DISRUPTION – Marketing that breaks through the crowd

Marketing in the 21st century is akin to playing the classic windows game Minesweeper. We need to create messages that differentiate us from competition and keeps our brand in the top of the consumer’s mind. The problem is that, with so many marketing campaigns and developments, everything looks the same. In the age when media impressions determine our success we need to look beyond the traditional and adopt a new school of thought, Disruption.


Disruption isn’t something often talked about but it has been used in marketing for a couple of years now. What it essentially boils down to is the idea that we can develop brand messages using existing media forms in new and interesting ways. Here are some fantastic examples that you should take a look at:

NIVEA’s Protection Campaign

PERU’s UTEC Potable Water Generator

IBM’s Smarter Ideas for Smarter Cities

Disrupting the current standard is a great way to generate the media impressions necessary to improving your brand equity. Keep in mind however that even though evolving media platforms is the key to effective disruption, this can be done in a much simpler fashion. Here are some great guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Whilst it may be a cliché, as a marketer you’re only limited by your imagination.