Certified Document And Language Translation Services


A Guide To Certified Document And Language Translation Services In South Africa


If you require certified document and language translation services in South Africa, look no further than IL Consultancy IL Consultancy. When it comes to translating important documentation, there’s a range of quality control measures that need to be followed. Certified translation services are necessary for many legal proceedings in the public and government sectors.


This guide will take a close look at certified document and language translation services in South Africa, and discuss why it is necessary for certain cases. We’ll list which documentation can be translated and certified, along with the benefits of using IL Consultancy services. Most government or official documents need to be certified and translated to be accepted. IL Consultancy can translate and certify most documents for legal use, making us one of the top translation companies in South Africa.




What Are Certified Document And Language Translation Services In South Africa?


In South Africa, certified documentation is usually required during legal proceedings or formal policies and procedures. You will receive a certificate that states the translated document is consistent and correlates with the original document. This certification is necessary before the document can be accepted.


Certified document and language translation services in South Africa can only be provided by an accredited company such as IL Consultancy. This shows the importance of using an accurate translation service you can trust with your important documentation. Our translators are extremely experienced in document translation and ensure the process follows all necessary legal requirements.


What Kind of Documentation Can Be Certified?


Nearly any document can be translated and certified by IL Consultancy, but the document you need to translate and certify depends completely on your situation. For example, if you are involved in a court case or hearing, all the documentation provided for evidence or defence must be certified if it is not in its original language.


Birth certificates are also a common example of documentation which needs to be certified. If you are planning to immigrate to a new country, your birth certificate along with other documentation may need to be translated and certified into the official language of your new country. If you are applying for an overseas university or college, they may ask for document certification too. But, ensure you find out what is required before certifying all your documents at an unnecessary cost.


Common examples of certified document and language translation services in South Africa:


  • Passports
  • Medical documents and records
  • Marriage certificates or divorce papers
  • Financial statements and records
  • Immigration documents
  • CVs and qualification documents
  • Adoption papers
  • Death certificates
  • Wills and trust contracts




What Documentation Doesn’t Need to be Certified?


It’s important to find out if your documents need to be certified before hiring certified document translation services in South Africa. You may be in luck, and will only need general translation services. You can save money and time if your documentation doesn’t need to be certified, so research thoroughly beforehand.


Documentation which is not being used during legal proceedings will not need to be certified. This includes any type of personal documentation. It is also unnecessary to obtain document certification for any online website or social media for your business or personal accounts. Although, ensure you complete all relevant research beforehand as certain institutions and governments have their own regulations, and you don’t want to be left waiting for your documents to be certified and translated at the last minute. Be prepared in advance to avoid disappointment or time hassles when your documentation needs to be submitted.


Benefits of Using IL Consultancy’s Certified Document and Language Translation Services in South Africa


As mentioned above, translated documents need to be certified by an accredited company for them to be accepted, but using a company that is reliable and efficient with expert translators comes with a range of other benefits. The following are just a few benefits of using IL Consultancy’s certified document translation services in South Africa for all your legal documentation.


Be Assured By The Company\’s Skills


Because we offer certified document and language translation services in South Africa, you can feel assured that all of our services are of the highest quality. Translators need to be extremely skilled and precise to produce certified documentation. You can trust our certified document translation services knowing that our documents are all legally accepted and in order.




When it comes to legal documentation and important records, accuracy is even more essential than ever. Much could be at stake if there are errors or inconsistencies in your translated documents, and even the smallest mistake may cause devastating consequences. Using IL Consultancy services ensures you will have professionals working on your documents who prioritise accuracy and double-check every detail. All of our translators are highly qualified to provide you with a service that ensures accurate translation.


Confidential Information is Kept Safe


Often the documentation that needs to be certified can hold sensitive information that needs to be kept confidential. IL Consultancy is a professional and licensed company, and we ensure your documentation is kept safe and confidential, so you can have peace of mind when waiting for your certified document to be completed.


We Match Industry-Specific Translators to You


At IL Consultancy we have a wide range of translators who have expertise in different fields. We ensure we match you with a translator relevant to the type of documentation, language, or field that best suits your needs. This ensures your documents are translated with accuracy when it comes to highly technical language or complex terminologies. Different industries such as law, finance, or medicine often require specific knowledge that our professional translators can provide.


Quality Control


IL Consultancy offers translation services along with a range of other services to improve written files. Our team of translators work alongside a proficient team of proofreaders and editors who constantly keep the quality of the work up to a high standard. Each document is thoroughly checked before being certified, so you can trust its legitimacy.




What Is The Difference Between, Certified, Legal, And Sworn Translation?


If you require professional translation services for a legal document, you may be wondering which service you need exactly. It is best to know the difference between certified, legal, and sworn translation before you start the process of translating. At IL Consultancy you can always contact us to schedule a free consultation if you need more information. The following are a few key differences between the three.


Certified Translation


As mentioned above, a certificate is issued by your professional translation services, this certificate guarantees that the translated document is accurate, and matches the original document. This certification is extremely important to give your translated document the same legal worth as your original document. This means both documents can be used equally in different languages.


Legal Translation


IL Consultancy offers legal translation services which often go hand-in-hand with certified translation. Legal translation is a specialised service where texts related to the law are translated into a different language. These often include important documents such as legal agreements, or detailed and complicated texts. Due to the nature of the material, most legal translations need to be certified to be used effectively.


It takes a special and highly qualified and skilled translator to translate legal documents with accuracy and precision. The translators used for legal documents are often experienced in the field of law, this gives them a good understanding of specialised terminology and concepts. This kind of specialisation is necessary when it comes to legal translation services.


Sworn Translation


This type of translation is very similar to certified translation but the document is certified by a professional linguist known as a sworn translator and not a company or institution. The document is translated and then authorised by the sworn translator. This authorisation process ensures the documents are legitimised and will be accepted in legal situations. Sworn translators have been given the power to authorise and validate documents by the relevant legal authorities. The value of the translation is the same as the original if approved and signed by a sworn translator.




What Happens When Something Goes Wrong With Certified Document And Language Translation Services In South Africa?


When it comes to the translation of important documents, accuracy is of utmost importance. The smallest error can have disastrous effects and cause extreme consequences for you and your company’s reputation. This is why it’s necessary to hire a reliable and professional translation company such as IL Consultancy. Errors may cause complaints, legal allegations, or unwanted costs, and it could affect employees or clients too. The following are a few effects of translation errors you want to avoid:




This is probably the most common error that occurs when important documents are translated. If they are not translated accurately the receiver may get the wrong message and misunderstand you. It’s difficult to translate any language perfectly, which is why it\’s necessary to receive help from a professional linguist to work around the nuances in meaning. If you are translating documents for your company, you want them to be translated professionally, and prevent them from reflecting negatively on your company.


Legal Issues


Mistranslation of legal documents can cause legal consequences. The effects aren’t always extreme, but it depends on the documents being used, and certain documents can have bigger consequences than others. If someone needs to sign a document that has been incorrectly translated, they may not know all the details of the contract, and this could lead to legal action being taken later on.


Causes a Bad Reputation


You may be at risk of damaging your reputation or the reputation of your company if important documents are translated incorrectly. It may cause your clients to complain, or be offended. When a document is translated incorrectly it can cause unwelcome attention, or ambiguity, making it difficult to communicate with clients or legal institutions. Keeping up a good reputation is not always easy, but it\’s important for the success of your business and should be upheld as much as possible.




Certified Document And Language Translation Services In South Africa: What Other Translation Services Does IL Consultancy Offer?


At IL Consultancy we offer a variety of translation services no matter your field or language. We provide translators who are experts in both African and International language combinations and will match you up with the perfect fit.


Our team of translators are experts in areas such as legal translation, financial translation, and general translation. Each of our translators holds a postgraduate degree and is sure to give you work of the highest quality. We translate educational material, with translators who are experienced in education and the schools\’ curriculum. The following are a few examples of the range of translation services we offer:


  • Translation for advertising and marketing
  • Legal translation
  • Financial translation
  • Company reports and internal documentation
  • Translation of literature
  • Translation of technical documents
  • Educational books and materials
  • Online material