Editing Services: Improve Your Publishing


Editing services are indispensable to any personal, legal, or financial document to be published. Editing is a crucial component of just about any writing, whether it is fiction or nonfiction, printed text or digital – editing can make or break the publication of a piece. Beyond the benefit of spelling, punctuation, and grammar being revised, editing ensures that written pieces are coherent and have a logical flow and clarity.


The readability of a piece of work is vital when something is up for publication, and hiring professional editing services guarantees that your work is free from errors, coherent, as well as professional and engaging. Essentially, professional editing services can improve the quality of your work without altering the tone or message. With International Language Consultancy (ILC), you can trust that your documents, manuscripts, legal paperwork, and financial reports are expertly edited to meet your audience with clarity and consistency. In this article, we will take a look at what an editor does, why editing certain documents is essential, and the advantages of investing in our editing services.




Editing Services And How It Works


Editing is a crucial part of the writing process. Generally, you will spell-check and reread your work as you go; and this is, in its own way, an editing process. However, hiring a professional editor elevates this with a skill set you might not possess. The role of an editor is to be skilled in language rules, extensive diction, clarity, flow and tone. For instance, there are three types of main executives a professional editing service can undertake:


  1. The first is content editing or structural editing. This type of editing is generally done for manuscripts, novels, and works of fiction. With content editing, an editor looks to improve the readability of the work. This means making sure that information flows in a logical order and that your diction and tone match your target audience. Sometimes, as a writer or author, you can overestimate your audience’s knowledge or familiarity with certain concepts. This can cause you to skip over the basics and not go into the required detail to make sure your work is easy to understand. The opposite can also happen when you underestimate your audience and give too much information, or backstory – which then hinders the cohesiveness of your writing. Editors look for these critical details and offer insight on improving them.
  2. Another type of editing that is crucial is line editing. Editors line edit to establish a consistent style and tone throughout your work. This is particularly necessary in any financial and legal documents. The structure and language are just as important as the syntax, which is why line editing is imperative. Line editors look for clarity, precision, and accuracy – and in any legislative or financial line of work, you would know the importance of authentication and counterchecking. In essence, it never hurts to have someone look over your work, unless that someone is not well-versed in what they are looking for. With professional editing services, the editors are trained and skilled to look over your work with diligence and perspective.
  3. Finally, the last stage of editing is known as copy editing. Copy editors go beyond correcting syntax and readability; they highlight technical issues with the language itself. Copy editing is the most common type of editing done before a work gets sent to publishers. The job of copy editors overlaps with the intent of content and line editing – and the structural content is heightened with copy editing. Technical quality is of the utmost importance to copy editors, and their jobs make your job easier. The collaborative effort between the writer, writing team, and editors means the best possible version of a document is being published. When you invest in professional editing services from ILC, you guarantee that the authenticity of your voice and content is protected, while still being revised and consolidated.


Editing Services And Where To Implement Them


These are just a few examples of written content that can benefit from reliable editing services.


Legal Papers: We have already established that editors revise all spelling, syntax, punctuation and clarity concerns – however, editors can also save you a court case. Editing services can win over your clients, and help you avoid the consequences of documents that are not edited meticulously. Legal documents do not have to be muddied with errors when you have an editing service that guarantees the facts, figures, names, and formatting are correct. If you are sincere about your profession and value your clients, having a professional editing service is essential.


In legal papers, information needs to be clear, flow logically, and be presented accurately. Editing services can help ensure you are accomplishing this and more. Editing services can also ensure all proper measures are taken into account before publication. Confidentiality measures need to be followed in certain cases, and legal compliance and consent also plays a role in the publication and protection of any document. To make sure you are following the correct protocols, your documents need to be free of both minor and major consequential flaws and all oversights must be accounted for.


Financial Documents: Similar to legal papers, financial documents have a high risk when comprising poorly edited work. Financial documents that are inaccurate or formatted poorly have the potential to financially ruin a company. This is why editing services are so vital in this industry. Editors also make sure all relevant financial graphs are labelled correctly, no information is missing, and figures are easy to identify and contextualise.


Syntax and language are also crucial when talking about numbers, and an editing service makes sure you are keeping in line with company or business policies, as well as producing high-quality and trustworthy documents. Financial documents are also often made for publication, which means an editing service can ensure the tone, style, and diction of the document matches the intended audience.




Journalism Pieces: Journalists not only have a moral duty to report accurate information, but a legal one too. Editing services in journalism make up parts of entire industries and departments. Without editors, news and media would be overrun with inaccurate information or unclear writing. Accurate and error-free articles are crucial to the reputation of any publication, as well as to journalists themselves. If you are a freelance writer or journalist and do not have the backing and access to an entire editing team, editing services are your next best bet. Having credibility to your name, well-written and coherent articles, as well as basic language structural agreements makes your article worth picking over your contenders.


Academic Articles: Editing services are not only common in academia, but highly encouraged. In the modern era of artificial intelligence and spell-checkers, students and postgraduates sometimes fail to see the benefit of more thorough and professional editing services. However, editing services are crucial if you are planning to get published as an academic or to be taken seriously professionally. You are more likely to progress in your career if institutions, lecturers, and colleagues can trust the readability and accuracy of your work.


No matter the field or department within academia, you will inherently benefit from acquiring editing services. Making your arguments more clear, your premises easier to understand, and improving general engagement with the article is what makes you stand out against your competitors. The academic field is relentless in its pursuit of perfection, so if you want to get your academic articles published over your peers, hiring an editing service guarantees that the work you submit will be the best possible version and free of any flaws.


Thesis Submission: Even if you are not looking to publish your academic work immediately, spending years on a thesis or research means you should value your time and effort. By investing in editing services, you can submit your final research or thesis with the certainty that your work will be understandable and flow logically. Your work will still have your desired content, tone, and voice, but with the added advantage of being edited for all errors and discrepancies. Your work will be taken seriously because there is no reason, on paper, why it should not. At the very least you can ascertain a passing grade, and at the most fruitful, set your thesis up for later publication.


Personal Manuscripts: If you are an aspiring author looking to publish, editing services make sure you have a foot in the door. Many publishing houses require your work to go through their in-house team, however, presenting work that has already been edited for any preliminary issues, discrepancies, or punctuation and spelling issues is crucial to be taken seriously as an author. If you are looking to self-publish, publishing your work after the guarantee that it is without any language, content, or syntax problems will stand you in good stead. Either way, editing can be a crucial component to the success of your career as an author.




The Advantage Of Experienced Editors


International Language Consultancy (ILC) is a leading competitor in the global market of language and transcription globally. We provide translation services for both widely spoken international, African, and South African languages. ILC also offers transcription, proofreading, layout and formatting services in addition to our editing services. Our in-house team consists of highly experienced managers, practitioners, and educationalists who are extremely passionate about this industry.


Holistically, ILC has been involved with the language and editing service industry for over a decade, with proven expertise. We guarantee that, with our editing services, you will have the following advantages:


  • Dedicated language managers ensure that you will receive top-quality service from a qualified and experienced in-house team.
  • By outsourcing the work through one agency, you are making any editing and thereafter proofreading services easier than ever to navigate for yourself.
  • You lighten the load of your project by outsourcing to those with connections in the industry, making your project management high-yielding.
  • Independent quality checks are done before work is sent back to you, meaning your work goes through more than one editing check.


We provide an accessible, affordable, and insightful editing service, carefully curated for your projects. ILC also offers leading rates and services with quick turnaround times for all of your projects. Our editing services can be verified by some of the country’s foremost publications and publishing houses. Some of the documents we provide editing services for, in addition to the aforementioned in this article, include proposals, educational material, guides, reports, translated material, website copy, and much more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we are more than happy to cater more specifically to your editing requirements – all you have to do is drop us an email and let us know what you need.


Our in-house team is ready and waiting with a speedy response to any of your questions. We also offer complimentary consultations to best match our editing services to your desired outcome and published internal and client-facing literature. If you want to know more about our pre-existing editing services or have any editing requirements, get in touch with us today!