Adding A Human Touch To The 4th Industrial Revolution

Adding A Human Touch To The 4th Industrial Revolution

Image showing the 4th industrial revolution

In the new era of technology, we all crave that ‘human touch’ when dealing with a business. The idea that someone took time out of their day to personally cater to a single customer leaves the customer wanting more, specifically from you. It’s this aspect that the 4th Industrial Revolution is based on, a reversal which will take us from dealing with automated messages and AI interface to truly valuing personal connection.

Adapting to the 4th Industrial Revolution is key to ensuring your business doesn’t just survive but thrives in the era of connection. At IL Consultancy, we’ve known this for a while and have endeavoured to ensure every single client gets not only the best quality service from us, but that special personal touch too.

Each of our clients gets a personal manager to handle all of their work and projects. This includes correcting any mistakes and ensuring that you get the highest accuracy rate possible for each of your documents. Your personal manager is also available via phone or email for any queries or concerns you may have throughout the process. Our goal is to ensure your project is well looked after at every step in the process and that includes consulting you at every step too.

Our range of services means we can meet all of your requirements whilst exceeding your expectations.

We aim to be your one-stop shop for language services in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our services include transcription which requires a combination of digital expertise and experience. IL Consultancy provides both. Our large team of transcribers are able to handle any bulk project with precision and efficiency. Our transcription services are available in the 11 official South African languages as well as a range of non-South African languages such as Chinese, Russian and many more. All documents are checked for accuracy and quality before you receive the final piece of work.

Alongside our industry-leading transcription service, our translation service extends to cover all your translation needs. Our language combinations vary across South African, African and international languages. These language combinations each have qualified and trustworthy translators, interpreters, editors and proof-readers to ensure you receive the highest quality translations possible. All of our translators are backed by the South African Translation Institute, so you can rely on the accuracy of their translations.

Each translator is also briefed by Han Sapire, who has trained translators at Witswatersrand University, before starting each project. Along with superb quality, we also pride ourselves on the affordability of our translation services, especially so for our international clients as the exchange rates generally favour foreign currencies.

Our high standard services are guaranteed with each translation due to our fantastic service managers who run tight quality control systems. Localisation also forms part of our translation and focuses on providing you with idiomatic language translation for your website, packaging, advertising or report writing.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting is a key service in the 4th Industrial Revolution. A digital interpreting system wherein interpreters can remotely operate any time and any place. This system allows for far better affordability and scalability as meetings of any sized can make use of this agile system. If the correct software is used by qualified and experience interpreters, both of which are provided to you by IL Consultancy, then this system truly becomes a priority in the growing digital landscape.

We also provide proofreading and editing to cover all your grammar, spelling and language needs. You can also customise our proofreading service to suit your requirements. Our general expertise covers everything from fiction to legal documents and all documents go through tight quality control before being returned to you. Our offerings extend to copywriting as well if you require more sales-based writing and on-target quality content. Our copywriters enable you to enjoy a completely different relationship between your business and your customer, whilst still being entirely on-brand.

At IL Consultancy, regardless of which service you prefer, we never stop working to help our clients get the best possible quality from us. Due to the digital nature of our industry, we have gone through the South African Covid-19 lockdown without a change in our work ethic or productivity. Our success rates will not be hindered by the 4th Industrial Revolution, but will continue to grow because we always strive to add that personal touch. Through our team of dedicated managers, you and your projects will always be attended to with accuracy, quality and care. Partner with us today for all your transcription, translation and editing needs and see our personal touch in action.

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