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Document Translation Services: Top Business Documents You Should Have Translated

Document translation is essential for businesses that want to operate on an international scale. In this guide, we briefly outline the most commonly translated business documents and why it is beneficial for businesses to have their documents translated. Accuracy and quality are essential in all translations but become especially important when you are having business documents translated. When you need document translation services that you can trust to be precise and of the highest standard, IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) is the translation company for your business.


Top Business Documents You Should Have Translated:

Business document translation is highly important for any business that is interested in attracting global investors, increasing its reach to an international market of customers and clients, or establishing itself as a multinational brand. When considering to have your business documents translated, it can become overwhelming trying to decide which documents should be sent to professional document translation services. To assist, we have highlighted the top 8 most commonly translated business documents.

1) Legal Documents:

Businesses seeking to do business on an international scale should always have their legal documents translated. All legal document translations should be performed by sworn translators who are certified to perform these types of translations. We have highlighted some essential legal documents that you should have translated.

Employment Contracts: If you have a business branch located in another country or are hiring international employees, you should have your employment contracts translated. Employment contracts are legally binding documents, which means it is imperative that the employee fully understands the contents of the employment contract by having them written in their mother-tongue language.

Partnership Agreements: If you are going into a partnership with an international business, you are going to need a legal partnership agreement to outline important aspects of the partnership. A partnership agreement will cover everything from the length of the partnership to the capital contributions to how to deal with disputes. This is an essential legal document to translate as it will ensure that there are no legal repercussions if there is a misunderstanding.

Non-disclosure Agreements: Non-disclosure agreements can be essential for ensuring confidentiality in business operations between you and a partner business. Non-disclosure agreements remove any worries from the partnership that confidential information will be shared. When working with an international business, you must have these documents translated to keep your business protected.

2) Financial Documents:

Business financial documents can include anything from income statements to bank statements to payroll reports. All financial documents should be translated if your business is looking to expand into a global market. Translated financial documents demonstrate the financial situation of your business to potential international investors or partners, thus allowing them to make an accurate decision on how to proceed with your business. Due to the specific terminology used, specialised materials, and confidentiality of financial documents, these documents must be translated by professional translators who are adept at financial materials.


3) Technical Documents:

Every business will have an assortment of technical documents. Whether these technical documents are targeted at your customers or your employees, you should always have standardised technical documents that outline how to achieve the best outcome in the product or process. If you are opening a branch of your business in another country or selling your products to a global market, your technical documents will need to be translated to ensure the correct procedures are followed for the desired outcomes.

4) Company Guidelines:

Company guidelines are the policies your business will follow when dealing with employees and customers. These policies will cover all specific scenarios and ensure that your business remains standardised in all dealings with employees and customers. Company guidelines will need to be translated if you are opening a branch of your business in another country to ensure that your business ethos is reflected accurately by the employees in charge at that business branch.

5) Business Reports:

Business reports provide you with invaluable information about your business that can help you make the best decisions, optimise, and ensure continued success. Business reports can include analytical reports, research reports, and industry reports. Any reports produced by your business should be translated to ensure that partners receive the information in a format that they understand or to accurately inform international employees of the latest information about your business.


6) Employee Handbooks:

Employee handbooks are useful as they communicate what your business is striving to achieve and your business policies. Employee handbooks are different from an employment contract and should be provided to all employees to read and sign before commencing work for a business. By translating your employee handbooks, you are ensuring that your international employees have a clear understanding of the employee handbook and can confidently agree to your business policies that are outlined.

7) Press Releases:

Press releases are useful tools for businesses for announcing a new product launch, a new business launch, a new international or local partnership, an upcoming event, or any changes to the business. If you are branching out into the international market, your press releases must be translated into all relevant languages for your target audiences. This will ensure that all your customers and business affiliates are aware of any news or updates to your business.

8) Patents:

Having a business patent is especially important if you have developed a unique product or process and want to prevent other businesses from producing this product or using this process for a set period. Patent translation is extremely important for businesses. Patent translation will protect your product or process from being used by competitors in the foreign country and will ensure that your business is a success when it launches in the target country. Patent translations must be performed by professional translators who are adept at your specific industry to ensure regulations and practices are accurately translated.


Why Have Your Business Documents Translated?

Business document translation has numerous benefits for your business. From increasing your profit through acquiring a new audience to expanding your business with international investments, the reasons for having your business documents translated are boundless. To demonstrate this, we have highlighted three potential benefits for your business to demonstrate why you should have your business documents translated.

Reduce Barriers to Success for Your Business: One of the main reasons that you should consider document translation is to reduce any barriers to success for your business. When your business documents are translated, you can easily acquire international investors, collaborate with similar foreign businesses, and generate a loyal customer base in another country. These factors all work towards improving the establishment and success of your business.

Hire International Employees:  Another reason to have your business documents translated is to attract international employees. You may require expertly qualified and experienced employees to perform a niche role in your business. Rather than being limited to the potential employees available in your country, you can attract international employees of a high calibre by demonstrating that your business emphasises the importance of having documents in various languages. These potential international employees will be attracted to your business and you will benefit from hiring the most ideally suited person for your job role.

Speak To Your Clients In Their Language: While you may not be able to converse with your clients in their mother-tongue language, your translated business documents can do that for you. Your clients will appreciate that you have taken the effort to convert your business documents into a language that they understand and this will strengthen the connection they have to your business.

How to Have Your Business Documents Translated:

It is imperative that you have your business documents translated by a professional translation company. While you can use a free online translation software, this is a sure way to riddle your business documents with errors that could lead to confusion or offend your target readers. The only way to go with business document translation is to use document translation services offered by an accredited, reputable, and reliable translation company. A translation company will ensure the professionalism of your business is upheld by producing accurate document translations.

In addition, the documents that you have translated may contain important information that needs to be kept safe and private, such as your financial documents. You need to ensure that these business documents are being translated by professional translators who will uphold your privacy. With a professional translation company, you can trust that your documents will be safely and credibly translated and then returned to you without having been seen by anyone unnecessarily.


IL Consultancy Document Translation Services:

IL Consultancy offers professional document translation services to businesses. IL Consultancy document translation services are here to assist your business to become a global success through accurate, credible, and timely document translation services. In under 24 hours, your business documents will be translated into your selected language so that you can start expanding your business as soon as possible.

Our business document translation services are suitable for any business with any document translation requirements. We offer document translation services for technical documents, business reports, business proposals, internal company documentation, financial material, and legal documentation. No matter your document translation services needs, we will provide you with professional and accurate translations.

IL Consultancy is a global translation company. Whether your business is based in South Africa, South America, or China, we will have your business documents expertly translated into your desired target language. No matter your location, our online document translation services make it easy and efficient for your business to have your documents translated to the highest quality with IL Consultancy.

About IL Consultancy Translation Services:

IL Consultancy translation services are offered by expert translators. Our translators are all mother-tongue speakers of their specific language/s, hold post-graduate degrees in their selected field, and are currently active in their field. This is how we ensure that we can promise total accuracy and credibility in our document translation services.

In addition to our expert translators, all of our translations go through a stringent quality control process. Once your document has been translated, an independent translator will then assess the document for accuracy and ensure it is a precise reflection of the original document. Your document will then be checked again by our in-house IL Consultancy team. This quality control process ensures that we provide you with the highest standard of translation services.

IL Consultancy is an accredited translation company. We are accredited by The South African Translators Institute (SATI). This accreditation ensures our credibility, reliability, and professionalism as a translation company.

As a global translation company, we can offer globally competitive rates for our translation services. This ensures that whether you are a business needing document translation services or a school looking to translate educational material or an individual seeking assistance with a once-off translation, our translation services will be suited to your budget. Affordable quality is what we offer with our translation services.

Have any of your business documents expertly translated with IL Consultancy document translation services.