10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in IL Consultancy\’s Translation Services


Language Bridges The Gap Between Us

Language is the bridge that closes the barrier between humans, and it is the medium through which we communicate our needs and wants. When it comes to business operations and communications, it is a significant driving force between clients, partners and colleagues. Read this article to see how the IL Consultancy’s (IL Consultancy) translation services are a valuable investment for any business owner looking to expand their reach internationally.

Language Is A Business Tool

For any business owner, language is a vital tool that can be used to strengthen professional relationships. In a world with hundreds of languages, it is incredibly beneficial to foster a multilingual environment. If you have the working capacity to communicate, create and write in multiple different languages, then you will be able to access more clients and target audiences.

A multilingual environment is generally more inclusive, as it creates space for people from different parts of the globe. Each unique language represents a culture of people that could be your potential clients and partners. This is why it is so important to ensure that your business operations and communications are applicable to people of all languages. When we encourage multilingualism, we can stimulate better correspondence and strengthen our professional relationships all over the world.

Translation Services Require A Nuanced Understanding of Language

Translation services play a pivotal role in bridging the divide between foreign speakers. However, it is a skill that not many people possess and that artificial intelligence hasn’t quite perfected yet. Translation services require a nuanced understanding of colloquial dialects, slang, vernacular and tone – amongst other imperceivable qualities. Translation services should be managed and applied by experts with professional experience in the industry.

The IL Consultancy Uses Trained Professionals

At the IL Consultancy, highly qualified professionals carry out translation services in all major languages, including South African and African languages. These professionals are quick, efficient and well-trained to translate your professional documents, correspondences and agreements in an accurate manner that leaves no room for confusion or misunderstanding. IL Consultancy has existed for over a decade, and are known for the excellent provision of many language services, including transcription, editing, proofreading and more.


10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in IL Consultancy’s Translation Services

Communicate With Partners and Collaborators More Effectively

If you want to make a good impression on your clients and business partners, then it is vital that you use professional language that conveys you clearly. Miscommunication can be incredibly frustrating, so it is important to ensure that your translations are accurate. Sending people unchecked documents with incorrect grammar, spelling and tone is not only embarrassing for your professional reputation but also inefficient in the long run.

When communications break down, operations are slowed down drastically and relationships can become stagnant or unproductive. Partners and clients might become frustrated by this seeming disorganisation or sloppiness, and take it as a reflection of your ability. Regardless of how capable you are at your job, if you communicate ineffectively and unclearly, you and your business won’t be taken seriously.

Expand Your Reach To The Global Audience

When you cater to one specific target audience in one specific country, you end up limiting your consumer base. With fewer consumers to which you can target your products and services, the less potential profit you can make. By varying your language use, you can begin to advertise to and accommodate international traders and consumers. In doing so, you will be presented with more opportunities to expand and diversify your business.

When you diversify your consumer base, you grant yourself access to valuable data and information about international demands. Consequently, you can use this to produce goods and services suited to international demands. As a result, more production and more sales will help you to reach economies of scale. Economies of scale reach higher profit margins because costs are spread over more goods and production procedures function more efficiently at larger scales.


Human Translation Works Better Than Artificial Intelligence

Translation services require a sensitive understanding of local vocabulary, tone and slang. At the moment, robots are not capable of understanding the underlying human implications and emotions of language. Language is complex because it is transient, ever-changing and subjective. Machines are capable of understanding the basics because they are programmed to recognize actionable words.

Siri, for example, can follow instructions because she follows demands – but you could never have an authentic conversation with her about your feelings. Similarly, automated translation services have greatly improved over the years but they still lack a fundamental understanding of the substantial meaning behind many words. Artificial intelligence translates language directly, and as a result, they often create translations that seem overtly formal, inauthentic or insincere. When working with human translators, it is more likely that you will be able to convey your message in a clear manner, that takes account of technical jargon, idiomatic expressions, common phrases and humour better than any machine ever could.

Employ Local Language Specialists

The IL Consultancy is a proudly South African company based in Johannesburg. IL Consultancy employs many local language specialists, translators and educationalists who have a history of industry experience. These hardworking individuals are highly trained in language and are thus more than capable of providing you with services that are efficient, speedy and reliable.

By employing local translators, you are directly contributing to the growth of the South African economy. You would also be providing work for local people, rather than investing time and money into automated language servers that are often untrustworthy. IL Consultancy’s employees are assigned to each translating job according to their capacity and past experience, so you can be assured that your specific work will be handled by a translator with experience in your field of specialisation.


Remove Error From Complex, Specialised Business Materials

Oftentimes it is difficult to find a translator who is well-suited to handle the specifics of your business materials and written resources. If you’re in the legal industry, for example, it can be stressful trying to use automated translators because the language is highly particular. In these cases, the incorrect usage of jargon could be a major mistake. Hence, it is mandatory to translate your materials and documents accurately.

In the legal industry, an erroneous legal translation could make the difference between losing or winning a case. If truth is to be upheld, then it is vital that all information is checked and balanced by rigorous translators with knowledge of the topic at hand. At IL Consultancy, you can be guaranteed that translators and their managers will not allow errors to taint your important documents.

Ensure That Your Communication Is Culturally Appropriate

In certain countries, there are different interpretations of similar words. What might seem to be a dignified, simple word to some, could also be a swearword to others. If you’re working with foreign investors, traders, clients or partners, then it is important that you show them your respect. However, without translation services, it is possible that you might unknowingly say something offensive or taboo.

If you’re not a native speaker in a specific language then this might be understandable, but in a professional context offensive language or communication breakdowns can severely harm your business and hurt your reputation. This can be easily avoided by a translator who not only understands the foreign language, but also the related culture connected to it. With one of IL Consultancy’s translators of your team, you can trust that they will use solid means of correspondence free of offensive language.

Save Time

If you’re trying to save time by doing it yourself or simply using an automatic, online translation service, then you’re in for a disappointing surprise. These online translators generate incorrect interpretations that will make it difficult for your clients, partners and colleagues to understand you. With more misunderstanding, comes more time spent correcting, clarifying and questioning.

You will ultimately end up wasting more of your own time when you try to take the easy route out. When it comes to language, it is worth it to invest in authentic human translators. The specialists at IL Consultancy work more efficiently than automated translators, and they will save you time in the long run because they will not require further elaboration or explanation.


Save Money

While using an automated translator may seem like the best option for a business on a tight budget, it is not effective enough to be employed in the workspace. By using these services, you will do yourself a disservice because your clients, partners and colleagues will notice your inapt language usage and assume that you are not professional. IL Consultancy has incredibly affordable rates that will actually save you time and hence save you money.

Investing money into effective, accurate translations services will grant you a better professional reputation. Clients, colleagues and partners will respect your thorough eye for detail and hence support your business. Once you have acquired the trust and loyalty of your clients using persuasive language, you will start to see a return on your investment.

Collaborate With International Partners

By opening your company up to international communication, you are likely to garner new relationships and connections with foreign business owners, clients and partners. In these new relationships, you will be expected to communicate clearly with many new people from unique cultural and linguistic backgrounds. In these scenarios, you want to prioritise productive growth and healthy, constructive business relationships.

Avoid awkward interactions and miscommunication with these people by using efficient translation services that make use of specialised language, tone guides, proofreaders and a system of checks and balances. Your new colleagues and coworkers will be impressed with your efficiency and your commitment to communication – this will ultimately help the expansion of your business internationally.

Build Strong Working Relationships

Networking and mingling is the key to successful business relationships. These relationships are often the first step towards coalitions and partnerships that draw in further investment and customers. By emphasising strong communication structures with your professional network, you can incite growth and economic expansion. Harnessing the power of language, you can begin to strategise these plans with people from all over the world.

By encouraging a multilingual environment, you are showing your colleagues and clients that you are focused on inclusivity, open communication and diversity. This diversity in language and culture will also help to foster innovation, human empathy and global connection. By uplifting these progressive values, you can grow a healthy company culture where everybody’s voice is heard.


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If you’re in need of translation services, do yourself a favour and put your money towards professional translators who can provide technical, informed help with your communications. Invest in the highly trained and skilled specialists from IL Consultancy, who can provide you with the language to bridge international barriers and grow your business. IL Consultancy’s affordable translation services will allow you to connect with more businesses and potential partners in an effective, accurate manner.