Editing Services: Importance of Editing for Social Media Copy


Every business knows the importance of having a social media presence for the credibility of their brand, establishing valuable relationships with their audience, and promoting their products or services. While social media is highly beneficial for businesses, social media copy that is littered with grammatical errors, has an inconsistent style, or leads to confusion can heavily impact your audience’s connection to your brand. We highlight 5 reasons why editing is important for social media copy so that you always produce valuable and engaging social media copy for your audience. Continue building business awareness through exceptional social media copy with IL Consultancy’s (IL Consultancy) editing services.


Why Editing Social Media Copy is Important:


Millions of businesses around the world are benefiting from having a social media presence. Through consistent content, your business awareness will increase and your business will stay on top of your target market’s mind. Social media allows you to benefit from increased traffic to your business’s website and boosted sales of your product or services. Your audience will feel connected to your brand by receiving insights and information on your products or services and from having an authentic connection to your business.


All the benefits of being on social media can disappear when you produce poorly written social media copy that is full of grammatical or spelling errors, is overly complicated or ambiguous in meaning, and uses incorrect language or tone. Well-written social media copy that is valuable to your audience can be easily achieved by ensuring every social media post is thoroughly edited before it is posted online. We highlight 5 of the reasons why editing is essential and beneficial for your business’s social media copy.


1) Where Your Audience Meets Your Brand:


As of January 2022, there are over 4 billion people actively using social media platforms. Facebook has 2.9 billion active users and Instagram has just under 1.4 billion users. What these statistics tell you is that majority of your target market is going to be active on social media. Social media is often the first point of contact between your audience and your brand, and you need to make a good impression.


An excellent first impression of your business on your target audience can be achieved with eye-catching content and well-written social media copy. An editor for your social media copy will ensure that the written copy is of the highest quality, thus demonstrating to your audience that your business is professional, trustworthy, and worth following or looking into your products or services. Allow your audience’s first encounter with your business to be a memorable one with the editing of your social media copy.





2) Communicate Your Message Clearly:


Social media users are accustomed to having a plethora of businesses trying to grab their attention. What social media users are not tolerant of is businesses that have social media posts with confusing or ambiguous messages. Posting social media copy with a complicated or incomprehensible meaning will push away any new potential audience members as well as have your loyal audience confused and potentially lead to loss of trust in your business.


You can prevent confusion or loss of interest in your business through the use of an editor for your social media copy. Editing services are dedicated to ensuring clarity of meaning in social media copy. An editor will ensure that all errors are removed, the best words are chosen, and that these words are spelt correctly to allow for the meaning of your social media post to come across clearly.





3) Stop the Scrolling:


Your business is not the only one in the world that has decided to post on social media to increase awareness and audience loyalty. Your business’s social media posts are going to be one of many in your competitor market. You need to ensure that your social media posts stand out amongst the crowd and get your audience to stop scrolling past.





One of the ways to catch your audience’s attention is through engaging social media copy, paired with a relevant image or video. Excellent social media copy that will capture your audience’s attention is audience-relevant, authentic, demonstrates your brand style, and is well-written. An editor will ensure that your business is always producing excellent social media copy and grabbing the attention of your specific target audience.


4) Prevent Trending for the Wrong Reason:


Social media copy that is posted without any editing can have serious consequences for your business. Numerous businesses from around the world have lost money and the loyalty of their customers based on inappropriate, offensive, or poorly written social media copy. We have highlighted two instances of international companies that went viral for their poorly written social media copy.


Snapchat: In 2018, Snapchat created an advertisement for its new “would you rather” game for its users to play on Snapchat. One of the questions on the game advertisement asked users “would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown?”. Turning domestic violence into a satirical question for a game does not consider the values of its audience. Snapchat experienced major backlash from this social media copy, including being called out by Rihanna, a major loss in followers, and a drop in market value.


US Department of Education: The US Department of Education made a major faux pas on Twitter in a 2017 tweet. The tweet read “education must not simply teach work- it must teach life. – W.E.B DeBois.” The quote was made by W.E.B DuBois, not DeBois. Coming from an institution that is based on teaching and reading, this spelling error reflects poorly on the US Department of Education. To make matters worse, in their apology tweet they made an additional spelling error. The US Department of Education audience was appalled by the lack of professionalism that these tweets demonstrated.


You can avoid the apology post regarding your previous offensive, inappropriate, or poorly written post by having your social media copy edited by a professional editor. An editor will quickly pick up any word choice or content references that are not aligned with your brand and your audience’s values. Your editor will also ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors that will cause embarrassment for your business. An editor will ultimately ensure that the reputability and credibility of your business are maintained through your edited social media posts.


5) Consistent Style for Audience Loyalty:


Every business will have a brand-relevant style that they will use as the guide for their social media posts. You may strive to gain awareness through creating social media posts that are entertaining for your audience or you may want to position yourself as a place for your audience to keep up-to-date on the latest news in your industry. No matter your social media content style, it should be aligned with your brand values and be consistently demonstrated in every piece of social media copy.


An editor for your social media copy will ensure that your social media posts consistently echo your brand values and style. Whether your style is humorous and light-hearted or informative and conversational, your editor will ensure that each piece of social media copy incorporates the correct word choice, tone, and spelling to highlight this style to your audience. No matter your business, your audience will appreciate and value a consistent brand style on your social media platforms.





IL Consultancy Editing Services for Social Media Copy:


IL Consultancy offers editing services that will transform your social media copy into exceptionally written copy that provides value for your audience and will benefit your business. We offer editing services for both print and digital copy to ensure that your business is being presented as professional, authentic, and market-leading on all platforms. We deliver quality editing services for social media copy so that you can provide your audience with quality social media posts.


With IL Consultancy editing services, you will enjoy the entire full editing process at an affordable rate. We offer comprehensive editing services that are budget-friendly to allow every business to benefit from the high-quality IL Consultancy editing services for their social media copy. When you use IL Consultancy editing services for your social media copy, we will edit your copy for these listed issues.


  • Grammatical and Spelling Errors: There is no need to worry about the embarrassment of grammatical or spelling errors with our editing services. We will examine your social media copy word for word to make sure that everything is perfect and ready to post.
  • Suitable Word Choice: The last thing any business needs is an offended or confused audience due to the wrong choice of words in the social media copy. We will ensure that your word choice is suitable to your target audience for your social media posts and aptly portrays your brand values with our editing services.
  • Clarity of Meaning: You have a small attention window to get your message across clearly to your audience on your social media platforms. Allow our editors to ensure that there is always clarity of meaning in your social media copy so that your audience understands your posts and acts accordingly.
  • Content Improvement: We additionally offer content improvement in our editing services should you request this service. Content improvement for your social media copy will ensure that the written content is valuable, informative, and relevant to your brand and audience.
  • Pre-typeset Proofreading: Incorporated into our editing services is a pre-typeset proofreading service. This is the process where our edits are then proofread to ensure all errors have been picked up and corrected so that you receive exceptionally edited social media copy that your business can be proud to post.


Your social media copy editing will be handled by a professional editor when you partner with IL Consultancy editing services. Our editing services are offered by qualified editors that ensure no grammar, spelling, or structural problem goes unnoticed. We will pair your specific social media copy editing needs with an editor experienced in editing for social media for an optimal editing service.





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