Client Feedback


It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend the services of International Language Consultancy. I can confidently claim that they are the best editors I have ever worked with. Their expertise exceeded my expectations and experience with other editors.

One remarkable aspect was their ability to arrange words in their best order. Their prompt turnaround time, meeting of deadlines, correcting grammatical errors, and sentence structure were exemplary. Still, a specific difference separated International Language Consultancy from other editors, both human and AI.

What truly set International Language Consultancy apart was their ability to understand the proposition of each sentence and its role within the entire document. They not only understood the literal meaning of the texts but also understood the intention of the author. This skill makes the difference. International Language Consultancy has perfected the art of combining symbols to express thoughts and communicating those thoughts from one mind to another while adapting to changing circumstances.

I wholeheartedly recommend International Language Consultancy for their grammatical art. They have improved my writing.


Leival Brandon Richards
Lecturer in Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies