Africans since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By looking deeper into these statics, it is shown that the number of people going online for their goods and services is largely in the majority across the board. For instance, about 55% of South Africans decided to buy their clothing, medicine, and groceries through digital storefronts, while 52% of South Africans chose the online route to learn new skills through DIY tutorials seen on YouTube and MasterClass, and even by enrolling into online institutions to further their careers. This growth in online consumers has allowed an estimated 64% of all small businesses to launch their own websites, providing the opportunity to turn their business from a local start-up into an international enterprise.

While this does come with a number of extra benefits, it can come with serious downsides if your business goes online without the right amount of preparation, consistency, and planning. Just as your online store can be introduced to a much wider audience and experience a wealth of praise and new business with ease if your first impression is favourable, it can just as easily lead to a decrease in sales as well as the trust that your potential client may have in your services if you treat your online presence as just an afterthought.

In almost all facets of life, especially when money is exchanged for a product or service, first impressions can mean everything. While the design, layout, and aesthetic of your website can be pleasing to the eye, these same eyes often gravitate towards the text shown on screen in order to hire a service or buy a product, with the overall design just acting as a backdrop in most cases. This means that the structure, layout, and wording of the text need to be practically flawless.

Companies such as ours, IL Consultancy, are able to provide editing services that allow you to fulfil this aspect of your website with much greater ease and consistency than may have been possible otherwise, and with time saved too. Our editing services are conducted in such a way that allows you to provide us with a detailed overview of the products or services that you are wanting to sell, which we then take in to proofread, adjust and improve in order to provide you with the best online presence.


How IL Consultancy’s Editing Services are Able to Improve Your Online Store

Advertising your services or products through your own website is something that should not be taken lightly, as it can just as easily damage your business’s reputation as it can improve it. This is simply due to the fact that your storefront is immediately made far more easily accessible to a much wider audience too. By presenting yourself and your business to clients from all over the globe, it becomes that much more important that the way in which you advertise your business remains consistently professional and readable throughout every page of your website.

This is something that we at IL Consultancy take incredibly seriously, so much so that we provide a variety of different services that have provided many small and large businesses with vast improvements to the readability and language of their advertisements, books, menus, pamphlets, and even websites too. Not only do we provide outstanding editing services that have become coveted throughout the country, but we even extend towards translation, transcription, proofreading, and interpreting services too, alongside Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses for those seeking their qualifications.


These editing services, and more, are all conducted by a team of dedicated and experienced language experts, managers, educationalists, and practitioners, many of whom have been involved within the industry for over a decade. Our team of translators, transcribers, editors, proofreaders, interpreters, and teachers have all attained outstanding track records at some of South Africa’s leading publishing houses, publications, schools, etc.

With such a solid foundation of knowledge built purely upon our strive for perfection and expertise, alongside the high-quality work we provide back to our clients within impressively quick turnaround times, we have been able to secure the trust of many of the most well-known and respected companies and organizations within and around South Africa. These would include Sony as well as the Department of Public Service and Administration, just for starters.

The Steps Involved in Making Your Work Ready for the Public

When it comes to the editing services that we provide our clients with, we make sure that we always have a team of qualified editors ready to tackle any project you have in mind. When it comes to practically all of our client’s work, before we get started, we first like to make sure that we have a complete understanding of the work that is provided to us as well as the overall idea that the client may have in mind for their business’s website. This is achieved through an initial meeting, if necessary, as well as by going over the provided work a few times with multiple sets of qualified eyes.


Once this has been completed, one of our editors will then go over the work yet again in order to identify and take note of any formatting errors that may be present. Such errors can be seen as inconsistencies in font choices and sizes, irregular margin usage, incorrect or insufficient referencing as well as poor structure of sentences, paragraphs or even full documents and web pages in their entirety too.

Before, during, or soon after this step has taken place, a similar readthrough is conducted that then focuses on any grammar errors that may appear throughout the text, which is usually conducted by the same editor. This step focuses on identifying any comma splices, fragmented sentences, superlatives, incorrect pronoun references as well apostrophe errors too. These are only a small fraction of the errors and mistakes that our editors need to identify when looking over grammar and formatting with a fine-toothed comb, something that can lead to burnout and the potential for additional mistakes when conducted by the average person.

Once this step has reached its conclusion, the chosen editor then gets to work on correcting any of the mistakes that they were able to take note of during the previous steps. This is the step in which the final product begins to take shape, where we begin to remove any errors and inconsistencies that may leave a sour taste in the mouths of potential clients. Once this has been completed, we enter the most intensive phase of our editing services.

Once errors have been removed, our editors start working to reform the structure and formatting of the given text as a whole. This is done to remove any information that may otherwise seem irrelevant or superfluous, which can help to keep the given text as concise and as focused as possible. This not only improves the readability of your work but also helps to hold on to your reader’s focus while allowing them to retain only the most relevant pieces of information. In turn, this gives your future clients a much better and more complete grasp of the service or products that you are wanting to advertise, allowing you to keep returning clients and even gain new ones in the process too.

Once these larger changes have been completed, a final proofread is completed to catch any straggling errors that may have previously gone under the radar. This step is usually completed by a fresh set of eyes, as a new perspective is able to notice any errors or inconsistencies with much greater ease. As our editing services reach their conclusions, we send our work back to the client and await any final notes or suggestions, should they have any.


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