David and Goliath – the battle of the small business

At Bangula we have weathered the storms of 10 years in the small business and entrepreneurial sector of the South African economy.

In 2003 we began with two entrepreneurs. Han and her first partner combined their South African language, translation and editing skills to form a small business.  Since then Bangula has grown from strength to strength. We have managed to expand our language services with an exciting array of new options, as well as adding a prestigious branding and web service portfolio.

In an economy where five out of seven small businesses fail in the first year we have picked up many tips, tricks and tools to thrive as a small business. In fact, small businesses and entrepreneurs have many advantages over their bigger competitors. As a small business, position yourself to make the most of these and watch your brand equity and sales platform grow.

The competitive advantages available to small business and entrepreneurs:

Offering niche services – Big companies just can’t do it!

Having a huge market share means you need to satisfy a large number of people through a limited service offering. This leaves gaps in the market, which is where the smaller business can step in. Follow media trends, react fast, be ahead of the slower corporate machines and watch your customer base grow.

Personal customer service – Phoning in at 8.15 am to request an urgent job, having your voice recognised and having the company CEO greet you by your name, ready to assist you straight away. There’s no better way to ensure great long-lasting personal relationships… something no big corporation can match!

Small means mobile – Evolve, take advantage of trends, regulations and events. In essence, be active, have your finger on the pulse of the business economy and fill gaps before bigger corporations can mobilise.

Bangula is a small company with big deliverables. Contact us for our industry-leading language, translation, editing and proofreading services.

Or take advantage of our branding knowledge and creativity in your next marketing or web and digital brief.