Avoid Grammatical Errors with IL Consultancy Editing and Proofreading

Avoid Grammatical Errors with IL Consultancy Editing and Proofreading 


Grammatical errors can cause havoc on the reputation of your business. We understand that not everyone has the time to go through their documents with a fine-tooth comb, looking for every misspelling, stray comma, or misuse of tone. IL Consultancy (IL Consultancy) offers efficient and professional editing and proofreading services that will save you the time and effort needed to avoid grammatical errors in your business documents.  


Avoid Grammatical Errors with IL Consultancy Editing and Proofreading: 

Grammatical errors can occur in any type of business document. Tight deadlines, busy schedules, and distractions whilst you are working can all allow for grammatical errors to sneak into your work. Most businesses simply do not have the time, energy, or resources to sift through every sentence in their documents to ensure that they are avoiding grammatical errors.

All the written work that is produced by your business needs to be grammatically correct to maintain the professional reputation of your business. If your business cannot ensure that every document has perfect punctuation or is clearly conveying the message, you can outsource your editing and proofreading needs to IL Consultancy.

IL Consultancy offers a professional editing and proofreading service that will ensure that all your business documents are devoid of grammatical errors. We take away the time, effort, and risks involved in self-editing and proofreading and provide you with perfectly edited documents that you will be proud to associate with your business.


IL Consultancy Editing and Proofreading:

When editing and proofreading your documents, we do not stop grammatical errors. Once your documents have received a IL Consultancy editing and proofreading service, you can rest assured that the layout, structure, readability, and syntax of your document will be of the highest standard.

We achieve the highest standard in your documents with our thorough editing and proofreading process. Your documents will go through three different levels of proofreading to ensure that nothing is missed and that you receive a perfectly edited document. This ensures that with IL Consultancy you do not only receive editing and proofreading, but also peace of mind.

We offer our editing and proofreading service to businesses in any industry. Whether your business is in finance, construction, or education, we have specialised editors and proofreaders that can ensure the grammatical errors and overall quality of your documents are edited according to your industry.

IL Consultancy is dedicated to ensuring that all documents produced by your business are devoid of any grammatical errors or other faults. This is why we provide you with feedback on every edited document, so that going forward you can incorporate our feedback into your future documents.


Effect of Grammatical Errors on Your Business: 

Whether you are writing your next sci-fi fiction novel, creating a contract for a new business deal, or updating your company’s blog, you cannot afford to have grammatical errors in any of your work.

Grammatical errors can have a dire impact on your business. Poor punctuation, sloppy spelling, and a tone that goes off on a tangent will have your colleagues rolling their eyes when they read your documents and your online audience scrolling past your business. Editing and proofreading are therefore critical to your business.


If you are still not convinced to outsource your editing and proofreading needs, take a look at how grammatical errors can affect public perception of your business.

Poor Professionalism: Grammatical errors reflect a lack of professionalism in a business. No matter how excellent your services or products are, if you are unable to provide your clients with perfectly-written documents, your business will be viewed as unprofessional and not worthy of investment. With IL Consultancy proofreading services, we will always ensure that your documents reflect the professional quality of your business.

Misinterpretation: Grammatical or spelling errors can result in misinterpretation. This can be especially dangerous when it comes to business contracts or documentation. The last thing you want is a misunderstanding between your business and a major investor, who then pulls out because of your lack of professionalism in your written documents. IL Consultancy editing and proofreading services will help you avoid any misinterpretations and the resulting loss of business.

Lack of Authority:As a business, you will have authority in your industry niche. This authority becomes tainted when you publish information online or create contracts with grammatical or spelling errors. Loss of authority can then generate a lack of trust in your business. You can retain your authority and public sense of trust in your business with IL Consultancy editing and proofreading services.

Loss of Profit:Clients are no longer tolerant of businesses with grammatical errors in their work. This is especially true for online businesses where capturing consumer attention with written information is critical to direct actions towards sales. If a possible client sees a grammatical or spelling error in your business post, they will move their attention elsewhere and you will lose out on possible profits. Allow IL Consultancy to maintain your bottom line with our editing and proofreading services.

Low Quality: Correct grammar, a smooth flowing layout, and zero spelling mistakes all create a sense of high quality in your document, book, recipe, or online post. This sense of quality is then shifted onto the perception of your business. When your business has grammatical errors or other faults in the documents, customers or business partners who read the documents will question the quality of your business. IL Consultancy prides itself on ensuring that all editing and proofreading of documents match the quality of your business.

Questionable Credibility: Grammatical errors can cause possible clients to question the credibility of your business. Whether you are offering fitness training or vehicle repairs, if you describe your service as “betta, than the rest” or “good at we do”, your possible clients will become sceptical of your service based on your poor grammar and spelling. Maintain your credibility by avoiding grammatical errors with IL Consultancy editing and proofreading services.


With IL Consultancy editing and proofreading services, you do not only avoid grammatical errors or faults in your document layout but also all the ways grammatical errors can negatively impact your business.

6 Common Grammatical Errors: 

Brace yourselves for a throw-back to your high school English lessons! We have highlighted a few of the common grammatical errors we encounter in business documents. We can correct all these grammatical errors and more with our editing and proofreading service.

1) Comma Splice: 

When we write, we tend to write how we hear the sentences. This often results in a comma splice, or when a comma is used to separate two complete sentences. Businesses often fall into this trap, especially when trying to fit in as much information they can about their services.

When telling your clients about your amazing service, do not write “you will love working with us, our services are professional”. The grammatically correct version of this statement is “you will love working with us. Our services are professional.” 

2) Word Choice Errors: 

Using the wrong word in your documents can result in misinterpretation, affected credibility, and a poor appraisal of your professionalism. We have listed the words that are incorrectly used regularly.

Well and Good: Well and good are often mistakenly used interchangeably. “Well,” should be used in a sentence such as, “IL Consultancy will edit and proofread your documents well”. “Good,” should be used in a sentence such as, “IL Consultancy will do a good job of editing and proofreading your documents”. 

Effect and Affect: They sound the same, but they have different meanings. An easy way to remember the difference is that “affect” is a verb and “effect” is a noun. For an “affect” example, “IL Consultancy will affect positive change in the quality of your documents with our editing and proofreading services”. For an “effect” example, “outsourcing my business’s editing and proofreading to IL Consultancy has had a positive effect on the quality of the documents”. 

There, Their, and They’re: Using these words incorrectly demonstrates a lack of care in your written work. This is an example of the correct use of these words; “our business is located there next to the shopping mall. When the customers receive their products, they’re going to be happy with them”. 

3) Fragmented Sentences: 

Fragmented sentences are jarring to read and can quickly cause potential customers to skim past your online business or lose the interest of potential business partners when they read your contract.

An example of fragmented sentences is “IL Consultancy is an expert company. IL Consultancy is highly rated for our proofreading services”. Your documents will benefit from a sentence that is not fragmented and flows, such as, “IL Consultancy is an expert company that is highly rated for our proofreading services”. 

4) Unnecessary Commas: 

Commas help with readability. They allow your reader to take necessary pauses in your document which aids retention and understanding. Too many commas, however, can confuse and affect the quality of your document.

For example, “IL Consultancy will improve your documents, because our editing and proofreading services are done by experts” should rather be “IL Consultancy will improve your documents because our editing and proofreading services are done by experts”.  

5) Apostrophe Mistakes: 

Apostrophe mistakes can easily lead to misinterpretation. Apostrophe mistakes occur frequently in business documents but are the type of grammatical error that can be easily avoided.

The correct way to use an apostrophe, for example, is to write “with IL Consultancy, it’s easy to find a reliable editing and proofreading service”. The sentence will contain an apostrophe mistake if you write, “with IL Consultancy, its easy to find a reliable editing and proofreading service”. 


6) Incomplete Comparisons: 

Many businesses make use of the tactic of comparing themselves to other businesses in their industry to demonstrate how they are the best. Do not fall into the trap of making an incomplete comparison.

An incomplete comparison example would be “IL Consultancy is better”, whereas a complete comparison would be “IL Consultancy is better than all other language service providers”. 

About IL Consultancy: 

IL Consultancy is your go-to company for all your language requirements. Alongside our editing and proofreading service, we offer writing, translation, transcription, interpretation, and TEFL services. We simplify your process of finding language services by covering all your needs efficiently and reliably.

We provide you with every language service you will need at an exceptional standard. The IL Consultancy team is comprised of qualified and well-equipped professionals to ensure that all your needs are handled expertly. We are also able to provide you with high-quality proofreading and other language services as a result of our years of experience in the industry.

If you are looking for affordable editing and proofreading services, or any other language service, you can simply get in contact with IL Consultancy and we will begin the process of ensuring all your needs are covered promptly and professionally. IL Consultancy offers editing and proofreading services that will ensure your documents are free from grammatical errors.